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Are you brave enough to enter? – Hsin Pyushin Monastic Complex -The hidden chamber (GC3FH35) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Hsin Pyushin Monastic Complex -The hidden chamber (GC3FH35) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 2/3 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: Geocaching is all about inspiring adventure—and what better way to have an adventure than to search through ancient temples for a hidden treasure? This geocache not only shows you some of the history of Myanmar, but also takes you on an Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt. What geocachers have to say: “Definitely the best geocache in Bagan for those who like an adventure. On the trip we even saw some human remains nearby that where pretty creepy but only […]

Discover a place you never knew existed — Pricovy Wind Mill (GC103GY) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Vetrny mlyn u Pricov / Pricovy Wind Mill (GC103GY) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 2.5/2 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: When geocachers are asked, “What’s your favorite part of geocaching?” one of the most common answers is, “It brings me to places I never knew existed.” This geocache in the Czech Republic is a perfect example of that. Once at GZ, geocachers will discover the ruins of the Pricovy Windmill. This windmill is a great example of 16th century industrial architecture that often goes overlooked. Find this cache and you’ll find a piece of history!     […]

If you build it, they will cache. — “1988 Field of Dreams” (GC359Z4) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: “1988 Field of Dreams” (GC359Z4) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 1.5/1.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: There are quite a few geocaches hidden at movie sets around the world, including the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. To celebrate the beginning of the 2015 Major League Baseball season in the United States, this geocache takes us to a pretty famous place in baseball history. If you’ve seen the 1988 film “Field of Dreams”, you’ll most likely recognize exactly where this geocache is. What geocachers have to say: “I ended up completely altering my original plans just to […]

Oh, the huge manatee! — Bubbles! (GC1VQ12) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Bubbles! (GC1VQ12) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 1.5/1 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: It’s been said that the best part of geocaching isn’t what you find, but who. And while out geocaching, you never know who (or what) you’ll meet. In the case of the Geocache of the Week, you’ll meet Bubbles, a giant manatee that likes to dress up for different holidays.Who knew manatees were so stylish? What geocachers have to say: “Found this morning. Bubbles had her Easter hat on. How cute! Thanks sheppardnik for bringing us here. We took several pictures with Bubbles.” – Livingourdream 2 […]

Journey to the Center of the EarthCache

Earlier this year, the Geocaching HQ video team followed a team of brave geocachers on an endeavor that is unprecedented in the Geocaching world. Their ultimate goal: to find the most difficult EarthCache in the world. The video detailing their journey is now live for the geocaching community. EarthCaches were created as a joint partnership with and the Geological Society of America. There’s no physical container, but each EarthCache teaches you an Earth science lesson. Once at the coordinates, geocachers must answer certain questions in order to log a find. Find an EarthCache near you. Ready to join the […]

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