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Behind the Scenes with a Geocaching Reviewer: Antheia

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Yvonne standing at the Prime Meridian virtual cache at the Royal Observatory Greenwich – GCK7HH

Three years into playing the game, UK geocacher Yvonne Mundy (aka mundy family) was asked to become a geocaching Community Volunteer.

Community Volunteers are a group of over 400 dedicated geocachers who give their time and talent to support the worldwide geocaching community. Did joining the UK Reviewer team change the way she played the game? We chatted with Yvonne—Reviewer alias Antheia—about why she loves geocaching, what it’s like to be a Reviewer, and playing squash.

Tell us about how you first started geocaching, and what you like about it.

“I read a small article about Geocaching in October 2005 in a local magazine. Being an adventurous, outdoor person, that weekend as a family we decided to give it a go using our car sat nav. We were triumphant in finding our first cache, and were hooked. I love that it takes me to new places, and find out about them, its sociable (I’ve made some very good friends through geocaching) and its an excellent excuse to go out for a walk.”

What do you enjoy about being a reviewer?

“I was very stunned to have been asked to be a reviewer and its great to give something back to the game that I am so passionate about. I get a real buzz when a newbie gets it right first time – it doesn’t happen often – when a cache comes together through positive communications between owner and reviewer, and the support I get from the UK review team. They are like extended family and we ‘speak’ most days on line.”


Shades of blue in front of the Taj Mahal…and at the site of the now archived GC1A91Y

How can someone best set up their cache listing in order to have it published quickly?

“After reading the guidelines and taking accurate coords the cache listing needs to make sure it fits within those guidelines, with any extra information added as a note to the reviewer, such as where the hide is, any permission details, how to solve a puzzle etc. The more information you can give us the better. On publication the note to the reviewer is archived so you won’t be giving anything away.”

What’s one thing you wish all geocachers knew or did before submitting a cache for review?

“Obviously read the guidelines , and also for the UK cachers the UK wiki which gives details of local guidelines.”

What’s your favorite type of cache to search for?

“One I can find is a very good start! But give me a wow what a great place, a circular walk in the country side with good sized boxes, something imaginative and well maintained caches and I’ll be happy.”

Aside from geocaching, what other hobbies do you have?

“My other 2 passions are Girlguiding and playing squash. I’ve been involved in Guiding since I was a brownie and I have now been Brown Owl and a Rainbow leader for over 20 years. I have also held Island positions as outdoor activities adviser, Special needs adviser and am currenlty PR and Media adviser. I’m also becoming a trainer for Girlguiding UK and the first training I was asked to do was on geocaching!

Yvonne and kids finding the geocache GC4D10.

Yvonne and kids finding the geocache GC4D10.

I played squash as a teenager but stopped playing in my early 20’s due to a shoulder injury, then 3 years ago I saw an advert for a Sunday morning ladies only squash and decided to get back on court. Enjoying it again, I now have 2 training sessions a week, play in an individual mixed league (going up 3 divisions in the last year), a mixed team league (we came second last cycle) and have also taken to playing racketball. In 2013 I was Jersey ladies over 40’s champion, and I competed in my first double tournament last year which was great fun. I am currently setting up a new squash club at Fort Regent where I play.”

How would you describe geocaching in the UK (as compared to other places in the world)?

“In the UK there is a vast diversity of caches, with something to suit everyone. We have large landowners across the UK that fully support caches on their land as long as they comply with the guidelines so as reviewers we do try to ensure that those guidelines are adhered to. There is also land in the UK that has legal protection so again the guidelines must be followed.

Throughout the UK is a big series called Church Micro Series – though they don’t have to be micros! This leads you to find caches at some very interesting and pretty churches that are often steeped in history with amazing architecture detail. Currently there are 7732 published.  In the UK caches cannot be placed on church property/grounds without specific permission.

In case you didn't know where to look for this cache (we're not saying which it is).

Yvonne helps out in case you didn’t know where to look for this cache (we’re not saying which one it is!)

Another series that has taken off in the UK and now growing in other countries is the Sidetracked Series. This takes you to caches placed near railways, which again has a great history and interesting facts about them. Many are placed where railway stations or tracks used to be which if it wasn’t for caching you maybe wouldn’t have known  existed. There are currently 2219 published with 1986 in the UK. Other countries that it has expanded to are Ireland, Germany, Russia, USA and Lithuania. In the UK a cache cannot be placed on Railway property without specific permission.”

Finally, if you could go geocaching anywhere in the world (or find any geocache in the world), where would you go?

“It would have to be USA as I would love to go to HQ and find the cache there, and to see the hub of geocaching. Also to find “HG-35 Antheia (Reviewer UK)” GC479T5 in the Mojarve Desert, California, which makes up a piece of geo-art.”

