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Interviews With Geocaching Filmmakers – Part 1

We’ll begin this week with some exciting news: for the first time, all 16 geocaching films from the 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival are available to watch at the click of a button. (Hear that? It’s the sound of 2 million of geocachers cheering).

They’ve made their rounds at select mega events around the world, but now it’s your turn to pop the popcorn, fluff the couch pillows, and soak in the awesomeness of these 16 films. And hey, why not invite your closest geocaching friends over for a viewing party while you’re at it?

Watch the full films and decide which should receive the Global GIFF Audience Award here:

Mailer_02162015_GlobalAudienceAward_vFINAL_Blog2ndArticle (1)

Whet your appetite for adventure with these exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the geocachers who captured the essence of geocaching and shared it with all.

C9 H13 NO3 (Adrenaline)

A film by Peter! | Portugal

“C9 H13 NO3 is the molecule formula for adrenaline, and this film is all about that. Ready for a real geocaching adventure?”


007 adrenaline

Who or what inspired this film?
I was inspired and challenged by me, and only by me. I’m an adrenaline junkie, and I use all the excuses that I can get just to go to a radical geocache. I have some training with ropes, and some other sports, so it’s easy to me to grab my material, a couple of friends and go out to film it.

How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?
This is almost a one man show. One GoPro (or two or three sometimes), some ropes, bikes, helmets and other gear, one GPS equiped with the best caches, and let’s go. I already have some training and professional works in the audiovisuals area, and with my training with ropes, good friends and a lot of adrenaline, I produced this movie.

Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?
In one of the scenes that you can see in the film, I have a little accident with my GoPro, when diving into a lake… my GoPro jumps off my head during the dive, and hits me in the nose. The result…a small cut, with lots of blood, but nothing serious. 2 minutes later, I was already inside the cave logging the cache.

If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?
Try to reach a geocache in a different way and experience some adrenaline so you can have a different day of geocaching.

What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?
Safety comes first. Always. Don’t try to do some of these adventures without the proper knowledge and with the right gear. If you don’t know how to edit a movie, use YouTube. You have lot’s of tutorials for free online. What you show to the viewers is more important that the edit itself. Great shots don’t need a great editing. Just try it.

What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?
The possibility to show more footage that I have, with lots of great caches. 


La Busqueda (The Search)

A film by nitesco | Puerto Rico

“A novel editor is fired from his job and launched into the unknown world of unemployment. Soon after, he is told about Geocaching and decides to try it out as a way to get out of the house and try new things. What he finds changes his life forever.”


005 busqueda still

Who or what inspired this film?
It was a mixture of personal experiences and a fictional idea I had in my mind.

How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?
The team was pretty easy to assemble, since it consisted only of me. I wrote the film, worked to keep the camera as in-focus as possible, framed the picture and then tried my best to act it out. Then, I sat down and edited into a 4 minute film.

Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?
If you can call trying to keep a frame in-focus under a 100 degree Puerto Rican sun without a monitor or LCD viewfinder challenging, then I would put that in here. ;-)

If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?
Go out, try new things, discover.

What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?
If you have an idea then do not let anything stop you. In this day and age, even cellphones can record good footage for a film.

What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?
I am excited to see the films that are going to be submitted and the crazy adventures that people go on with their films!


Geocaching in Canada

A film by TheBarnSwallows | Canada

“In such a large country, there are so many places to visit, so many beautiful places to see, and of course many great geocaches to find.”


004 Canada still

Who or what inspired this film?
(No answer given)

How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?
With the film being a compilation of adventures, most of the stars of the film are the great geocachers located in the Greater Toronto Area, and the GHMGC (Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club). Each month the GHMGC group will get together and explore a new area full of exciting caches. We have a great time socializing, hiking, eating home baked treats, and finding lots of geocaches.

Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?
The most memorable footage to go through while choosing what to include in the film was the snow section. Some of our winter hikes were in very deep snow, so there was a lot of slipping, tripping, and falling.

If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?
Choose your own adventure, there are lots of different ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?
Have fun! I did not expect to be a finalist while putting this film together, I made it for my enjoyment and to share with my friends and family to show what I get up to out there in the woods all the time.

What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?
I am excited to see what other geocachers can come up with to share their own adventures.


The Ubercache

A film by Duck Muscle | USA

“Found footage from a disposable video camera hidden in a five gallon paint bucket in Central Park.”

002 ubercache still

Who or what inspired this film?
The abundance of micros and nanos throughout New York.

How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?
Just me and a slew of Ubercache video logs.

Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?
The Ubercache was confiscated by the Central Park staff, so I thought the video camera in the cache was lost forever. However, they let me remove the cache rather than trashing it, so I got the camera back.

If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?
Geocachers are a family willing to share their fun with others.

What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?
Always experiment. You never know what’ll come of it.

What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?
More films!

How to Geocache in Thailand

A film by RazMcCaz | USA

When a Geocache search goes awry, filmmakers Dacia Saenz and Sara McCaslin stop at nothing to recover the cache.


010 Geocaching Thailand STILL

Who or what inspired this film?
Dacia was teaching me (Sara) how to geocache for the first time during a trip to Thailand. We thought it would make for a quick shot during our larger film project. Little did we know it’d turn into a comedy of errors.

How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?
Dacia and I were on a filmmaking trip to Thailand for another project called The Cost of Gender. See it here:

Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?
Our short is really all about failing and trying again at getting a seemingly “easy” cache. The guys who help us at the end are motorcycle taxi drivers who had been watching us with amusement and just came over to help, which is a lovely thing about Thai culture. It was certainly a “stealth” fail.

If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?
Never give up!!

What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?
Ask yourself, what’s the story you’re trying to tell? Every well-made film has focused story, conflict, resolution and great characters.

What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?
We’re excited to hone our craft now that we’ve seen so many other amazing Geocaching filmmakers’ work!

That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for our next round of interviews with geocaching filmmakers on February 18th, 2015, where we’ll get a look at arguably the funniest geocaching videos around.

Think your geocaching film has what it takes to have geocaching audiences cheering in approval? Visit the GIFF 2015  and find out how to enter!

Three Cheers for January’s Geocacher of the Month Nominees

Each month, the global geocaching community meets three outstanding geocachers. As part of this community, your task is to help decide which one will be known forevermore as a Geocacher of the Month.

These exceptional people stand out among others for their demonstrated dedication to the game we all love. If you’re lucky enough to someday meet one of them, give ‘em a high five. Each of the nominees below will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle, but only one will be the next Geocacher of the Month. A  panel from Geocaching HQ will use your comments, community input and other data to decide the winner.

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month. Write a supportive comment below for the nominated geocacher you feel should be awarded the title.



0820de7c-38b3-4c79-a028-656dc0c33c36Timpat is known in the New York geocaching community for his impressive hides, supportive nature, and extensive GPS and mapping expertise. With nearly 10,000 finds and 400 hides, he is a true inspiration to all. Not to mention, his kayak geocaches are amazing.

Renmin says, “Impressively, he records tracks on his GPS as he travels unknown trails. He  converts them to a map file to share with others to use on their gps units. He also has supplied local preserves with trail maps of their land to which they use at the kiosks for any who hike them. Through his volunteer work in helping these preserves with better maps, he has been able to put a good face on the local geocaching community.”



family Behrens

3b0c2482-8303-4ef9-b4f6-0db9a4c1e10cDescribed as “the ultimate geocacher”, family Behrens (aka FB) has helped geocaching bloom in South Africa. He is known in the local geocaching community for his creative and challenging geocaches (all 88 of them) and for his well-organized, highly attended CITO events.

Earnst Gucken states, “In short “family Behrens” has become somewhat of a legend in our neck of the woods. family Behrens is always trying to encourage others to hide their own geocaches. He does this by leaving his micro trademark cache containers in other larger containers, with a note attached; urging others to take his container and place it. He even adds basic instructions to help a novice CO.”





Koouye is recognized throughout the Belgium geocaching community for being a dynamic, passionate, and devoted geocacher. He is a social butterfly, known for hosting great events and for attending other’s events (133 so far!)  With over 7,000 geocaches and 161 hides, he is a geocaching pro.

According to TREGASTEL, “Koouye has an engaging personality. He does not hesitate to share his passion with new geocachers and give them valuable advice. Many creative geocaches were hidden by Koouye which has helped spearhead geocaching in the area.”





Comment below to tell us who you think should be the January Geocacher of the Month. Comments accepted through through February 25th.


If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform.

It’s the Same Old Story: Romancing the Geocacher

It’s the same old story.

Boy meets Girl. Boy takes Girl geocaching. Boy falls in love with Girl. Girl falls in love with geocaching. Eventually also warms up to Boy. Here are the 13 dates that made up this imaginary geocaching love story. This is a fictional account, so, basically steal any tips you find here to make your own moves on your potential geo-crush.




TamsinTugboat and I found this one on our walk through Discovery Park. I got us to GZ, but she
made the find (her first). Had a really great time, hope she did as well.
(Haven’t read her log yet…here’s crossing my fingers).  





