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Share the Joy of Geocaching & See the Results

It’s a fact: geocaching is better with friends. And another fact: geocachers love stats. Now you can bring your friends along, share the high-fives and earn a few more stats with the brand new Geocaching Refer-a-Friend page. Many geocachers found out about their favorite hobby from a friend or family member. You can invite your friends, family, acquaintances, favorite pizza delivery person, hairstylist… You get the idea. Share your personal invitation link on Facebook and Twitter, or with an email. And remember: as your friends find and hide geocaches, you can see a brand new set of stats start to climb. Invite your friends [...]

Your One-Stop Geocaching Resource is Right Here

You’ve really done it now. You’ve fallen down the geocaching rabbit hole. Suddenly, you’re speaking another language involving FTF, muggles and TOTT’s. But lo’ and behold, there’s so much more to explore in this wonderland of geocaching. Your one-stop shop is right here. Discover an inspiring Geocache of the Week—oddly enough, posted every week. Stand in awe of selfless contributions to the adventure from the Geocacher of the Month—weirdly named every month (and open for votes right now). There’s more though, as anyone down here in the geocaching rabbit hole will explain. You’ll also travel around the world, checking out Mega-Events in Belgium or the [...]

A Geocaching Return From Space After 75,000,000 Miles

Finally you’ll be able to post “Welcome Back to Earth” on our Facebook page! After orbiting the Earth nearly 3,000 times over six months (and about 75,000,000 miles), astronaut Rick Mastracchio (Geocacher: AstroRM) and a very popular Travel Bug® will return home from the International Space Station. Thousands of people, at more than 700 Geocaching in Space events around the world, watched as Mastracchio and a Travel Bug rocketed into space. Mastracchio has been living aboard the International Space Station since November of last year. He even geocached in space. He logged a First to Find on the International Space Station geocache placed by fellow geocacher Richard [...]

New Video: How to Hide a Geocache

  Words, words, words, who needs them when you’re staring at a fresh-out-of-the-oven video about How to Hide a Geocache?Check out the new video from Geocaching HQ that’s full of easy-to-use ideas and tips for placing a well-loved geocache. The payoff for the maker (you?) of a cleverly hidden geocache comes from “Found it!” logs containing heaps of praise for the inspirational adventure and lifelong memories. Well done! Quick check: Still reading? Haven’t watched this video yet? Okay, here are some more words. After the success of Geocaching Maker Madness, with nearly 1000 events around the world, Geocaching HQ wants to set you up for [...]

DNF for the Good of All Humanity

If you’re just joining the geocaching adventure, DNF stands for Did Not Find. It’s a log type when you’re searching for a geocache, and guess what, didn’t find it. But what you should also know, is that a DNF log can transform into a “Found it!” The log type doesn’t mean you’ve given up, it means, well, that you didn’t find the geocache—this time. A DNF also means, “I care.” When you log a DNF, you’re telling geocachers that the geocache may be more difficult to find than anticipated or may even be missing. You’re also letting the geocache owner [...]

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