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There Are Geocachers Among Us…And They’re Amazing

Let’s begin by saying that all three of the geocachers nominated for October’s Geocacher of the Month are worthy of the title.


If you’re reading this, you can count yourself lucky to be playing the same game as them, and even luckier if you happen to meet one of them. Because frankly…Pudsemand og kone, DrJay, and Capt Biggins are amazing.

They may geocache differently and in opposite corners of the world, but they share an undeniable love for the game and for the players, and they show it too. You let us know who you think deserves the honor, and we listened. But first, the candidates:

Pudsemand og kone

Pudsemand og kone

Pudsemand og kone are a caching couple from Denmark. You only need to look the comments that came in for these two, to know that they love meeting other geocachers. Peterpro commented, “They have made some of the best events we have ever attended. They are always helping if an experienced or newbie geocacher has a question or needs help. They invite every geocacher they meet into their home and some of our best cache experiences have been created by Tina and Henrik, that goes for puzzle, challenge, kids friendly, D5 and nightcaches. Deeply from our hearts they deserve the honor to be ‘Geocacher of the Month’.” Another voter says, “Tina and Henrik have a great “Let’s just do it”-spirit, that brought us a lot of caches and events. that stand out among others, and have made them famous all over Denmark.”







DrJay is a geocacher from the state of Utah, and he’s definitely at the top of his game in terms of geocaching statistics (did we mention a streak of 2,837 days? Quite possibly one of the longest streaks ever). Says MountainHikerUT, “He has kept the Utah Association of Geocachers alive by taking over the reins when no one else wanted to. For the last few years he has continued the tradition of holding the annual UTAG Spring and Fall Events and has traveled hundreds of miles to make sure that these events are held in all parts of the state.” To add to that, Kyle Clements says, “The first time we met DrJay was in the middle of the night digging through weeds at the dead end of a road just a few miles from where we live. Turns out that FTF marked the 7th anniversary since he started his daily caching streak! Since that day we have had many an encounter with DrJay including FTF run-ins and local caching events. He’s practically a stand-up comedian running local events, and helps make sure everyone has a good time.”




Capt Biggins

Capt Biggins

Capt Biggins, according to many, is “an incredible friend who puts his heart into geocaching. He will be there for anyone at anytime. He is a true GEOCACHER. He absolutely loves sharing this passion with others. At any opportunity, he is talking to others about geocaching. He makes caching fun and enjoyable. I have cached with Capt Biggins may times and it has been a true honor knowing someone of his caliber.” And trust us…he’s made a lot of geocaching friends. Another geocacher says, “I always look forward to seeing this kind cacher, at an event or in the bush. He is an asset to our local (ok…. not so local, nearly state-wide) caching community.”




Even with the greatness of all three geocachers, there can only be one winner. October’s Geocacher of the Month is…



Your newest Geocacher of the Month

Your newest Geocacher of the Month

There’s no doubt that this geocacher puts his heart and soul into everything that is geocaching. If you’re in south Florida–heck, if you’re anywhere in Florida–Capt Biggins might just be your go-to guy if you’re in need of geocaching advice. Cathie Bailey says of him, “Capt. Biggins is not only an avid and accomplished geocacher, he is a generously kind person. He helped out my family and I when we were new to the sport, and he makes himself available to teach the techniques, gps use, hiding and seeking of the caches, and purchasing or making the necessary equipment. He is most deserving of this honor on any given month, and this one is as good as any.”


Geocaching is exciting when caves are involved.

Capt Biggins is a geocacher with a big heart. Valeria sings his praises: “[Capt Biggins is] a fantastic ‘cacher who recently designed a gorgeous tag to help a fellow ‘cacher raise money to take care of unexpected expenses she has incurred since her MS diagnoses this year including a major relapse this summer which has left her unable to stand or walk.”


He’s a tree-hugger too!

Capt Biggins’ helpfulness isn’t limited to in-person interactions, either. One geocacher, Stefan, “was a Tourist in Florida last three weeks. Before the trip I asked questions on a forum for cachers in that area. Cpt. Biggins ALWAYS answered with in helpful way. And in a friendly and funny way too. A real geocacher ambassador.”

Based on the comments we saw in our nominations post, Capt Biggins is the reason why a lot of geocachers started geocaching…and the reason why a number of them keep on doing it.

Congratulations Capt Biggins!

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin.

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin.

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform.


