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Advice to Geocache Hiders from Law Enforcement

Here are two words geocachers crave hearing when their geocache is published, “Found it.” And then there are two words all geocachers would prefer never to hear when talking about a geocache hide, “suspicious device.” In an age of increased concern, geocachers must be increasingly diligent to follow the rules while hiding a geocache. Make sure to read and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements/Guidelines. Also make sure to use common sense, and always keep in mind how your geocache container or the location of your container may be perceived by people who are not familiar with the game. We asked […]

A Powerful Father and Son Connection through Geocaching

Meet Tony Linberg (Username: galdrin): IT guy, geocacher, and proud father. Meet Tony’s son: 13-year-old treasure hunter, adventurer, and explorer. They’re your everyday father-son geocaching duo. But dig a little deeper and like most geocachers you’ll uncover something remarkable about their relationship and why they geocache. In 2006, Tony’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with severe autism, meaning that he is unable to use spoken language. He also suffers from asthma, light epilepsy, and hyperactivity. This diagnosis would change the Linberg family’s life. They moved away from their friends and family in the city to a quiet house in the countryside, […]

Dear Geocaching Diary: 31 Days of Adventure with Geocaching HQ

  Dear Geocaching Diary, This has been one exciting week at Geocaching HQ! Last week we accepted the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge. We vowed to find at least one geocache every day in August. And guess what…Our streak is still alive! Here is a photo recap of the first week of our 31 Days of Geocaching. Day 1: Geocaching HQ staff came up with a creative solution for this tricky high hide. Business Development Coordinator Katie Barker (Username: Katie-B) says, “It’s going to be hard to top the first find! Nothing like building a human pyramid with your co-workers to start the […]

Mid-West Geo-Bash 2013 — One Geocaching HQ staffer’s journey into Area 51

Editor’s note: Geocaching HQ staff are joining geocachers at Mega-Events around the world to celebrate and share the adventure of geocaching. Derek Hamilton, a.k.a. ScatterMyCaches, attended Mid-West GeoBash (GC3T8EH) in Wauseon, OH, USA in July. Derek has been with Geocaching HQ as the Copywriter since 2012. This is Derek’s account of his trip. This past week I had to opportunity to attend one of the largest geocaching Mega-Events in the mid-west United States—Mid-West GeoBash. All in all, I had an amazing time, got to meet tons of great geocachers, found several geocaches and left needing a few day’s worth of sleep. Here’s a […]

Your Geocaching Community Awaits…

Connect to 100,000’s of Geocachers with One “Like” Whoever said the world is a small place might have just been a geocacher connected through the Geocaching Facebook page. It’s a snap (or a click) to discover geocaching groups around the globe, keep up on the latest and greatest geocaches and discover insider tips and tricks. A few more clicks and you’re wired into the adventure of thousands of your fellow geocachers. Follow @GoGeocaching on Twitter for the latest updates from Geocaching HQ and track #31in31 for news from the 31 Days of Geocaching. See geocaching from another perspective through the […]

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