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In the next 2 weeks: CITO Weekend and 15 Years of Geocaching

On April 24–27, geocachers around the world will gather at events to clean up natural areas, plant trees or remove invasive species and earn a souvenir. Check out the Event Calendar or the new geocache search for CITOs near you. Make sure to mark your ‘Will Attend’ to let the event organizers know you’re coming. The next weekend, May 2 marks the 15th anniversary of when Geocaching began. Get out and find a geocache—any geocache—and you’ll earn a special 15 Years of Geocaching souvenir. Plus, you’ll discover your geocaching mission for the summer. Find Geocaches or Events Near You (Hier […]

Emergency Operator Uses Geocaching to Help Rescue a Child

Imagine your job is to navigate this rescue helicopter to very precise coordinates in emergencies. That’s Brendan McInnes career as a dispatcher on New Zealand’s South Island. Some people might know Brendan though by another name, TeamMCI. He’s a geocacher. And a recent geocaching DNF (Did Not Find), helped Brendan land that helicopter to rescue an injured child. Brendan says, “A few months ago a few of us tried for a geocache (Helms Deep 4×4 GCKP9J) where the Lord of the Rings segment for Helms deep was filmed. Little did I know how that adventure would assist me in the […]

You’ve hidden your first geocache, now what?

It’s Prime Time for Geocache Owners   You did it! You hid the coolest, most creative geocache ever and followed all the necessary guidelines…right? Well, the fun doesn’t end there. As a geocache owner, you have a responsibility to maintain and manage your geocache after it is published. The hide itself is just the beginning of your geocache-owning journey. Read these 9 tips for maintaining the coolest, most creative geocache ever. To learn more about hiding a geocache or planning a Geocaching Event, visit the new Hide a Geocache page. Then, take this quiz to test your hiding knowledge. (Hier […]

Earn New Souvenirs — Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching

Unlock Your 2015 Geocaching Mission on May 2 and 3 This May 2nd and 3rd, celebrate the history of geocaching by unlocking your mission for 2015. May 2nd and 3rd signal the beginning of geocaching, some 15 years ago. On May 2, 2000, GPS signals were descrambled, increasing the accuracy of GPS devices worldwide by ten times. The following day, what would become known as the first geocache was hidden. Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching on May 2nd and 3rd by finding any geocache or attending any geocaching event. You’ll earn a new digital souvenir for your geocaching profile. Unlock […]

The World’s Most Forgettable Geocache and its Secret Lesson

  The geocache page for Krneki #1 reads, “You don’t really need to visit this cache. The place is not of any interest, the container is awful…” If you’ve read this far, you’ve just read the sub-sub-genre of geocaching satire. Krneki #1 geocache owner icabrian recently visited Geocaching HQ in Seattle. He popped in after traveling thousands of miles from his home country of Slovenia. The emerging geocaching country is home to more than 3,600 hidden caches, and it’s also home to a fiery debate. Each geocaching community wrestles with this very question at some point:   What defines a quality […]

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