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Geocaching in Space FAQ

Geocaching is heading towards the International Space Station (ISS). All of geocaching? No, not all of it, but a very special little Travel Bug® named TB5JJN1 is tagging along with Nasa astronaut Rick Mastracchio on his mission to the ISS. Mastracchio will be using the Travel Bug as an educational tool to help teach students around the world about geography and geocaching. Mastraccio will Rocket into Space on November 7, 2013 (GMT). Every geocacher who attends a Geocaching Event on November 6 or 7, 2013 will be awarded a “Geocaching in Space” souvenir. In additional, Geocaching in Space Mission Patches will be sold, and proceeds will to […]

Geocaching Rockets into Space (Again)

[Click for information on the Seattle Geocaching in Space Event] You don’t read the words, “We’re going to space!” very often. So, how about we soak up the joy of reading those words once more? Let’s add a little pizzazz and shout it by using all capital letters: “WE’RE GOING TO SPACE!” Yeah! A Geocaching Travel Bug® is hitching a ride with astronaut Rick Mastracchio straight to the International Space Station. The mission is currently scheduled to launch from Kazakhstan at 4:08 GMT on November 7, which is 5:08 a.m. in Berlin and November 6 at 8:08 p.m. in Los […]

Announcing the Victors of The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race

By Kara Bonilla And the Travel Bugs have (finally) crossed the finish line! With the 2013 Geocaching Block Party now in the books, it’s time to announce the winners of the The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race. To be eligible for a prize, the Travel Bug contestant had to start at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party, travel at least 2013 miles, and make it back to Geocaching HQ before this year’s Block Party festivities wrapped up. In just one year, the 57 Travel Bug racers collectively traveled 479,548.48 miles! Now, without further ado, here are the winners of […]

Coming Down the Homestretch: The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race

They’re lean, they’re mean and they’re swarming back to Geocaching HQ as we speak. Almost a full year ago at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party, we released a collection of Travel Bugs in The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race. The trackables entered the wild to start the race of their lives. Geocachers and Geocaching HQ Staff (Lackeys) alike watched their intrepid racers start their journey with a singular goal: to make it at least 2013 miles and return to Geocaching HQ in Seattle in time for the 2013 Geocaching Block Party. Additionally, Travel Bugs competed in the […]

3 Travel Bug Travel Tips

3 Tips to Help Keep Travel Bugs on the Road Thousands of Travel Bugs are in motion right now. They’re powered by geocachers, bounding from geocache to geocache. Travel Bugs travel in pockets, backpacks, purses and snuggle up in suitcases for long distance voyages. Sometimes though, their travels stop cold. They get stuck in couch cushions, lost in the kitchen junk drawer or simply (and sadly) forgotten. Here are 3 tips to help Travel Bugs do what they do best: travel. First, if you find a Travel Bug® or any trackable in a geocache, you are not required to trade […]

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