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“DSOM – Minero las piedras” GC273NE GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 21, 2011

The warning is clear: “Never go alone!” This difficulty five, terrain five geocache challenges adventurers as they descend below the surface of the island of Mallorca. The cache page for “DSOM – Minero las piedras” (GC273NE) weaves a ghostly story of phantom voices and those who did not obey warnings turning to stone. ‘DSOM’ stands for ‘Dark Side of Mallorca.’ Pullermann & Tossiman hid the small size cache in 2010. Some 35 geocachers have logged smileys on the geocache and it has received 23 Favorite Points so far. The cache page tells the story of Pedro, the ghost of the [...]

The End of the World [Sagres] GC12CRJ – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 6, 2011

The southwest most cache in Europe takes geocachers to what might seem like the end of the world. The cache page shows an image of the hazy blue ocean horizon  beyond the edge of the cliff and reads, “The pictures really tell the story, so there’s not really anything else to say. Just go there and experience it for yourself.” More than 1000 geocachers have taken the advice and logged, “End of the World [Sagres]” (GC12CRJ). The difficulty 1.5, terrain two traditional geocache was placed by funkymunkyzone in 2007.  The cache owner warns people to use caution and be especially [...]

Strubklamm GC14D8W GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – August 1, 2011

Not far from Salzburg, Austria a daring adventure waits among the steep cliffs that shoulder the Almbach River. Strubklamm (GC14D8W) is a difficulty five, terrain five geocache placed by Baumrinde & sternfänger in 2007. The cache owners ask geocachers to understand the risks, find the cache in groups and bring the proper equipment. The list of equipment includes a wetsuit, helmet and climbing gear. The cache container is located down a steep gorge. There’s more than just a cache to be found at this location. Cachers will navigate to the gorge, then climb up the canyon walls to jump off [...]

Klettersteig Mürren – Gimmelwald GC1DDQ5 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK July 18, 2011

This emoticon is used often on the Klettersteig Mürren – Gimmelwald (GC1DDQ5) cache page. Here’s why. The traditional cache involves an extreme form of mountain climbing. Its earned it’s terrain five rating with a breath-taking climb up sheer cliffs and nail-biting crossings on wire thin suspension bridges.  The cache is not for the faint of heart. Still more than 55 brave geocachers earned the smiley emoticon for logging the Swiss cache.  The geocache has also earned 10 Favorite Points. Spaki placed the cache in 2008. The pictures posted to the cache page tell the story. Geocachers with only a metal [...]

‘The Ghost Orchid” GC112JY GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 11, 2011

The cache page for “The Ghost Orchid” (GC112JY) pulls no punches. Three paragraphs into the description, SeaAggies lets adventure seekers know what awaits them on this difficulty five, terrain five Multi-Cache. The page reads, “Put on your mud boots, slather on the mosquito spray and be sure to bring a lot of water and some snacks for this four mile journey through some remote parts of Fakahatchee Strand.” Fakahatchee Strand is home to a delicate ecosystem populated by endangered plants and animals, including the rare Polyrhiza lindenii, known as the Ghost Orchid. All the plants and animals in the Fakahatchee [...]

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