Cheers to making this incredibly tricky D3 cache my fifteenth! RusselltheSpaceman and I
spent the good portion of Sunday afternoon looking for this one. We gave up several times
and decided to re-energize with fresh pears from Pike’s Place Market. He convinced me
to try this really odd looking peanut butter drink. After that feat, finding this cache among all the
red-herrings was a  piece of…gum!





Time to spice things up with some good ‘ole EarthCaches. Thanks for bringing
TamsinTugboat and I to this part of the world. Despite living across the water from it,
neither of us have made it out to Bainbridge Island very often. We had a heck of a time
figuring out whether this was glacial till, outwash, or silts and clays…but
guess who’s taken at least one geology course in college? (Hint, of the
two of us, it’s the prettier one.)





Let’s get one thing straight—I was not the one to suggest this 4am hike up Sun Top Mountain. 
RusselltheSpaceman thought it would be “appropriate” to get to the top at sunrise, given
the name of the mountain. I thought it would be appropriate to sleep in. 
Guess who thought wrong?
‘Twas a beautiful hike, I’ll admit, and this geocache was a worthy reward. TFTC. 




GCPWDY (among others)

If a 4am hike to a geocache on top of a mountain to reach a ‘cache didn’t discourage
TamsinTugboat, I think it’s safe to say she’s hooked on geocaching. She came on this
three-day camping trip in the Cascades with me, so things must be going well. This cache 
our fourth find of the trip, and the first island cache for both of us. The swim
was frigid, but there was no getting around that. Thanks for the T4 ‘cache!





Geocaching Headquarters on the eighth date?! Smooth move, my friend. Smooth move. 





I reached GZ with TamsinTugboat. We weren’t sure what to expect from a 
Terrain 4 cache in the middle of a residential neighborhood. If we’d known we’d be 
climbing this pine, we probably wouldn’t have worn flip-flops. Okay, so shoes off, and 
up the tree we went, barefoot as Mowgli. Due to technical restrictions, we each 
went up separately, but I caught this shot of TamsinTugboat waiting patiently for me to 
get over my vertigo and climb down. 





It was bound to happen eventually — the dreaded DNF. According to RusselltheSpaceman,
the streak of 45 finds and 0 DNFs we had going was unusual. Even when you know
you’ll have to DNF eventually, it’s hard to accept. But it’s a bit easier to accept when you’re 
with a friend. 





First Geocaching Mega event! TamsinTugboat and I took a road trip up to Saskatchewan 
to attend this awesome event. Met so many other nice folks and found over twenty geocaches.
She’s almost caught up to me (has someone been geocaching alone on the side?!).





We came back to the park where we found our first cache to celebrate our 100th find together!
this was my 140th find and RusselltheSpaceman’s 132nd find, but who’s
counting? Well, I am of course.) This EarthCache took us to the stunning sea bluffs at the edge
of Discovery Park, and as luck would have it the weather was gorgeous. From GZ we could 
see the little lighthouse at West Point. I’d love to someday restore that old lighthouse to
live in. Beautiful buildings like that deserve loving inhabitants.  Answers to the required
questions have been sent off to the cache owner.  We’re
both crossing our fingers on this one. 


Take a 32-Stage Journey Through Central Park — Bridges & Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1) — Geocache of the Week Video Edition



Geocache Name:

Bridges & Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

If you haven’t yet, watch the video above. This geocache is an epic, 32-stage multi-cache that takes you on a journey through Central Park in New York City, NY, USA. The stages of this multi-cache focus on the park’s bridges and arches, which are beautifully crafted but often overlooked. Waiting at the final stage for the intrepid geocachers who make it there is a custom-designed geocoin to commemorate their journey.


What geocachers are saying:

“This cache was incredible. It took my son and I three trips starting from September to hit all the points. Finding the rock and coin gave us a great memory of a fun adventure. Thank you very much for this.” – teamtrimble13

“Yay! WooHoo! What a cache, what an adventure! This probably is my biggest personal geocaching achievement. Loved it! I really enjoyed discovering Central Park and the many many ‘hidden’ trails. There is so much to see, I had no idea. Favorite point for sure!!!!” – wanderlusta

“Fantastic, must-do, classic cache! Having placed nothing but the final on this prime real estate, the CO has created a wonderfully researched experience that will delight any explorer, young and old. This cache, unlike any other cache visited, convinced my muggle friend, Tinstaafl2, to create an account and finally join the game.” – Baxter929


What the geocache owner, addisonbr, has to say:

