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Introducing the Powerful New Geocaching Search

Find More Geocaches, Faster with the New Search   We’re excited to announce the launch of the new geocache search tool. It’s faster, easier to use and helps you find the exact adventure you want—and it’s all thanks to the geocaching community. We started the upgrade by asking geocachers what they wanted, then gave Geocaching Premium members a Sneak Peek at the new tool before launch. Now the new search is ready for prime time. Take it for a spin by searching for Pi Day events and Mystery Caches near you so you can earn your Pi Day souvenirs on […]

FAQ: The New Geocache Search Tool

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new geocache search tool. It’s faster, easier to use and helps you find the exact adventure you want—and it’s all thanks to you, the geocaching community. Here’s everything you need to know about Search! Well, almost everything. If you have questions not answered here, find us on Facebook or Twitter, or visit the Geocaching Help Center. Why are some sorting and filtering options only available to Geocaching Premium members? Geocaching Premium member subscriptions help provide the resources to develop new tools like Search that create a more personalized geocaching experience. We recognize […]

Ain’t No Mystery: Use the Geocaching Intro app to find Mystery Caches this Pi Day

I love watching non-geocachers (aka muggles) try to absorb the concept of geocaching. I’m sure you’ve all heard this same reaction before: Wait. You find boxes in the woods? Well that’s just irrational. It’s true. The things we do as geocachers may seem a little crazy at times. But good news! This Pi Day (March 14, 2015), we’re introducing a dose of rational to the irrational—all thanks to a team of designers here at Geocaching HQ. Earlier this year, we shared an inside look at how we collect feedback from the community and how that feedback influences the tools that […]

Don’t Miss Out on Pi Day! Top Tips for Mystery Caches

Earn one out of two souvenirs on Saturday, March 14 Pi Day by finding a Mystery Cache. (Earn the other souvenir by attending any Geocaching event on March 14)   Does the thought of having to decode encrypted messages make you break out in hives? If yes, then take a deep breath and find your happy place because we have just the tips to sooth your Mystery Cache anxiety and prepare you for March 14th, 2015.   Mystery Caches (also known as Puzzle caches or Unknown caches) are a type of geocache for those who enjoy an extra challenge. They require geocachers to solve […]

5 Geocaching Dreams — And How to Interpret Them

You know you’re a geocacher if you’ve had a geocaching dream, right?   What you might not know is what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Whether you were digging through trackables in a bottomless lock-n-lock container, or found yourself frighteningly under-dressed for a geocaching event, your subconscious is probably trying to tell you something. Don’t worry—here are our interpretations of the 5 most common geocaching dreams.* *And here is a grain of salt. Dream #1 You’re out geocaching for days and days on end, and all you get are DNFs, even on the easiest geocaches. Each time you reach GZ […]

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