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Jasmer, Fizzy, and 365

No, these aren’t a southern gentleman, a bubbly drink, and the answer to a 1st grade math problem. They’re geocaching statistics challenges! Jasmer Challenge Popular in the United States, the Jasmer asks geocachers to find one cache hidden in every month since geocaching began in May 2000. As of today, that means finding 172 caches. To give you a sense of the difficulty of this challenge, there are under 150 caches hidden in 2000 still enabled. Geocaching road trip, anyone? Fizzy Challenge The Fizzy Challenge will test your mental skills, then your physical skills, then both at the same time. […]

Discover EarthCaching and 11 Stunning Locations

There’s something truly spectacular about our planet earth. This month, the 7 Souvenirs of August (and the Nature Lover Souvenir) encourages you to get in touch with the extraordinary world around you through EarthCaching. EarthCaching is the magical combination of geocaching and geological discovery. The purpose of an EarthCache is to share information about a particular (and typically jaw-dropping) geological feature. EarthCaches do not contain physical containers like most geocaches. They do, however,  carry a piece of geological history that can date back millions and millions of years. A little bit about this  geocache type… There are over 17,000 EarthCaches  worldwide. EarthCaches are […]

It’s Always Sunny in Geocaching HQ

  There’s some serious Geocaching going on in this family. Brothers Sterling and Ethan are avid geocachers, and it seems to run in the family. Their mother, Candice, wanted to teach a Geocaching unit to the 120 students in her school’s gifted children program. At the time, though, there simply weren’t enough caches within walking distance of the school. Like a true geocacher, Sterling came to the rescue. Once he had 100 finds, Sterling hid four geocaches that his mother could take her students to. The class was undoubtedly a success. Within several months, many of the students had over […]

Give Your Cache Page a Makeover

    See this cache page? It’s pretty snazzy. While the bright blue tiled image has the potential to disorient a geocacher, the photo in the center column and the color of the text tie the whole thing together.   How do you transform your cache page from blah to rah? Can you say “Hypertext Markup Language” five times fast?   That’s right, we’re talking about HTML, baby. And we’re talking about it with as much spice as possible, because we know some of you are about to fall of your chairs at the sheer boringness of it all.   […]

Walk the (Geocaching) Line

  Keeping one’s environmental footprint to a minimum is a good rule to abide by while geocaching. Today, we mean that literally. Unless you live on the moon, you’ve probably gone geocaching in some sort of natural area—food garden, arboretum, state park, nature reserve, etc. Most areas have designated walking or hiking paths, but it can be sorely tempting to march straight off into the bush looking like Kipling’s Mowgli. Here are three reasons not to release your inner Tarzan unless you’re in your own jungle oasis (potted plant patio). 1) You are a big, strong human, and you will […]

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