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Klamath Basin GeoTour

GeoTour: The Klamath Basin GeoTour Location: Klamath County, Oregon Favorite Points: 20 Why Klamath Basin is a great place to visit: Discover Klamath County and its vast outdoor recreation opportunities. From mountain and road cycling to fishing and hunting, Klamath County has it all within an hours drive of Klamath Falls. Best time of year to visit: Summertime, when the temperatures are warm enough to take a dip in the region’s pristine lakes. Must-see attractions: Check out Lava Beds National Monument or GC5VG1N, home to more than a dozen caves and historic remnants of the region’s Native American and settlement populations. Hidden gems […]

Columbus RiverWalk GeoTour

GeoTour: Columbus (GA) RiverWalk Location: Columbus, Georgia Number of Favorite Points: 125 Why RiverWalk is a great place to visit: Columbus is the second largest city in the state and was the last planned city in the 13 Original Colonies. Since its founding in 1828, the city has grown as a family-friendly destination with over 46 attractions, all within an hour’s drive of the heart of the city. Columbus is home to two national museums, one of the largest art & history museums in the southeast, the largest urban whitewater course in the world, a vibrant arts & entertainment district and more. […]

Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour

Milwaukee is the big city of little neighborhoods, and the best way to discover them all is on this GeoTour: “Explore Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods.” GeoTour: Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Number of Favorite Points: 92 Why Milwaukee is a great place to visit: Milwaukee offers a variety of fun attractions to explore. Take a stroll along the lakefront, visit one of 17 museums, indulge in delicacies at a downtown dining spot or relax at one of Milwaukee’s famous breweries. Best time of year to visit: Visit Milwaukee during the summer! Plan a trip June through September to enjoy the city’s […]

Colorado’s South Park GeoTour

      GeoTour: Colorado’s South Park Location: South Park, Colorado Number of Favorite Points: 385   Why South Park is a great place to visit: South Park offers world class recreation opportunities and a true wilderness experience. Activities include gold medal fishing, hiking some of the tallest peaks in the continental United States, and endless mountain bike and 4×4 trails. Best time of year to visit: Beat the heat and visit in the summer when highs are usually in the 70s. In July, there’s an annual Burro Days, music and arts festival, and the Park County Fair! Must-see attractions: Get lost in South […]

GeoTours Deliver More Fun With Favorites

Blog post by Geocaching HQ Business Development Coordinator Meg Hatch (Username: Ponystream).  Looking for ways to earn that first shiny Fun with Favorites souvenir now that the Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 is finally here? Well we’ve got an insider tip for you: try a GeoTour! GeoTours are special collections of caches designed to take geocachers like you on an awesome journey through interesting places such as a town or city, a park, or even the Kennedy Space Center. Not only do GeoTours guide you through a cool destination, but they will also take you to some pretty cool, highly favorited […]

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