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The Scoop on Trackable Tattoos

  Geocachers love to make anything and everything trackable. We’ve seen trackable pets, cars, stuffed animals, and even a drum set. Over 500 geocachers have taken their love of trackables to a whole other, more permanent level – trackable tattoos. There are many reasons as to why geocachers decide to brand themselves. Maybe it’s because they want every geocacher they encounter to have a way to remember them, or maybe it’s an artistic way for a geocacher to express their love for the game. Either way, getting a trackable tattoo is a pretty reliable way to ensure your TB won’t go […]

A Tale of Two Trackables

  Geocacher Heidi, aka teamhine, wrote in to Geocaching HQ to share this amazing coincidence about two Travel Bug trackables that happened recently.    Last April, I created a trackable for my daughter and named it Thor. We dropped Thor into GC5RCNK – Left Field Bench in Wilsonville, Oregon. But subsequently my sister, who geocaches under ljh, traveled to Europe and took Thor with her. They traveled together throughout Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.   In August, I created a Jedi Master Yoda trackable for my son. We dropped Yoda into GCXYTC Seaside View on Angel Island, California where he stayed for about a […]

Geocaching ROCKS!

Yes folks, it’s officially October. We’d like to keep the party going by referring to this month as ROCKtober. Here are 10 ways to make your geocaching world “rock”! This idyllically placed geocache takes you to the North coast of Gozo, Malta with sheer high cliffs. The area shows rock strata and breathtaking views across the Mediterranean sea. If you’ve logged this geocache, you’re probably a really fun guy . :-\   Since your in Malta, swing on over to nearby Sardegna, Italy. This geocache is on the way to the top of a giant rock with panoramic views. GPS signals […]

Through Twist of Geocaching Fate, #PSNoBoundaries Photo Contest Brings International Space Station Travel Bug to Geocaching Block Party

Earlier this year, the National Council for Exams of Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) kicked off the Surveyor Trackable and #PSNoBoundaries Geocaching Contest. Geocachers were challenged to explore benchmarking by taking a selfie with a NCEES trackable at a NGS marker. The winning photographer would receive a trip for two to the 2015 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. As a twist of geocaching fate would have it, the winning photographer was Lieutenant Bob Cizaukas (Username: cizzors). Bob happens to be the geocacher who made Geocaching in Space possible. In 2013, 11 trackables hitched a ride to the International Space Station with […]

Add a Side of Geocaching to Your Other Hobby

One simple question spin up into a first in the world of Scrabble. It all started when long time geocacher Roy Alexander, RCA777 was playing a game of Scrabble with a friend. He asked whether they would accept the word “geocache” in the game if it were played. They said, no. But Roy wasn’t about to take no for an answer. At the time the word geocache was considered unplayable because it was not yet an official word in the Scrabble Dictionary. Roy jumped at the opportunity when he saw Hasbro announce the #ScrabbleWordShowDown contest on the Hasbro Game Night […]

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