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New Challenge: Leave Your Keyboard at Lunch – Find a Geocache

Ready, set, lunch break geocaching by: Bri Suffety You should remember one thing, your keyboard won’t miss you if you leave for lunch. It never does. If you don’t share that dry sandwich, and unfulfilling old piece of fruit with your keyboard, it’s going to be alright. In fact, it probably needs a break and so do you, enter: Geocaching. School is back in session, the weather is still begging you to get outside and geocache. Much like the recess bell, lunchtime at the office is a much anticipated moment of our day. However, all too often it gets pushed [...]

FAQ: Your New Geocaching Account Settings

How do I access my Account Settings? See that gear icon in the upper right corner? Click it! You will be magically transported to the new and improved Account Settings tabs page. What happened to my avatar/profile photo? To make life just a little bit simpler, we’ve combined the Avatar and Profile images into one image (to rule them all, ahem) that will display universally across In other words, your current Avatar image will become the one image displayed on and will be referred to as “Profile Image.” Going forward, we will not store images other than the current [...]

Deine neuen Kontoeinstellungen: Häufig gestellte Fragen.

Wie finde ich meine Kontoeinstellungen? Siehst Du das Zahnrad oben rechts in der Ecke? Wenn Du darauf klickst, kommst Du schnell und einfach zu den neuen Kontoeinstellungen. Was ist mit meinem Avatar/Profilfoto passiert? Um alles ein bisschen einfacher zu gestalten, haben wir die zwei verschiedenen Geocaching-Bilder (Avatar- und Profilfoto) auf ein Foto reduziert. Das jetzige Avatarfoto ist von nun an das einzige Profilfoto, das allgemein auf Deinem benutzt wird. In Zukunft werden zuvor hochgeladene Fotos nicht mehr gespeichert. Das heißt, wenn Du ein neues Foto als Profilfoto speicherst, wird das alte Foto nicht gespeichert. Wo sind meine zuvor gespeicherten [...]

The Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour

The Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour provides adventurers with the opportunity to visit and learn about one of our nation’s most iconic trails. This GeoTour consists of 73 geocaches placed at historic sites along the 900 mile-long Santa Fe Trail. With each stop, you will have the opportunity to learn about the people, places and events associated with the trail that helped shape the future of the United States. You will get to experience much of thetrail just as the early travelers did. Geocachers who visit at least 50 of the 73 sites are eligible to receive the Santa Fe National Historic Trail Challenge Coin. To participate, visit the website, and follow the instructions to print out and [...]

Add a Little Geocaching Mega & Giga to Your August

The Month of Mega-Events + 1st Giga-Event Imagine walking through a crowd of passionate adventurers and hearing “Travel Bug,” “First to Find” and even a proud, “I love geocaching, a lot, I mean, a lot.” That place exists and August is high time to explore your Mega-Event destiny. A Mega-Event is one of the ultimate gatherings for geocachers. Mega-Events bring together 500 or more geocachers in one location to celebrate our desire for exploration and discovery. Hey, look at this bookmark list. That’s a list of Mega-Events around the world. Take your pick. You’ll even notice a world’s first. Project MUNICH2014 is the world’s first Giga-Event, an event with more [...]

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