“…At some point while roaming around the park I stumbled across the fact that no two bridges in the original design are alike.  We had just started hiding our first caches a few months earlier, and I thought that maybe the bridges and arches could form the backbone of a pretty interesting tour.  I started paying more attention to them while in the park, reading up on them, etc.  I found some out-of-print books that had a lot of background information and details about Olmsted and Vaux’s original designs and started making some trips out to scout them, sketching out some descriptions, looking for information that cachers could retrieve from each site (and that could combine to form coordinates).  After coming up with a route, I play-tested it a few times to see how long it would take (and make sure that I hadn’t made any errors).  It seemed like it was going to take most people 4-6 hours or so, which is on the long side, but I hoped that if I gave people something interesting to read between waypoints it might not seem so bad.
…My biggest concern was that the cache would take too long for people to really enjoy it.  Whenever I play-tested it, I was pretty wiped out by the time I got to the end, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out for other people.  When you publish a cache you’re kind of asking people to trust you with their time, and if your cache takes several hours – it just felt like a lot of responsibility.  I was mostly hoping that when people got to the end they wouldn’t feel irritated about all the time they invested writing down numbers and making calculations and otherwise jumping through all of the hoops they’d been jumping through all day.  Then after it was published and the logs finally started coming in… a tremendous sense of relief.  I always read every word of every log that hits my inbox and it’s heartening that people will take so much time to write as much as they do about their experiences.

Especially for people who attempt this cache while visiting New York – thank you for trusting me with so much of your vacation!”


Bridges, arches and geocaching, #2. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy

Bridges, arches and geocaching, #2. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy

Bridges, arches and geocaching, #1. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy

Bridges, arches and geocaching, #1. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy

One of the parks many cool bridges. Photo by geocacher guinea gal

One of the parks many cool bridges. Photo by geocacher guinea gal

Two happy geocachers on their way. Photo by geocacher ChrisAtLarge

Two happy geocachers on their way. Photo by geocacher ChrisAtLarge


What’s the best Multi-Cache you’ve ever found? Tell us and post photos in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

Your Path to Platinum EarthCaching


earthcache platinum

Written by: Gary Lewis, Senior Director of Education and Outreach, The Geological Society of America

EarthCaching is different – while part of your geocaching experience, it involves a lot more than finding, logging and replacing a physical geocache.  A visit to an EarthCache involves a lesson, a opportunity to think, discuss and ponder and a chance to be rewarded with achievements beyond your number of finds.


Garden of the Gods Earthcache GCND0E

EarthCaching started in January 2004 when I placed the first EarthCache with my daughter on a headland in southern Australia.  My goal was to teach geocachers more about the wonderful geology of our planet.  So Earthcaches involve you visiting a site and undertaking a logging task that teaches you some aspect of geology related to what you see.   There are now over 18,000 active EarthCaches around the globe – and at least one on every continent!

Can you name this EarthCache? Do so in comments below!

Can you name this EarthCache? Do so in comments below!

I realized early on that the effort required to place an EarthCache needed to be rewarded.  On top of the normal geocache needs, an  EarthCaches require some research and planning to meet the guidelines. Out of that realization was born the EarthCache Masters Program – which rewards caters for visiting and placing EarthCaches.

The genius of the EarthCache Masters Program is that it’s quite simple.

  • The first level, Bronze, requires you to visit and log three EarthCaches.  The trick is, those three EarthCaches  cannot be in the same state/province/country. We want you to travel to experience the geology away from your home location.
  • The next level, Silver, requires you to visit and log six EarthCaches and develop and have published one EarthCache. So after you have visited a handful of EarthCaches you get rewarded for the effort you put into having your very own EarthCache published by the Geoaware team.
Can you name this EarthCache? Do so in comment below!

Can you name this EarthCache? Do so in comment below!


  • Beyond this the levels are Gold (visit 12, create 2)
  • Platinum (visit 20, create 3).

You record your efforts via the EarthCache website here and are rewarded by an icon you can place on the profile page.  You can even buy Masters coins.

Being an EarthCache Master shows the community that you are not only committed to learning about our Earth, but committed to having even more fun geocaching!

Here’s my challenge. Lets see if we can’t double the number of people who are at each of the EarthCache Masters levels by International EarthCache Day (Sunday 11 October)  this year. You have more than 18,000 EarthCaches to choose from to start!

Current Number of EarthCache Masters by Level

Bronze     = 14122

Silver        = 3731

Gold          = 2086

Platinum  = 1678


TOTAL = 21617


Can you guess this EarthCache location? Do so in comments below.

Can you guess this EarthCache location? Do so in comments below.


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