Yvonne/Antheia/mundy family lives in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Don’t be surprised if you see her username on geocache logbooks in the area!


If you’re lucky enough to meet her in person, thank her for the work she does to keep the game we all love going.









West Bend Four Seasons GeoTour


GeoTour Name: West Bend Four Seasons GeoTour
Location: West Bend, Wisconsin
Number of Favorite Points: 362


Old 1889 County Courthouse and Museum (GC53BB1)

Why West Bend is a great place to visit:
West Bend is nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s northern Kettle Moraine, but is also close to Milwaukee. The area embodies the best of small town living and big city offerings. From museums and shops to miles of scenic trails and other outdoor recreation, West Bend has something for everyone.

Best time of year to visit:
West Bend is a year-round destination with festivals and fun for every season. In winter, have fun skiing, snowboarding, or tubing on two nearby ski hills. Music on Main is a live celebration every Thursday during summer. Geocachers from all over the globe head to this area for the annual $1000 West Bend Cache Ba$h Mega Event in August.

Must-see attractions:
The Old Courthouse and Jail (GC53BB1) is a standout attraction. Built in 1889, this historic building now houses an outstanding museum with exhibits that tell the story of Washington County from the Ice Age to the Industrial Age including some hands-on interactive exhibits.

The Museum of Wisconsin Art (GC53BBB) houses the largest collection of Wisconsin art, including Milwaukee-born artist Carl von Marr (1858-1936).

Hidden gems only locals know about:
Many locals don’t even know about Shalom Wildlife Zoo, a 100-acre wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to deer, elk, bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, a farm petting zoo, and many other animals. And don’t forget to say hello to brothers Lewis and Clark, a pair of young brown bears that like to show off in front of visitors.

Those who complete the GeoTour Passport receive a special West Bend Four Seasons Geocoin.

Site of Lithia Brewery/Time Capsule (GC53C91) – photo by Ashley Ambur Sanders

What geocachers are saying about South Park GeoTour:
“Made a last-minute decision to drive up for this geocoin challenge with mymowgli today. What a beautiful day of fun caching & great eating! We didn’t have quite enough time to hit all the caches, so we made up for it by taking in some extra meals for our needed points…and the food/hospitality did not disappoint! Thanks much for putting on this geotour/geocoin challenge for us to enjoy!” -ugomaddie

“Completing the West Bend GeoTour this morning before heading back home. I really enjoyed going to all of the historic sites in West Bend. Some I knew but some were new this time around. Top notch tour!” -MoonyMarauder

You can feed the animals at Shalom Wildlife (GC53GBA) – photo by Hack1of2

“A lot of time, thought, and effort was obviously put into the creation of this series, and we wanted to honor that by spending a little bit of time at each location, taking in the surroundings, and learning what we could of the area’s significance….This is turning out to be a great, great series. We are so impressed with West Bend! We’ll be back!” -Hack1of2

Additional Information:
From West Bend, it’s only a 30-minute drive to the oldest geocache in Wisconsin (GC3B1).

The first stop on the tour is the home of the West Bend Chamber of Commerce. Come inside, and the friendly staff will help make your trip a success! For more information about the GeoTour and things to do in West Bend, go to


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) — Geocache of the Week

PicMonkey Collage


Geocache Name:

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) by GR8Caches

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Although this geocache has a relatively nondescript cache page, 253 favorite points in four months do not lie. A well-known childhood toy, some local art, and a bit of a puzzle combine to make a gadget cache well worth the visit. You might have a hard time being discreet when you find it (you’ll be laughing from sheer joy)—but the nearby business owner already knows it’s there. A round of applause to the cache owner for creating such a unique cache hide.

What geocachers have to say:

“So awesome. Definitely one of my favorite caches ever! Thank you so much for this cache. FP.” –tropicaltrish05

“On our way home from the MCBC Geotrail. What a fantastic cache- best one in a long time! This was well thought out and very creative. Just tough enough to make you think for a bit, but not too tough to solve. Both Mrs R & myself enjoyed this one as we both contributed to the solution. Are you guys taking lessons from Professor Tim or are you now teaching the course? Would give this one 5 favorites if we could! Left one of our Pathtags. Thanks for really nice gadget cache.” –rehobch

“If there ever was a cache worthy of to create favorites it would be this one. I admire the creativity that it took to create this cache because it reminded me of my childhood and showed me some historical images. Afterwards we went inside and talked to the owner and checked out his store.” –cooley1103

“What a happy coincidence. We parked in the lot where this is located in order to complete another local cache, and when I switched to nearby caches this one was at the top of the list! It also is near the top of my “really want to find” caches! Had some head scratching and was very happy to see the light! So fun!
A bonus was that hubby got to check out the gallery. If he had his way our home interior would look much like this store! May need to stop by for a very nice gift…1,000 thanks to GR8Caches!” –Invaluable1

“On a business trip from Hawai’i and exploring the area. What an awesome cache! Thanks for bringing us out here!” –Wild Dog Clan

What the cache owner has to say:

How did you come up with the idea for this sort of gadget cache?
One day my wife and I were out caching and having a discussion about putting out a new cache, something really good that we never had done or seen before. We had already used a Lite-Brite for a night cache we have. So we started talking about old toys. Then it hit me why not a view master cache. She looked up online to see if you could have a reel made and sure enough you can. So the view master idea was born. We wanted something that would go with where we put the cache and a way of tying it all in.

