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Go Geocaching Like a Local

We recently released 6 shiny new Geocaching Souvenirs for Greece, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, and Italy. In case any of these countries are still on your bucket list (or if you’re planning a return trip) check out this pocket dictionary of common phrases used in Geocaching. They’re perfect for starting or ending a fantastic log entry.      Brazil (Portuguese) Take a virtual vacation and tour of some of Brazil’s best geocaches. Obrigado pela Cache (Thanks for the cache) Encontrada (Found) Boa aventura (Good adventure) A minha primeira cache (My first cache)   Belgium (Dutch, French, German) Check out one of Belgium’s most-favorited […]

Three Cheers for Brazil, Geocaching’s Newest Country Souvenir!

  Yes folks, the time has come: Brazil is getting its very own Geocaching Country Souvenir! You’ve seen Croatia, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, and now you get to see Brazil! Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that are displayed on your Geocaching profile page when you find a geocache in certain locations. This holiday season we’re releasing six beauties to decorate your profile! Take a virtual vacation and tour of some of Brazil’s best geocaches. After all, Brazil is known as the Land of Happiness, so let’s get happy, and let’s get going!   1. First on our list is  GC4KZEY Pão de […]

Geocaching Stocking Stuffer Ideas on Shop Geocaching

Tis’ the season for giving. And every season is “the season” for geocaching. As you start to wonder how you are going to fill a huge stocking full of awesomeness this year, look no further. Here are some of our favorite “wee” Shop Geocaching items that will fit perfectly in your loved one’s stocking over the fireplace. P.S. We  sent this gift list off to Santa Claus and asked him to add all of the geocaching community’s usernames to his “nice” list. Hopefully he’s feeling generous this year ;-). And there’s a little hidden gem of a deal for you waiting at […]

Viva la Mexican Geocaching Souvenir!

Officially known as the United Mexican States, did you know that Mexico: had it’s first geocache placed on Christmas day in the year 2000 has a geocache located 5,564 m (18,253 ft) above sea level on an inactive volcano called Pico de Orizaba is an extremely popular geocaching vacation destination, and… …is the newest Geocaching Country Souvenir to be released this month? Yes it’s true! If the allure of white sandy beaches, ancient civilizations, rich culture, delicious food, and tequila wasn’t enough, now you can also earn a geocaching Souvenir for Mexico (this, in addition to Croatia, Italy, and three other new Souvenirs to be revealed […]

Can You Pass the Geocache Hiders Quiz?

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