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The Travel Bug that Survived a Wildfire

The TB that Lived

The TB that Lived

When CarpeCrew and #36 set out in search of GC3CZ72, they weren’t expecting to find anything. The geocache was placed in February of 2012, on National Forest land just northwest of Colorado Springs. 13 finds and four months later, the Waldo Canyon Fire tore through the region. It was one of the most destructive fires in the state’s history. There was little to indicate that the geocache had survived—no finds, no DNFs, no comment from the geocache owner.


Two years later, a forest road near where the geocache was placed was reopened, and CarpeCrew and #36, saw their chance to explore the area, visit an old personal landmark, and perhaps find an EarthCache in honor of International EarthCache Day. When they saw that GC3CZ72 was supposed to be nearby, they took a chance and trotted toward where their phones were putting it.

A forest rising from the ashes.

A forest rising from the ashes.

And there it was…right on the spot. The charred and blackened ammo can was spotted and opened, though not without a bit of difficulty. The identifiable geocache inventory was as follows:

  • Charred remains of a logbook (visible in the photo)
  • Several key rings
  • Pens and pencils
  • A button that belonged to a local geocacher
  • A charred and pockmarked Travel Bug tag
The somewhat intact remains of GC3CZ72.

The somewhat intact remains of GC3CZ72.

After a full treatment of sprite, baking soda, and vinegar, the Travel Bug’s tracking code was almost complete. It only took a few guesses as to what the last number could be, for the TB to reveal itself. CarpeCrew and #36 posted their story to the Geocaching Colorado – GCCO Facebook page, immediately generating dozens of comments from other geocachers.

The bug had originally been placed in a geocache in Colorado Springs in 2007. At the time, it contained the clues to a Mystery Cache in Colorado Springs. That Mystery Cache has since been archived, and the original owner of the TB doesn’t play much anymore.

CarpeCrew and #36 have yet to decide what they’re going to do with the trackable, but re-releasing it into a geocache nearby is definitely an option. So unless this was an elaborate experiment to test what type of trackable was the sturdiest, we think this was one lucky Travel Bug. Keep an eye out for it if you’re geocaching in Colorado in the next few weeks…and if you’re concerned about the fire safety of your trackable, a TB tag might be a good investment. ;)


Tips for a Spooky Geocaching Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and just because you’re a little too old to go trick-or-treating, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frighteningly good time. . You might carve a pumpkin with a geocaching theme, or dress up as your favorite Geocaching Trackable and let other geocachers discover you. There’s always a way to add a little geocaching to the spookiest of holidays.

Here are a few ideas to have a haunting geocaching experience:


  • Find a spooky geocache, , like GC5CZTZ or GC11JM6

  • Have a Halloween-themed geocaching event.

  • Dress up as your favorite geocaching-related item.

  • Find a Night Cache.

  • Create a geocache-themed scavenger hunt for your trick-or-treaters.

Have a Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to share your geocaching costumes and spooky geocaches on the Geocaching Facebook page.


Sometimes a costume is as easy as going as your favorite geocoin 


Create a geocache with spare change. – Deja Vu? (GC5F41G) – Geocache of the Week


Geocache Name:

Deja Vu? (GC5F41G)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

When I first saw this geocache in a post on /r/geocaching, I knew it had to be a Geocache of the Week. The work and creativity that went into it was incredible, not to mention, it had already won an award during a local event. However, a few weeks later, I visited the geocache’s page to gather some info only to find that it had been archived! Drats! Luckily, it was only to change to its current location. Phew! The idea for this geocache is pretty ingenious and creates a great experience for any geocacher who finds it.

What the geocache owner, The Geers, has to say:

We had a jar of pennies and one day I just randomly thought of making an image with the different colours of the pennies and naturally make it into a geocache…While we were in Cologne, Germany on vacation in June, we went to a flea market and saw some old iron locks which we thought would be really cool to use in a cache. A few weeks later, I made the connection between the locks and the pennies in that they were both magnetic (or at least some of the pennies were) and decided to make it a puzzle where the cacher had to use a magnet to find the magnetic pennies of which one would hold the key. After that it was a lot of drawings, trips to Home Depot, and construction and of course coming up with a name and a location. So all in all the whole project took about 3 – 4 months.

I very much enjoyed the logs that people wrote, especially in connection with the CCAR event because we were doing it as well. So by reading the logs as they came in throughout the day, it was such a neat experience to see the different situations that the cache went through…Even a few days after the event, I very much enjoyed reading the comments from cachers who decided to find it after talking to other cachers or after they saw it on Reddit. Getting the favorite points was nice and winning the CCAR category was pretty awesome, but it was the logs that really made it worth all the effort.

