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Geocaching atop Mt. Fuji

Written by Annie Love, a Geocaching HQ Employee This article was originally published in the Portuguese “GeoMagazine.” I had heard August is the worst time of year to travel to Japan. So what did I do? I scheduled my two week holiday in Japan at the end of August. Naturally, the only reason I’d do something so silly is because of geocaching. I also wanted to climb Mt. Fuji and the window for doing so safely falls right around this time. After cashing in airline miles for a free ticket to Tokyo, I started planning my big adventure. I knew I’d need help […]

Geocaching ROCKS!

Yes folks, it’s officially October. We’d like to keep the party going by referring to this month as ROCKtober. Here are 10 ways to make your geocaching world “rock”! This idyllically placed geocache takes you to the North coast of Gozo, Malta with sheer high cliffs. The area shows rock strata and breathtaking views across the Mediterranean sea. If you’ve logged this geocache, you’re probably a really fun guy . :-\   Since your in Malta, swing on over to nearby Sardegna, Italy. This geocache is on the way to the top of a giant rock with panoramic views. GPS signals […]

The Wild World of Underwater Geocaches

Call me Geocache. Some time ago – never mind how long exactly – having little or no finds in my profile, and no particular geocaches to interest me on shore, I thought I would cache about a little and see the watery part of the T5 rating scale.* What better way to fill out the Terrain rating on your Fizzy Grid than going underwater to find your caches? Grab your snorkel, SCUBA gear, and wet suits, then check out these awesome and inspiring underwater caches: GC2W056 Hilma Hooker is located in Bonaire, just off the northern coast of Venezuela. The […]

Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 – Geocachers Conquer the Alps

Geocachers celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching by embarking on a grand geocaching adventure You may followed them here on the official Geocaching blog: three brave geocachers recently embarked on a journey across the Alps on foot. Alexander Monsky (Berufsgeocacher), Tim Krüger (psycho_vm) and Benjamin Gorentschitz (MudMen_GER) finally made it across and have returned home feeling happy and exhausted. In their words: “Crossing the Alps was the perfect tour for us to celebrate 15 years of Geocaching. It combined everything that is geocaching in its core: love for nature, the love of the game, and an overwhelming sense of community.” But […]

Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 – Hoch hinaus und wieder herunter

Geocacher feiern 15 Jahre Geocaching mit einer abenteuerlichen Alpenüberquerung   Ihr habt die Geschichte vielleicht hier auf dem Geocaching-Blog verfolgt: Drei mutige Geocacher machten sich vor Kurzem auf den Weg, die Alpen zu Fuß zu bezwingen. Nun haben Alexander Monsky (Berufsgeocacher), Tim Krüger (psycho_vm) und Benjamin Gorentschitz (MudMen_GER) es geschafft und sind glücklich und erschöpft wieder zu Hause angekommen.   Ihr Fazit: “Die Alpenüberquerung war für uns zum 15. Geburtstag von Geocaching die perfekte Tour zum Jubiläum. Hier kam alles zusammen was Geocaching ausmacht: Freude an der Natur, Freude am Spiel und ein unglaubliches Gemeinschaftsgefühl.” Doch die Reise war nicht […]

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