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Earn the never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

Nominate a Featured Geocacher of the Month


They’re the geocachers who’s hides make you stop, pause, and whisper “wow”. They unite the local, even global, geocaching community with their infectious enthusiasm. They take the time to teach new geocachers how to enjoy the game. Add these up and you have a perfect nominee for Geocacher of the Month.

Geocaching HQ celebrates three nominees for Geocacher of the Month, well, every month. Your comments help name one of the nominees as the Featured Geocacher of the Month and they earn serious swag.

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for Geocacher of the Month send an email to


  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 words or more) explaining why he or she deserves to be celebrated as the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award.

Geocaching HQ will choose three candidates and post them on the Geocaching blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

Featured Geocachers of the Month from August 2011 to November 2012

  • BirdieLinda

    I nominate MoPirate….for her perserverence

  • meowgo

    I would like honor to geocacher DJ-AZ Because he always go geocacher with Deaf cachers but he is with Lord last June 3, 2012.

  • Anonymous

    I nominate Evil Cow Pie and DarkZen for inspiring the community and being such good friends to everyone!

  • Josh Inocente

    I nomonate fart knocker! And jt.olson17 because their crazy bike ridders

  • MleeuwC

    I nominate the over of the caches ” de 3zusjes (D3zusjes)
    I like the books and the caches….

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