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John Grisham Gold Geocoin Winner Announced

The pictures have been sorted, assessed and judged. The winner in the Hunt for the Gold! Find THE RACKETEER’s stash has been announced. Geocachers in the U.S. gobbled up 5,000 free Grisham Geocoins which read, “John Grisham THE RACKETEER 999.9 Pure Suspense.” No more Geocoins are available, except one (more on that later). Geocachers released the Geocoins into geocaches around the country, allowing others to enter a photo contest with the Geocoin. Hundreds of photos were submitted. The winner took home a one-ounce bar of pure gold! Check out the winners below. Interested in winning the last John Grisham Geocoin? [...]

And the winner of the Trackable Week Story contest is…

Geocachers shared Trackable tales of adventures, challenges, and friendships. After careful consideration and deliberation, we are pleased to announce Log Dawgs as the Trackable Week Trackable story winner! Log Dawgs shared a story about his encounter(s) with “one of the greatest pieces of geocaching local lore”: LostGuys’ FTF Trophy (TBHYTP). The FTF Trophy is a Trackable with the special mission “to be found by the champion first to finders in the Houston Area and be displayed proudly for a short time on their mantle.” As a token of appreciation for sharing this great story, Log Dawgs will receive the newest Moun10bike Geocoin. LostGuys will also [...]

Trackable Tattoos – Never Lost

There is one way to ensure that your Trackable never goes missing – get a Trackable tattoo. Tattoos are not for everyone. In fact, there are fewer than 150 people who have ever earned the Trackable Tattoo icon. A geocacher can only receive the icon if they supply photographic proof of a Trackable tattoo to User pumpkinking27 has an impressive tattoo from 2010 that reflects his username and includes a Travel Bug called PumpkinKing27’s Trackable Tattoo. The goal of such Trackable tattoos is to be discovered by geocachers at events and during geocaching outings. Ultimately, the Trackable tattoo becomes an engaging record of personal [...]

Astro the Eyepiece: The Tale of a Travel Bug® on a Mission

The Travel Bug® that traveled 63,000 miles is back home in the U.S. state of Oregon. Astro the Eyepiece, a telescope eyepiece, was on the move for eight years before it was retrieved by its owner at Shelrik’s Happy Cache Inn (For TB’s & GC’s) this July 5th. Geramy, a.k.a. CrazyGAF, released the Travel Bug in 2004 with this mission: “Astro’s mission is to travel East…a long ways East! You see, Astro is a telescope eyepiece and would like to travel to Greenwich, England…home of the Greenwich Royal Observatory and Greenwich Mean Time! After his trip he wouldn’t mind traveling the world [...]

Ready, Set, Go: The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race!

And so it begins – The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug® Race! Today we will release Trackables collected at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party into the HQ cache. To fulfill their Travel Bug destiny and win a great grab bag of swag and merchandise, these trackables must travel a minimum of 2013 miles and return to HQ in Seattle prior to the 2013 Geocaching Block Party. Additionally, these TBs will compete in the following categories: Fastest TB back to HQ (after traveling the minimum mileage) TB with the most mileage TB to travel to the [...]

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