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Geocaching HQ Presents: The Geocacher of the Month

NOMINATE A GEOCACHER OF THE MONTH   They don’t speak the same language and they don’t all live on the same continent, but all of these geocachers above have something in common: they’re all united through their love of geocaching and the community it creates. They’re all Geocachers of the Month. If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered fill out this webform now. Every nomination must include the following items and abide by the following guidelines: Your name, the name of your nominee, their username A picture of the nominee Description explaining why he or she deserves to be the [...]

Save the Date for Geocaching: 12-12-12

Join thousands of geocachers on December 12, 2012. It’s a celebration of numbers and all those who count themselves as geocachers. The calendar will align for the last time this century. Enjoy 12-12-12 by joining friends for a geocaching adventure or attending a geocaching Event Cache.  All those caching to shake off the winter chill in the Northern Hemisphere or embracing a summer cache run in the Southern Hemisphere will earn an exclusive 12-12-12 Souvenir. Simply log a “Found it” for a cache or an “Attended” for an Event Cache on 12-12-12. Hundreds of geocaching Event Caches are already scheduled [...]

Geocaching in One Word

More than a thousand people, who speak five different languages, answered one question. It was, “Describe geocaching in one word…” Here’s what they said through the lens of a word cloud. How would you describe geocaching?

This is My Hobby – Geocaching at Night (Night Caching)

Geocaching doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Watch this video to see a geocache that could not be found by the light of day. Geocachers use clever clues to navigator through this Multi-Cache in the dark. If they’re skilled and a little lucky, they discover a local difficult 2, terrain 2 favorite called Wait Until DARK!! All the buildings used as stages  are non-residential and gave permission to be part of this geocache. Check out other hides by the cache owner – goblindust. He has more than 1000 Favorite Points for his geocaches. There are thousands of night caches around [...] Spoiler Alert: Odyssey at Juanita Beach

[This video was shot with cache owner permission] Watch this Spoiler Alert video to unlock creative geocache ideas. Odyssey at Jaunita Beach (GC3AQR4) at difficulty 5, terrain 1.5 requires no tools, but does require a unique perspective. Cachers logging this find also discover local wildlife like Blue Heron.  One cacher who found ‘Odyssey at Jaunita Beach’ logged, “Awesome!! 20 minutes into our first shot at it, we hit the jackpot. The credit goes to Tami, who took a ‘hands-off, take everything in’ approach and used her logic to narrow it down and make the find. This is one of the top five, [...]

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