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Earn a new souvenir for International EarthCache Day

International EarthCache Day is October 11 On October 11, you can earn a new souvenir for celebrating the geocaching game board. What’s that, you ask? The whole entire Earth!* All you have to do is go out and find an EarthCache on International EarthCache Day. EarthCaches don’t have physical containers, but instead bring you to a unique location and teach you an earth science lesson. To make the find, you’ll have to check the EarthCache’s description and answer questions based on where you are. If you’re using the free Geocaching Intro App, finding and logging an EarthCache is easy. You […]

15 Awesome #Geocaching15 Photos from the Geocaching Road Trip ’15


15 Reasons to Love Geocaching

Watch the New Video: 6 Souvenirs. 5 Geocaching HQ’ers. 24 Hours.

We did it in 24 hours. You can do it in 1 week. The Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 ends in about a week and a half (September 2), but you still have plenty of time to earn all six new souvenirs. You could wait all the way until the last 24 hours if you really wanted to—and we’ll prove it. Without further ado: You can meet the HQ’ers and read their live tweets in this blog post.

New Quiz: Do You Know Your Geocaching Manners?

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