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Get the First Look at the High-Five for the Earth Souvenir!

Here is a sneak peek at the next #geocaching15 souvenir from your Geocaching Co-Pilot: To earn this souvenir, attend a CITO Event or log an EarthCache before September 2. Find CITO Events and EarthCaches near you.

Incredible Geocaching Road Trips from Around the World

    By this time, you’re probably aware that we are celebrating 15 years of geocaching this summer. We’re using the theme of road trips to make it fun for everyone. You have the opportunity to complete five geocaching quests, each of which will earn you a souvenir for your geocaching profile. Complete all five and you’ll earn a sixth, extra special souvenir. Today, we highlight a three phenomenal road trips to take in three very different parts of the earth: Route 66 in the United States, a north to south bike tour of Germany, and a “New Zealand’s greatest hits” […]

Sneak Peek: Let’s Get Extreme

Rev Your Engines: Let’s Get Extreme Are you ready to push yourself to the limits? To earn this next Geocaching Road Trip ’15 souvenir, you’ll need to find a D5 or T5 geocache by September 2. And of course, here’s your sneak peek at the glory that awaits you: So what’s it going to be? Find T5 geocaches or D5 geocaches. 

Sneak Peek: Meet Your Road Trip Crew

Time for a Pit-Stop: Meet Your Road Trip Crew The next Geocaching Road Trip ’15 souvenir is here! From July 3 – September 2, you can earn a souvenir by attending any Geocaching Event (excluding CITO events). Here’s a sneak peek from your co-pilot at the latest souvenir: Go here to find events near you. Have fun out there!

The Most Favorited Geocaches in the World by Geocache Type

There are many reasons why geocachers award favorite points to geocaches. Sometimes it’s the stunning view at the geocache. Other times it’s the unique container that makes your jaw drop. Whatever the reason, favorite points are a great way for geocachers to award top-notch hides. The first souvenir challenge for the Geocaching Road Trip ’15 is to find a geocache with 10+ favorite points.  Favorited geocaches tend to be higher quality caches, and with the help of the new search, it’s easy to find and sort geocaches by favorite points. The following geocaches are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the pick of […]

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