We collect civil war art and buy from a local dealer, so we got permission to place the cache at his gallery. We then had to seek permission from the artist for use of his artwork in the view master reel. Lastly I needed to add something cache related to the art and have the reel created. This process took almost a year to complete along with the build.

Do you ever hear about or see muggles checking out the cache?
I have passed by when cachers were doing the cache but have not seen muggles doing it nor heard of a time where they done it.

What’s been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?
The logs have been amazing. It is really satisfying getting logs that are more than TFTC. When you create a cache that is one of a kind it is nice when you get feedback that reinforces the uniqueness of the cache. I really enjoy the logs a great deal.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?
Come do my cache, you will love it.










We know it’s tough…but what’s your absolute favorite gadget cache? Post your photos and stories in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

6 Tips for Hosting a GIFF Weekend Event


GIFF Weekend is on it’s way! From November 5-8, the reel of 16 finalist films from this year’s Geocaching International Film Festival will be played in living rooms, community halls, and even movie theaters around the world.

How to host your own GIFF Event

Find a GIFF Event near You

If your GIFF Weekend event has been published on and you’ve submitted this form, it will be listed in this bookmark list if it’s been approved to receive the GIFF film reel. Once that’s done, check out these 6 tips on hosting a great GIFF movie night!

1. Test Your Equipment!
The Official 2015 GIFF Reel will become available on Monday, Nov. 2nd. If possible, test out the file on the equipment you will be using at your event. Nobody has fun at parties where there are technical difficulties.

2. Engage Your Attendees!
Geocachers go to events to meet other geocachers, share stories, and learn about the game. The GIFF films will certainly achieve these goals, but what is going to make your event special to those in attendance? Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a raffle with geocaching prizes
  • If a GIFF filmmaker is in attendance, invite them to do a Q&A after the screening about their creative process
  • Organize a vote and send the the winning filmmaker something special from your event
  • Wear a banana suit

3. To Announce (Or Not To Announce)?
“Welcome to this GIFF Weekend event! We’ve got 16 great films to watch today, but first, a joke: An ammo can, a bison tube, and a lock-n-lock walk into a bar…” Announcers or emcees can make or break an event. Know someone with the right voice, charisma, and quick-footed-thinking to pull it off? If so, send them a care package and a nicely-written note asking them to be a part of your event. If not, no worries. The GIFF reel includes slides with the title of each upcoming film, as well as a quick intro and outro animation.

4. Make Yourselves Comfortable
You could be hosting your GIFF Weekend event in the Colosseum (seriously, tell us if you are), but the guests who end up watching the show standing in the back for a whole hour aren’t going to care too much about the view. Make sure you provide adequate seating at your event or ask your guests to bring their own. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Bean bags, yoga mats, and mattresses are all good options. Large, fluffy, amiable dogs make for good backrests.

5. Let There Be Snacks
Research indicates that eating popcorn stimulates the part of the body that makes you want to eat more popcorn. As every completely objective third-party outsider would agree, popcorn is basically the best way a person can consume corn. It’s fairly healthy (sans globules of butter) and lends itself to being coated with herbs and spices. Want to make things interesting? Try sprinkling nutritional yeast on your popcorn for a cheesy yet surprisingly dairy-free flavor.

6. Know The Films
Here is the list of finalist films, geocacher names and countries they’re from, and order they screen in:

Florida, United States

Travel Bug Story
Québec, Canada

GeocahINg Xisto
Aveiro, Portugal

Cornwall, United Kingdom

12 Tips on Geocaching
Hanoi, Vietnam

Why We Geocache
California, United States

Geocaching Infomercial
Wyoming, United States

GCTransAlps – Aint No Mountain High Enough
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Geo-Caching Freak
Team Motherfarmer
British Columbia, Canada

Geocaching Adventure in Hakodate
Osaka, Japan

The Future of Geocaching
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Northampton, United Kingdom

Bucharest, Romania

Lat&Long Junkie and PigWig2
Queensland, Australia

Hoochie Coochie Man
Maltepe, Turkey

How to Geocache like a Ballerina
California, United States

What other tips do you have for GIFF Weekend event hosts? Share yours and we’ll add them to the list!


Celebrities who Geocache

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