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Concrete floats! — Betonschiff Redentin (GC15D8C) — Geocache of the Week

Derek H on December 4, 2013, 7:38 pm

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Ominous, isn't it? It's also made of concrete. Photo by geocacher *Hänsel&Gretel*

Ominous, isn’t it? It’s also made of concrete. Photo by geocacher *Hänsel&Gretel*

Geocache Name:

Betonschiff Redentin (GC15D8C)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Besides the fact that this geocache is located on an abandoned ship that’s amazing, slightly creepy and made of concrete? This geocache will test your bravery and boating skills, as well as teach you a lesson about history. During World War II, when steel was at a premium, engineers and ship builders moved to the next logical material: concrete. More than 50 ships were made in this fashion and served as transports and freighters. This particular ship ran aground at some point and has been sitting alone on a sandbar in the Bay of Wismar ever since. Now, geocachers keep the empty hull company while earning their smileys.

# of Finds:


# of Favorite Points:


What geocachers are saying:

(all translated from German)

“What can I say?? Beautiful surroundings, cool location, cool cache, just great!” – Kinnekulli

“We have had a very nice, hard, wet, dirty, hungry and exciting day on the concrete ship . Thank you so much for this!” – Kewiku

“This cache will always be in my memory along with this great team, the awesome views, and wonderful weather. This beautiful experience tops any other cache. Thanks to the owner for this possibility the whole thing.” – Meer♥Liebe

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View from the deck. I don't think it's sea-worthy anymore. Photo by geocacher rendl.

View from the deck. I don’t think it’s sea-worthy anymore. Photo by geocacher rendl.

Choreographed happy dances on top of the bridge. Photo by geocacher HeideParkSoltau

Choreographed happy dances on top of the bridge. Photo by geocacher HeideParkSoltau

Classic. "I'm king of the wooooooorld!" Photo by geocacher S-Man42

Classic. “I’m king of the wooooooorld!” Photo by geocacher S-Man42

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  • geopbek

    The COOLEST historical location with a geocache would hands down be Wah Wah Stash (GCA8). An old ghost town in the West Desert mountains of Utah.

  • Ab-Peet

    Nice! There is also a croncrete ship with cache nearby us. GC11WWW

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