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13 Years Lisboa — Bryan Roth’s Trip to a Portugal Mega-Event

Derek H on July 23, 2013, 10:28 am

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Bryan Roth with Signal.

Bryan Roth with Signal.

Geocaching HQ staff are joining geocachers at Mega-Events around the world to celebrate and share the adventure of geocaching. One of the founders of, Bryan Roth, a.k.a. Bryan, traveled from Seattle, WA to Lisbon, Portugal last June for the 13 Years Lisboa Mega-Event (GC42FFG). He says he was inspired to go by the exciting and growing Portuguese geocaching community and by other Geocaching HQ staffers who attended a Portuguese Mega-Event and raved about their experiences.

The Seeker awards.

The Seeker awards.

After arriving in Portugal, Bryan did what any geocacher would do—look for a geocache near the hotel. There was only one problem: the geocache description was in Portuguese. However, this didn’t stop him from searching. Luckily, Boonieh&  Cllydeh, some super-friendly members of the Portuguese geocaching community showed up. They helped Bryan find his first geocache in Portugal and decided to attend the Mega-Event as well. With a geocache found, it was back to the hotel before meeting the Geocacherzone Portugal team for dinner and then a good night’s rest before the Mega-Event.

Fraldinhas, the Mega-Event's host.

Fraldinhas, the Mega-Event’s host.

The next few days brought tons of activities for geocachers from Portugal and many other countries around the world. In fact, the event gained so much popularity, there were a few stories on the local news channels about it. The Mega-Event host, Fraldinhas, with help from his parents, Xana and Nuno, and many volunteers, created an exceptional four-day event that included night caching, a Lisbon bus tour, a much-needed CITO Event (GC4BNP8), an awards ceremony, a traditional Portuguese singing group with a rendition of “Geocaching Portugal”, a number of meet-and-greets, “Bruning” with the local Geocaching Volunteer Reviewers, and (of course) plenty of geocaching. The awards, known as the “Seeker Awards”, were given out to geocachers in multiple categories, including Best Maintenance, Best Log, Best Cache and more. Bryan ended his trip with another Mega-Event Cache hosted by Fraldinhas, the Hike @ Belém, that featured a walking tour of a number of geocaches at historical places within Lisbon.

Bryan says, “It was truly an honor for me to attend this International Mega Event, spend time with so many exceptional geocachers and experience Lisbon, Portugal in such a unique way.  I would thank all of the organizers for all the work they did to plan multiple days of fun geocaching activities for everyone that showed up. I also want to thank all of the geocachers who took the time to speak with me and make me feel so welcome in Portugal.” He would also like to give a special shout-out to Fraldinhas, Xana and Nuno for all of their guidance and support during his trip.



Check out some more photos from Bryan’s trip:

Attendees of the Hike @ Belem.

Attendees of the Hike @ Belem.

"Bruning" in Lisbon. It's kind of like planking, but on your back.

“Bruning” in Lisbon. It’s kind of like planking, but on your back.

The Geocaching Choir

The Geocaching Choir

The 13 Years Lisboa pinboard. Can you find Bryan's pin?

The 13 Years Lisboa pinboard. Can you find Bryan’s pin?

Night caching in Portugal

Night caching in Portugal

  • champersk9

    Great to hear of Bryans Trip to Portugal and his geo caching adventure, Very well done !

    We are looking forward next year to going to Portugal and logging a few caches amongs’t other places on route ..

    Bryan we had the pleasure of meeting you at last years Piratemania ..thank you for the TB’s which you handed out to the many of thee pirates lolol It was a great priveledge to meet you and the other Lackey ( sorry i forgotten his name ) but a great time was had by all

    But I was just wondering if at all possible on the website if it could be easier to translate the many diff languages when away from our homelands

    At Times it will let you copy and paste to google translate but other times it is a no go ..

    It can be very frustrating if you do not have anyone to translate for you IMHO and the cache is there …you just know it lolol

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