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“Peace Sign Series” GC241QM – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK May 3rd 2010

Eric Schudiske on April 30, 2010, 10:10 am

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Give peace a chance, if you dare. The 41 caches in the series of Mystery Caches appears as a peace sign in the middle of a Washington State lake.

Screen shot of the "Peace Sign Series" of mystery caches

  • webfoot5

    What happened to truth in advertising? 😉 Geocache of the week? Looks like a bunch more than one cache. 😉

  • Tee

    I was fortunate enough to receive a hug from the hider yesterday. :)

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  • geocoinguy

    That's pretty cool!

  • MadMuggler

    Keep the politics out of caching.

  • Ochie

    Looks like an awesome piece of work and I'm sure well appreciated as a tribute to Geowoodstock – very fitting!

  • Tami

    Mine (daysjourney) were #'s 30 and 33… This was so much fun to have been a part of!

  • dadfish

    Very interesting idea. I beleive there is a series of traditional caches in Nevada that are in the shape of a heart in the middle of the desert. Pretty cool!

  • Old BM

    Looks like a lot of hard work was done to accomplish this. Great job.

  • tango501

    I had a blast helping with this project, but hats off to Rock Rabbit (reviewer) who
    we overworked in submissions to complete this project

  • 1sillywilly1

    Far out man….This is a grovey “Little” series here man…
    These folks put alot of time and hard work into it.
    Thanks ===> can't wait to party at GWVIII man ;^)

  • blah

    I guess political statements in geocaching are ok if the reviewer or someone at groundspeak agrees with them.

  • locuslingua

    Yeah, keep politics out of geocaching, especially the icon for pea-

    Wait, whut?

  • EFHutton

    I am proud to say that the Peace Sign Series has been a big hit for many of the visitors to the Seattle area during the GeoWoodstock VIII festivities. My email account has gotten a real workout with all of the log notifications. It was truly a pleasure to work with all of the cachers involved in making this Series.
    Now…..what will we do next? 😉

  • Dominic Boudreault

    Quelle belle idée de signifier la paix.
    Bonne année 2011 a tous.

    What a great idea to serve peace.
    Happy New Year 2011 to all.

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