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12 Tips for Hosting a Geocaching Event

    Who doesn’t love a good party with great geocaching friends? Answer: No one. Geocaching Events are a great way to meet the local geocaching community where everyone is oddly enough, just like you. Geocachers will designate a time and location to meet and discuss their favorite hobby. Geocaching events are fun, so always expect a good time! Anyone can plan and host an event. Here are 12 tips and tricks to get you started on planning the best geo-bash around.    Pick a great time and location to maximize your attendance. It can be indoors or outdoors, in […]

Mother of Father’s Day: Investigating The 3 Parts of Every Geocache

By Dani Navarre  Mother of Father’s Day Each geocache you find has three essential stories and you’re one of them. Remove any of the three parts and geocaching, well just isn’t geocaching anymore. The three parts of geocaching are the location, the hider, and the finder. Of course there’s many more parts to the geocaching experience, but these three are the essential ingredients to any geocaching adventure. It’s the location that brings us somewhere undiscovered or overlooked, the hider whose lightbulb idea brings the geocache to life, and it’s you (the finder) who makes geocaching an adventure. In order to […]

11 Stunning EarthCaches, and how to find them

EarthCaching is the magical combination of geocaching and geological discovery. EarthCaches are meant to teach geocachers about particular (and typically jaw-dropping) geological features. EarthCaches do not contain physical containers like most geocaches. They do, however,  carry a piece of geological history that can date back millions and millions of years…which is certainly a treasure of sorts. How to Find an EarthCache Using Advanced Search you can customize your geocache search. Click on “Add Filters” to see advanced search options. Under “Geocache Types”, select EarthCache only. Premium Members can now search for EarthCaches using the free Geocaching app. Navigate to the posted coordinates of the […]

How to Find a Multi-Cache

Nervous about finding your first Multi-Cache but tired of seeing that non-smiley spot on the map?    Finding a Multi-Cache is a great way to uplevel your Geocaching game. Multi-Caches involve two or more locations, with the final location being a physical container with a logbook inside. There are many variations to this idea, but typically you’ll visit at least two locations, or stages, to collect the information you’ll need to find the physical geocache container at the last stage. Watch this short instructional video for an overview: 1. Pick a Multi-Cache to find We recommend starting with one that has Difficulty/Terrain […]

Assemble your Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 Team

Invite your friends to join the adventure Doing a happy dance by yourself after making a find is fun, but nowhere near as much fun as doing a happy dance with a bunch of your friends. No, really—see for yourself. The Geocaching Road Trip ‘15, celebrating 15 years of Geocaching, is kicking off in a little under two weeks. Now is the time to get your friends to join you on the adventure. It’s easy. Just use our Refer a Friend page to post an invite on Facebook or Twitter, or to send an invite email. It’ll have all the […]

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