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#SpaceCaching on Planet Earth – The Photo Album

Annika on November 25, 2013, 6:30 pm

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On November 6 and 7, 2013, more than 26,000 geocachers attended almost 1200 Geocaching in Space Events in close to 40 countries all over the world to watch a Travel Bug® make its way to the International Space Station (ISS). American astronaut Rick Mastracchio, who was asked to take the Travel Bug to space by its owner Czissors, plans to use the Travel Bug as a tool to teach students on Earth about geography and science.

He has also earned the Solar System’s most elusive smiley and made the the First Geocaching First-to-Find in Space at the International Space Station geocache.

The Travel Bug has made its way around the earth many times aboard the ISS. We think this is a great time to look back and say “Thanks” to all you geocachers out there, who hosted and attended events, posted on the  Travel Bug details page and have shared pictures, videos and stories with us.

Here are some of the most interesting pictures and videos we got to enjoy from all over the world:

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Did you miss your #SpaceCaching picture or video in the gallery? Let us know and share in the comments below!

  • Mary

    Just for the record, our event was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, not Missouri. But thanks for including the picture! : )

  • Dschofield91

    GC4QVCX – Launching a Photo-op Mob!

    We attended an event in Auburn, Ma. It was a photo mob event in a park with model of Dr. Goddard’s prototype liquid fueled rocket and a Type A-1 Polaris Ballistic Missile.

  • big cheese 2013

    GC4M7HX Colonel Hadfield’s Hometown Geo Space Event

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