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Buckle up! Your journey to six new souvenirs begins here

Every road trip needs a co-pilot. Snacks? Check. Music? Check. Co-pilot? That’s where we come in. Over the next few months, we’ll all be going on a geocaching adventure to celebrate 15 years of geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to earn six new souvenirs for your geocaching profile. To get ready, sign up for your Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 co-pilot below. You’ll get emails with first looks at upcoming souvenir art, plus tips and tricks on earning your souvenirs from the folks at Geocaching HQ. Sign up for your Geocaching Road Trip ’15 co-pilot! By clicking “Sign Up”, you agree to […]

CITO 2015: A Resounding Success!

      That’s how many geocachers around the world collected garbage, restored natural areas, and worked on community improvement projects last weekend.   If each person picked up one 5 lb bag of trash, that’s over 40 metric tons of garbage. That’s (approximately) 7.4 elephants, or 7 elephants and two cows. C’mon geocachers–Give yourselves a round of applause! Each of these geocachers earned the CITO 2015 souvenir, which celebrates the thousands of geocachers who care for the geocaching game board—also known as planet Earth. On International Cache In, Trash Out Weekend geocachers around the world hosted and participated in Cache In, Trash Out events in […]

You’re Days Away from a Brand New Souvenir! #Geocaching15

May 2nd marks the 15th anniversary of when Geocaching began. Get out on May 2 and May 3 to find a geocache—any geocache—or attend a Geocaching event—any event or CITO— you’ll earn a special 15 Years of Geocaching souvenir. Plus, you’ll discover your geocaching mission for the summer. On the new search page, we’ve put together three new one-click searches to make choosing the geocache you want to find—and earn your souvenir with—easier. Just click the box to find events near you, the oldest geocaches in your area, or nearby geocaches with favorite points. Search Now (Hier kannst Du den Artikel […]

Du bist nur noch Stunden entfernt von einem neuen Souvenir!

Freu Dich über 15 Jahre Geocaching Der 2. Mai steht für den 15. Jahrestag, an dem Geocaching begann. Geh raus am 2. oder 3. Mai, und finde irgendeinen Geocache, um das spezielle 15-Jahre-Geocaching-Souvenir zu erhalten. Außerdem finde heraus, was Deine Geocaching-Mission für den Sommer sein wird. Mit der neuen Suchroutine haben wir drei bisherige Funktionen zusammengefasst, um die Suche nach dem Geocache, den Du finden willst und mit dem Du ein Souvenir erhalten kannst, mit einem Klick zu vereinfachen. Klick einfach die Box, um ein Event in der Nähe zu finden, den ältesten Geocache in Deiner Nähe oder die Geocaches […]

Ain’t No Mystery: Use the Geocaching Intro app to find Mystery Caches this Pi Day

I love watching non-geocachers (aka muggles) try to absorb the concept of geocaching. I’m sure you’ve all heard this same reaction before: Wait. You find boxes in the woods? Well that’s just irrational. It’s true. The things we do as geocachers may seem a little crazy at times. But good news! This Pi Day (March 14, 2015), we’re introducing a dose of rational to the irrational—all thanks to a team of designers here at Geocaching HQ. Earlier this year, we shared an inside look at how we collect feedback from the community and how that feedback influences the tools that […]

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