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Souvenirs such as the Bayern, Germany souvenir pictured on the left, are virtual pieces of art that you can discover and display on your profile page, as well as on the Geocaching iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 apps.

Souvenirs are most often awarded for finding a geocache in a specific geographical location. Geocaching artists have produced more than 100 souvenirs: including one for every German and U.S. state along with each Canadian province.

Below is a list of all of the released souvenirs. Images of each souvenir can be found at the end of the post. The souvenirs are a powerful way to remember your geocaching adventure, like postcards that never get lost.  Geocaching has released all the souvenirs we’ve created. At this time no additional souvenirs are being designed.


U.S. States –

Released in the order of Statehood



New Jersey





South Carolina

New Hampshire


New York

North Carolina

Rhode Island






















West Virginia




North Dakota

South Dakota







New Mexico




Washington D.C.

German States –

Released in alphabetical order


















Canadian Provinces –



Nova Scotia

New Brunswick


Northwest Territories

British Columbia

Prince Edward Island




Newfoundland & Labrador


Other Countries –

Česká Republika

Slovenska Republika


Rzeczpospolita Polska

Special –

Geocaching HQ Souvenir

Lost & Found Celebration


Original Cache Location

Project APE Cache


GeoCrush Visual Arts

GeoCrush Books & Music

GeoCrush Dance

GeoCrush Theater

International Geocaching Day

International Geocaching Day 2011

Leap Year Souvenir

Leap Day 2012 Souvenir

Worldwide Flash Mob 2012

Worldwide Flash Mob 2012

International Geocaching Day 2012

International Geocaching Day 2012


12-12-12 Souvenir

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  • Trixxster

    The artwork in these souvenirs is just amazing! Wow! I’d LOVE to see Latitude 47 do a piece on the artist/artists that make these wonderful treasures!

    One souvenir I would like to see would be that of the GPS Adventure Maze! What a wonderful event/experience THAT was! I hope it will be up and running again, very soon!

  • Eric Schudiske

    You can meet one of the artist in this Lost & Found video on Souvenirs:

  • Backroads

    They are all nice. I just would like to see them released fairly randomly in terms of location across the US. It is not always likely that those souvenirs getting the most votes for release will be in lesser known and visited areas. Use a lottery system or flip a coin. I would feel better that way. I am in Arizona. I am not going to plan a huge trip to Delaware or Connecticut in order to get these souvenirs. It just isn’t in the budget. Lots of people are in the same boat, so let’s just try and be fair by being random. I am not in favor of the voting system. If you rolled them out across the country, or maybe why when they became a state, that would make sense. But it just seems kinda unfair that so far, many are far east. Sorry, don’t mean to complain.

  • Ken

    What about UK Counties, claimed for a certain number of caches is said county.

  • Scott Thompson

    Dont forget us down in Australia :)

  • Scott Thompson

    Dont forget us in Australia :)

  • Eric Schudiske

    We’d never forget about Australia. It’s in the works! Thanks for posting.

  • Eric Schudiske

    You voted and responded. Česká Republika released ahead of schedule. Continue to weigh in UserVoice.

  • Steve-dj Private

    In the Niedersachsen souvenir is a type error.
    There’s the “s” missing in the word “Niedersachsen”.
    Niedersachsen adjoins to 9 german states instead of 8! It’s Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen, Hessen and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

  • Eric Schudiske

    Thank you. The info is now being corrected. Appreciate the comment!

  • 3 Hawks

    I was “awarded” the Niedersachsen Souvenir back on December 14th. However, the link provided in the e-mail I received from Groundspeak was a dud and the souvenir never appeared in my inventory. I shot off an e-mail to Groundspeak a week ago, but I have yet to hear a response. Any suggestions?


    3 Hawks

  • rugsnstuff

    HI – I agree – great artwork on the souvenirs. Would love to see at least one Canadian one. Germany has an impressive list – must be a keen geocache artistic contingent there! Great US souvenirs, also. Rah, rah, Canada, up here in the snowy north…


  • CSavvy

    You should make one for the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

  • Garnet

    Louisiana’s is QUITE disappointing!!

  • rediguana

    I’ve found the Project Ape cache Mission 8 in Melbourne Australia, but the Project APE souvenir doesn’t appear to have picked up this archived Ape cache?

