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Geocache Name: RUDNIK MANGANA / MANGANESE MINE (GC4RCD7) — by marko0037 Location: Jesenice, Slovenia N 46° 27.000 E 014° 06.000 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D3.5/T3.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: This geocache is the kind that brings you to a place you would probably never have otherwise heard of or visited. Set deep into a forest on Slovenia’s northern border, this multi-cache will take you on a hike in the woods past old mining artifacts, culminating in an old manganese mine dating back to the 19th century. The mine itself is still accessible via two entrances — but use caution. And […]

A race against time in Göttingen — BORN (GC5EG96) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Born (GC5EG96) — by team SOKO Gänseliesel (Hatti1971 & TobiO79) Location: Göttingen, Germany N 51° 34.319 E 009° 56.308 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D5 / T4 Why this is Geocache of the Week: “Born” is a real-time adventure geocache, one of several such caches in Germany. The cache page (which is in German) sets the scene for this adventure (all a hypothetical scenario): The Federal Criminal Police Office has learned that a bombing is imminent in the city of Göttingen. Special Unit “Gänseliesel” has been summoned to begin the investigation. Chief Commissioner Schönbeck has been appointed to lead the unit. So far, the investigation has revealed […]

Karst Mountain Topography — Yangshuo – GE9 — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Yangshuo – GE9 (GC32N82) by Golem team Location: Yangshuo, China N 24° 46.665 E 110° 29.127 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1.5/T2.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: It’ll take a bit of a climb—and maybe an international flight—to reach this EarthCache, but rare is the geocacher who regrets it. This EarthCache takes you on a short hike above the city of Yangshuo in northern China. The area is known for its dramatic karst mountains, which are the focus of this cache’s earth science lesson. Karst mountains are striking and easily recognizable. The isolated, steep-sided limestone hills are typically surrounded by flat […]

Mario’s Stoneworld (GC3HCC3) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Marios Stoneworld (GC3HCC3) by Sauerteam Location: Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany N 49° 44.030 E 006° 30.400 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D4/T4 Why this is Geocache of the Week: You don’t need to have loved Super Mario games as a kid to enjoy this cache. It’ll inspire anybody who has a taste for adventure. This is an eight-stage multi-cache, which takes place in a quiet, light forest with the autobahn roaring far above. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but here’s what we can tell you. At the first stage of this cache you learn your mission: rescue the princess. The next few […]

Boondocks USA Travel Bug Motel (GC3PMCM) — Geocache of the Week

  Geocache Name: Boondocks USA Travel Bug Motel (GC3PMCM) by biss65 Location: Iowa, United States N 42° 28.281 W 093° 33.847 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1 / T1.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: Last week we featured a clever gadgety Travel Bug Motel cache. This Geocache of the Week is also a Travel Bug Motel, and while the cache itself is plain—spoiler alert, it’s an ammo can—you’ll probably be grinning wildly by the time you reach it. It’s a Travel Bug Motel in more ways than one. That’s right, folks. The cache is tucked inside a cherry red VW Bug which, […]

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