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“As the Raven Flies” GC1E3QC GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – 9/20/2010

Eric Schudiske on September 20, 2010, 8:39 am

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View of Raven Glacier from near the cache site

“As the Raven Flies” (GC1E3Qc) takes geocachers into the wilds of Chugach National Forest in Alaska, USA.   Kmags & Ak4me placed the cache in July of 2008.  It’s rated a 1.5 difficulty with a four terrain.  Adventurers must to hike to Crow Pass with an elevation of 3500 feet to find the small-sized cache.

The location offers a bird’s-eye view of Raven Glacier. It’s rated a four for a reason.  The hike is challenging.

Only ten geocachers have logged a smiley for this geocache.  The logs are a testament to the power of the view and the location of this cache.

One log reads, “Awesome view. I have hiked this trail many times and have never seen the glacier, always socked in with clouds. Today was awesome with partly cloudy skies and enough of a breeze to keep the bugs at bay. We had lunch right by the cache and soaked in some rays.”

Not far from "As the Raven Flies"

Your exploration doesn’t have to stop here. There are now more than 3800 geocaches in Alaska and nearly 1.2 million geocaches around the world.  Explore all the Geocaches of the Week.

  • ErikaJean

    I never got a reply last time, so I’ll ask the same question again….

    Is there a bookmark list for all the Geocaches of the Week on If so, can you direct me to the link? If not, Might be a good idea 😉

  • Eric Schudiske

    Great idea. I’ll cook one up.

  • Eric Schudiske

    Great idea. I’ll cook that up.

  • Eric Schudiske

    Here’s the list… I’ll include it on future Geocache of the Week posts. Thanks for the idea.

  • ErikaJean

    Awesome, thanks.

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