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A Cacophony of Creepy Caches – MEGA HERTZ (GC5ENHH) – Geocache of the Week

One brave geocacher finds MEGA HERTZ. Photo by Pebbles&Co

One brave geocacher finds MEGA HERTZ. Photo by Pebbles&Co

Geocache Name:



Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Every year a group of Halloween aficionados hold and exciting—and terrifying—event in the UK. Along with each event comes a plethora of geocaches that are designed to make geocachers scream—and hand out their Favorite Points. Not only are these geocaches frightening, they’re also extremely well-built and designed. Since tomorrow is Halloween, it seemed only fitting to award one of these the Geocache of the Week, but also feature a few of the others. Although the event is over and some of the more expensive parts of the geocaches have been put away, geocachers are still able to make the find and earn their smileys at these locations. Check out a few of the other geocaches:


Maiden Northampton (GC5ENK)

Thriller! (GC5ENHQ)


What geocachers are saying:

“Fantastic caches and a great day out meeting LOADS of new friends,still aching but they are just reminders of a great day. TFTC.
Brilliant just brilliant” – siluspoker

“Oh my goodness, this one frightened the life out of us last year and it’s still the best cache ever!! We stood for ages just marvelling at it while others came up and signed the logs.” – Southalls

“Excellent caches once again. Great to see the return of MEGA HERTZ and the addition of Megaphobia was a real treat.  You guys have outdone yourselves again. Roll on next year.” – Pipesy




MEGA HERTZ is pretty creepy even when it's still. Imagine when the tech kicks in. Photo by geocacher Pebbles&Co

MEGA HERTZ is pretty creepy even when it’s still. Imagine when the tech kicks in. Photo by geocacher Pebbles&Co

Maiden Northhampton can cause quite a fright! Photo by geocacher Pebbles&Co

Maiden Northhampton can cause quite a fright! Photo by geocacher Pebbles&Co

MEGAPHOBIA is basically a large-scale version of my nightmare. Photo by geocacher stooby

MEGAPHOBIA is basically a large-scale version of my nightmare. Photo by geocacher stooby

How have you celebrated Halloween through geocaching? Tell us and post photos in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

The Travel Bug that Survived a Wildfire

The TB that Lived

The TB that Lived

When CarpeCrew and #36 set out in search of GC3CZ72, they weren’t expecting to find anything. The geocache was placed in February of 2012, on National Forest land just northwest of Colorado Springs. 13 finds and four months later, the Waldo Canyon Fire tore through the region. It was one of the most destructive fires in the state’s history. There was little to indicate that the geocache had survived—no finds, no DNFs, no comment from the geocache owner.


Two years later, a forest road near where the geocache was placed was reopened, and CarpeCrew and #36, saw their chance to explore the area, visit an old personal landmark, and perhaps find an EarthCache in honor of International EarthCache Day. When they saw that GC3CZ72 was supposed to be nearby, they took a chance and trotted toward where their phones were putting it.

A forest rising from the ashes.

A forest rising from the ashes.

And there it was…right on the spot. The charred and blackened ammo can was spotted and opened, though not without a bit of difficulty. The identifiable geocache inventory was as follows:

  • Charred remains of a logbook (visible in the photo)
  • Several key rings
  • Pens and pencils
  • A button that belonged to a local geocacher
  • A charred and pockmarked Travel Bug tag
The somewhat intact remains of GC3CZ72.

The somewhat intact remains of GC3CZ72.

After a full treatment of sprite, baking soda, and vinegar, the Travel Bug’s tracking code was almost complete. It only took a few guesses as to what the last number could be, for the TB to reveal itself. CarpeCrew and #36 posted their story to the Geocaching Colorado – GCCO Facebook page, immediately generating dozens of comments from other geocachers.

The bug had originally been placed in a geocache in Colorado Springs in 2007. At the time, it contained the clues to a Mystery Cache in Colorado Springs. That Mystery Cache has since been archived, and the original owner of the TB doesn’t play much anymore.

CarpeCrew and #36 have yet to decide what they’re going to do with the trackable, but re-releasing it into a geocache nearby is definitely an option. So unless this was an elaborate experiment to test what type of trackable was the sturdiest, we think this was one lucky Travel Bug. Keep an eye out for it if you’re geocaching in Colorado in the next few weeks…and if you’re concerned about the fire safety of your trackable, a TB tag might be a good investment. ;)


Tips for a Spooky Geocaching Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and just because you’re a little too old to go trick-or-treating, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frighteningly good time. . You might carve a pumpkin with a geocaching theme, or dress up as your favorite Geocaching Trackable and let other geocachers discover you. There’s always a way to add a little geocaching to the spookiest of holidays.

Here are a few ideas to have a haunting geocaching experience:


  • Find a spooky geocache, , like GC5CZTZ or GC11JM6

  • Have a Halloween-themed geocaching event.

  • Dress up as your favorite geocaching-related item.

  • Find a Night Cache.

  • Create a geocache-themed scavenger hunt for your trick-or-treaters.

Have a Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to share your geocaching costumes and spooky geocaches on the Geocaching Facebook page.


Sometimes a costume is as easy as going as your favorite geocoin 


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