  • gauggei

    please make some of those awesome souvenirs for Austria and Denmark too.
    and as Germany has one for each state, well uhhmmm… there are 9 states in Austria and a few (5+) in Denmark :-)))

  • Myselfmichaelmcg

    Please Groundspeak , please create a souvenir for Ireland.
    Thank you, magra11 & the rest of Geocaching Ireland.

  • Alex

    I found several caches in Florida,and I can’t find the Florida souvenir on my souvenir page

  • Aranea

    Hey…where is the Canadian one?
    I would love to see some for Canada!
    One for every province?

  • plumbrokeacres

    How about Canada? would love to see the provinces. also how about the US northwest?

  • WascoZooKeeper

    How about one for ASP Geobash, which was also a mega-event?

  • Elaine Poe

    Article says “Texas” souvenir is released, but it’s not showing up on my profile. Just thought you should know.


  • Kjwx

    What about little old New Zealand? One for the North Island, and another for the South. We are the first country to see the sun each morning – and we have the one of the world’s oldest still active caches?

  • Roadster97

    How about a Souvenir for Canada’s 1st Geocache – GCBBA placed on 28/06/2000

  • Dragonflys

    What about Maitime Geobash Mega Event July 10, 2010

  • Cached

    Oz Mega 2010 – The Southern Hemisphere’s first mega event. Surely that deserves a souvenir. Infact, so does Australia!

  • parreg

    How about Delft with 436 votes so far?

  • Alex

    Souvenirs for the continents would be nice… :)

  • Martin Rett

    Austria – we need definitely souvenirs for Austria. (Steiermark, Wien, Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich, Salzburg, Kärnten, Tirol, Burgenland und Vorarlberg).
    thx! :)

  • NativTxn

    Why are the Texas and Connecticut souvenirs so dull in color? The rest of the States have vibrant colors. And…why not show the actual Souvenir instead of a plain icon that you have to click on first? Some people may never go as far as clicking on the icon thinking that the ICON is the souvenir. If nothing else, the icon should be a thumbnail of the actual Souvenir.

  • Steve-dj Private

    The Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt Souvenir is missing in the list.

  • Tweetyb

    Come on Canadians-get voting! Canada is ranked #10. We have to be #1 if we want to see some Canadian souvenirs.

  • Alleykats95

    How about one for 1/1/11?

  • Chippyroo

    What about Australian and New Zealand ones? We have huge geocaching communities in both countries and wouls welcome our own souvenirs

  • The Blorenges

    Please can you keep this up-to-date with the souvenirs as they’re released? It’s really useful to be able to see the complete list and view them all in one place!

  • Eric Schudiske

    Glad you like the list. It’s now been updated as of 1/18/2011. Check it out.

  • Denis Gionet

    The 10-10-10 souvenir is very neat, a friend of mine received that one. I’d be interested in a 10 Years ! Event Souvenir, so that anyone that had attended a 10 Years event could receive. I believe that this is be the Holy Grail of events related to Geocaching (not that other mega-events don’t count) due to its relevance in Geocaching’s history. Please consider this one, a few people would be happy to receive one I’m sure !

  • Tharandter

    The Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt Souvenir is still missing. :(

  • Eric Schudiske

    Updated with the new souvenirs: Nebraska, Colorado and Quebec – and of course added Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt. They’re beautiful. Hope you’ve earned them… or will earn them shortly.

  • Epitawd

    Is there one for District of Columbia?

  • Eric Schudiske

    Couldn’t forget about D.C. Definitely a souvenir in the works for you.

  • Epitawd

    Awesome……looking forward to seeing it…….they all look great.

  • DaanVindZe

    Hi there, is there any change the Delft souvenir will be released. I think it would be the first city related souvenir. Could this be a reason not to award a souvenir to Delft (at this moment).

  • Aranea

    I am really looking forward to British Columbia, Canada!

  • Kr82gc

    One Ethiopia? First traces of human race were found there. Woudn’t it be a nice gesture therefore to chose Ethiopia for the first African souvenir?

  • Geo Ms P

    Will there be one for the other Woodstock mega events?

  • Geo Ms P

    The Canadian Souvenirs are so pretty… why can’t the US States show the true artwork>

  • dap217

    There should be one for each GeoWoostock!

  • VE2YWS

    They are all there, including the Territories.

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