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Jetzt schlägt die Stunde der Geocache-Owner!

Du hast Deinen ersten Geocache versteckt. Und wie geht es weiter? Geschafft! Du hast den coolsten, kreativsten Geocache aller Zeiten versteckt und alle Richtlinien eingehalten, nicht wahr? Na, damit endet der Spaß aber noch nicht. Als Geocache-Owner bist Du verantwortlich dafür, Deinen Geocache zu warten und kontinuierlich zu betreuen. Deswegen ist das Verstecken bloß der Anfang Deiner Karriere als Geocache-Owner. Lies diese 9 Tipps zur kontinuierlichen Betreuung des coolsten und kreativsten Geocaches aller Zeiten. Um weitere Informationen darüber zu erhalten, wie man einen Geocache versteckt oder ein Event veranstaltet, schau Dir die neue Seite dazu an. Danach nimm an diesem […]

It’s Time for Tick Talk

          This guest post was written by Doctor Dog, who is filling in for Community Manager Janelle Saylor this week.   My two-legged friends, it’s time to get serious about staying safe in the outdoors this year. It’s time for Tick Talk. Most ticks do not carry diseases, and most tick bites do not cause serious health problems. But it’s important to avoid, check for, and remove ticks as soon as you find them. Removing ticks may help you avoid complications such as Lyme disease. Avid geocacher (and dedicated nurse) Kelley Piekarek* put together these safety tips so […]

You hid your first geocache, now what?

You did it. You hid the coolest, most creative geocache ever and followed all the necessary guidelines… right? Well, the work is not over. As a geocache owner, you have a responsibility to maintain and manage your geocache after it is published. The hide itself is just the beginning of your ‘geocache owner’ journey. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as a new geocache owner… 1. It’s your job to perform maintenance on your geocache. That includes replacing full or wet logbooks, fixing the container as needed, cleaning up trash around the geocache, editing text on the listing page, […]

Earn New Souvenirs — Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching

Unlock Your 2015 Geocaching Mission on May 2 and 3 This May 2nd and 3rd, celebrate the history of geocaching by unlocking your mission for 2015. May 2nd and 3rd signal the beginning of geocaching, some 15 years ago. On May 2, 2000, GPS signals were descrambled, increasing the accuracy of GPS devices worldwide by ten times. The following day, what would become known as the first geocache was hidden. Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching on May 2nd and 3rd by finding any geocache or attending any geocaching event. You’ll earn a new digital souvenir for your geocaching profile. Unlock […]

#Geocaching Instagram: 30k

“A camera is a ‘save button’ for one’s mind.” Rogu Kingston.   Geocaching is more than a hunt. Geocaching is that “first to find” smile… the secret beach you stumble upon… the mountain you never thought you’d climb… the unexpected sighting of a rare bird… a forgotten piece of history… a new friend you pick up along the way. All of these geocaching “moments” can be captured through a camera lens (and beautifully, with a nice filter). Everyday, geocachers on Instagram share their visual geocaching experiences with the world through the hashtag #geocaching. The official geocaching Instagram is our way of joining that conversation, sharing […]

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