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Geocaching #SpaceCaching in Photos – It’s Launch Time!

Eric Schudiske on November 6, 2013, 9:08 am

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The countdown begins. It’s t-minus 12 hours and ticking down toward liftoff of a rocket bound for space. U.S. astronaut Rick Mastracchio will pack along a Geocaching Travel Bug on his six month mission to the International Space Station. He’ll use the Geocaching game piece, which typically moves from geocache to geocache on Earth, to teach students about geography and science.

Join Geocaching HQ from this Google Hangout at 6:45pm and 8:00pm Seattle time tonight to connect and celebrate Geocaching in Space with the global geocaching community. Then turn to NASA TV to watch the rocket launch live. The launch is scheduled for 8:14pm Seattle time (PST). Convert to your time zone here.

Enjoy this look at Geocaching in Space in pictures as envisioned by the Geocaching HQ staff. Spread the word about Geocaching in Space by sharing your favorite picture through social media and tagging #SpaceCaching. Follow all the #SpaceCaching tags at



Geocaching in Space Astronaut


Geocaching in Space Patch




Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset








  • Michael Franks

    Hi I am writing an article about the Geocaching in Space events for 2002 the magazine for the Astronomical Society of Harringay

    Does Groundspake know many Geocaching in Space took place and how many attended logs there were?

    Do we know when Rick will be making his FTF on the ISS?

    Will he taking a TB on a space walk with him?

    I look forward to receiving the answers.


  • Eric Schudiske

    Hi Michael –

    By the numbers… we had approximately 1,178 events and as of 3 seconds ago, 26,611 people logged an “Attended” on a Geocaching in Space event. No idea on when Rick will make the FTF. And also don’t know if it’ll make the space walk. That would be pretty dang cool though. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any different.
    All the best from Geocaching HQ,

  • Michael Franks

    Thanks very much. I am sending the article off for publication and I will send you the link once it is published. If you are in London England on 25th November you can attend my Dr Who 50th Anniversary Flash Mob.

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