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Werkzeuge für den FTF-Jäger: Mach Dich bereit für das Rennen um den Erstfund

Nur wenige Dinge sind besser als ein nagelneues Logbuch. Schnür Deine Laufschuhe, lade Dein GPS-Gerät oder Smartphone auf und vergewissere Dich, dass genügend Sprit im Tank Deines Cachemobils ist — denn es ist Zeit, auf FTF-Jagd zu gehen. Was ist ein FTF? Es ist der vielleicht populärste inoffizielle Wettkampf innerhalb der Geocaching-Community und die Abkürzung für den Erstfinder (“First To Find”). Um einen FTF zu erreichen, musst Du die erste Person sein, die sich in ein Logbuch einträgt, nachdem ein Geocache auf veröffentlicht wurde. Willst Du bei diesem Wettkampf mitmachen? Hier sind ein paar Tipps: Sofortbenachrichtigungen – Geocaching-Premium-Mitglieder können [...]

More Features on the Geocaching App for Premium Members

The perks of being a Geocaching Premium member just got better. Besides unlocking the powerful search and listing tools on the website, now when you sign in to the free official Geocaching App, you’ll have a few extra features: List View – See geocaches in a new way with the List View. Filters – Filter your geocache search results by distance, Favorite Points, size, difficulty and terrain. The perks for Geocaching Premium members will keep getting better and better as we upgrade our app. Stay tuned for more and if you haven’t yet, upgrade to Geocaching Premium.

Tips for a Spooky Geocaching Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and just because you’re a little too old to go trick-or-treating, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frighteningly good time. . You might carve a pumpkin with a geocaching theme, or dress up as your favorite Geocaching Trackable and let other geocachers discover you. There’s always a way to add a little geocaching to the spookiest of holidays. Here are a few ideas to have a haunting geocaching experience:   Find a spooky geocache, , like GC5CZTZ or GC11JM6 Have a Halloween-themed geocaching event. Dress up as your favorite geocaching-related item. Find a Night Cache. Create a [...]

Night Caching: It’s not just for Vampires anymore

Lurking in the shadows of night is a different kind of geocache.   Sounds spooky, right? Don’t worry, it’s just a friendly Night Cache. These geocaches are the same geocaches you know and love—except they can only be found at night. Some Night Caches use reflectors, while others use glow-in-the-dark ink and require a UV flashlight. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the shorter days of winter are a perfect time to learn all about geocaching at night. There also happen to be several Mega-Events around the world, like this upcoming event in Sweden, that are dedicated to Night Caching. See [...]

Add CITO to Your Geocaching Vocabulary

CITO: Pick Up Trash and Pick Up a Find   Sigh-toe, see-tow, chai-to—No matter how you pronounce it, CITO (Cache In Trash Out) should be a part of every geocacher’s vocabulary. What’s it mean? It’s simple— whenever you’re out geocaching, clean up the area around you. It keeps the geocaching game board (the Earth, duh) clean and shows land managers that geocachers care. Here are a few tips to become the ultimate CITO champion: Pack an extra trash bag in your geocaching kit. Trash is gross! Bring gloves or a grabber tool. Organize or attend a CITO event and turn [...]

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