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It’s the Same Old Story: Romancing the Geocacher

It’s the same old story. Boy meets Girl. Boy takes Girl geocaching. Boy falls in love with Girl. Girl falls in love with geocaching. Eventually also warms up to Boy. Here are the 13 dates that made up this imaginary geocaching love story. This is a fictional account, so, basically steal any tips you find here to make your own moves on your potential geo-crush.   THE FIRST DATE GC274GK TamsinTugboat and I found this one on our walk through Discovery Park. I got us to GZ, but she made the find (her first). Had a really great time, hope she did as […]

It was a Dark and Stormy Night… for Reading about Geocaching

We here at Geocaching HQ love to hang out with each other during work, while throwing a few back at a local happy hour, and of course while geocaching together on the weekends. So when one of our lackeys suggested starting a book club, we got pretty excited and wondered about geocaching-themed books that may be out in the world. Turns out that there’s a LOT. There’s even a thread in our forums about it. Here are some of our top picks for geocaching books out in the world: Ahh, romance and Tupperware in the woods. In Tracy Krimmer’s Caching In: A Geocaching Love Story, we meet […]

Geocaching with Zorro – A Literary Challenge

Sometimes geocaching offers much more than a treasure hunting adventure at the intersection of a certain of latitude and longitude. The Long Beach Public Library Foundation in California, USA is tapping into the power of geocaching to encourage kids and adults to crack open the pages of a library book. Geocaching is now part of an annual event called, “Long Beach Reads One Book.” The book selected this year is Zorro by Isabel Allende.  Di LaPlume with the foundation says, “For the first time ever, we are adding geocaching to the lineup [of activities for the event]. For March, we’ve […]

Groundspeak Weekly Mailer– January 4, 2012

Teach Someone about Geocaching in 2012 Each New Year, millions of people around the world resolve to change something in their lives. Common resolutions include: getting in shape, stressing less, traveling more, and spending more time with family. You can put someone on the road to accomplishing all these things simply by introducing them to geocaching. If you are an educator, group leader, or facilitator, consider introducing geocaching to your group. Not only will they have fun going on an outdoor treasure hunt, but they will also learn about teamwork, problem-solving, navigation, and more along the way. Visit our new […]

How Teens Discover Geocaching

By Kara Bonilla Ever think that the only things teenagers do are play video games, lay around, and complain? Think again. Teenagers worldwide have picked up on geocaching and their passion for the sport is only growing stronger with age. A recent survey shows nearly five percent of geocachers are 18 or younger, that’s still nearly a quarter of a million geocachers. Joey (jmilla210), 15, from California has been geocaching for two years. Joey has loved the game ever since he was first introduced to geocaching. He found his first cache with family members on Thanksgiving Day of 2009. When […]

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