To the geocaching community: Making a bigger, more creative, and more involved geocache is a very exciting experience and the response you get from people finding and solving it definitely makes it worth the effort! Just make sure you put it in a safe place so that geocachers can enjoy it for a long, long time!

What geocachers are saying:

“I decided to make the short drive to the cache site this evening and certainly wasn’t disappointed with the cache. Simply a well thought out idea, design and constructed cache – TFTH and challenge!” – Sleepy_hollow

“Arriving near gz, we made short work of the first level of defences and moved onto the second. This one proved a bit harder than necessary for Daddy Duck as he was in full pirate mode and thought he had to pick the lock with the hook. Once that was figured out, success was had and thanks to the instructions everything was put back nice and tidy. Loved the symbol as well!” – Dancing Ducklings

“Really Really neat Cache. Noticed there were a lot that were not magnetic. Took awhile to find the right one. My favourite cache ever!!!!!!!” – Ewok Cacher


From the outside, it just looks like a normal box. Photo courtesy of the CO.

From the outside, it just looks like a normal box. Photo courtesy of the CO.

It comes with instructions. Photo courtesy of the CO.

It comes with instructions. Photo courtesy of the CO.

Penny or key? Why not both? Photo courtesy of the CO.

Penny or key? Why not both? Photo courtesy of the CO.

Find the key to unlock the geocache. Photo courtesy of the CO.

Find the key to unlock the geocache. Photo courtesy of the CO.

What geocache has been your favorite find in the past month? Tell us and post photos in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

October Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comment

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin (sun flare optional)

You know you’re a geocacher if…


  • You talk to into your GPS as if it’s a cell phone when a muggle walks by…
  • The 1 Dollar/Euro store makes you happier than Disneyland…
  • You’ve been to a CITO event (Cache In, Trash Out), and…
  • You’ve been nominated for Geocacher of the Month!

This month, these three awesome people know for certain that they’re geocachers (in case they had any doubts before).

Here’s your opportunity to  help decide who will take home the earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (at left). Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition geocoin, a hat and profile icon. They’ll also receive a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of

Capt Biggins

Known as Capt Biggins, The Capt, or sometimes simply Bill, this geocacher is a great asset to the local geocachers of the Tampa Bay area. “First and foremost,” says geocacher oldrocknmetal, “Capt Biggins holds an annual Cache In, Trash Out (CITO) event on a mile of beach that he has adopted in Pinellas County. These CITOs are cherished by the residents and county personnel alike. In 2013, he even set up 31 events for the month of August so everyone had the opportunity to get all the souvenirs. Capt Biggins has a big heart too. He has created travel bugs in which all the proceeds go to a geocacher with MS. He has aso created a petition to try to bring the GPS Adventures Exhibit to the area. And of course, The Captain is a wealth of information for the geocaching world.Anything from hiding a cache to creating a cache page to hosting an event to locating a specific Geocoin, Bill is your go-to guy.”


Pudsemand og kone

Pudsemand & Kone, also known as Henrik and Tina, are “one-of-a-kind-cachers”, and not just because they attended the first geocaching Giga event this year. Geocacher hvidhoej says, they “are the most social, friendly, nice, caring, happy geocachers I’ve ever met. They arrange 3 to 4 events every year opening their private homes to up to 200 geocachers. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other ‘cachers, to talk geocaching and have a nice time. And the events are always successful, with many new and interesting caches in all categories from kid friendly to D5/T5. If I am ever in need of a good geo-advice or in geo-trouble they are always there for me and others.”




DrJay started geocaching in 2005 and is approaching an impressive 9500 finds, but the contribution he makes to his local geocaching community is even more impressive. According to geocacher firennice, “DrJay is one of those cachers who works as hard at caching, as he does at work. He has taken the reigns of our local geocaching organization and makes sure that we have had events every spring and fall for the last few years…dragging BBQ grills, and food to them all. He always takes the time to visit and answer questions with new cachers. Help them with ideas, and give them advice on what they can do to enjoy caching even more.


Comment below to tell us who you think should be the October Geocacher of the Month. Vote by October 31st. 

If your nominee wasn’t recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We’re always looking for the next Geocacher of the Month. To nominate a geocacher,

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform. You’ll need to include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
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Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Nominations for the next Featured Geocacher of the Month should be received by November 15th. Once Geocaching HQ has received the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so that we might learn from each other.

Exploring Belize and Guatemala One Geocache at a Time

Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

 Whenever you get the chance to travel somewhere new, do it. If you add geocaching to the mix, trips become even more adventurous and rewarding. I had the opportunity to travel to Central America  and explore two fascinating and beautiful countries: Belize and Guatemala. Along the way, I geocached underwater, through a rainforest and next to a smoking active volcano.  Here are six amazing geocaches that I found and believe all geocachers should add to their bucket list.

First stop was in Belize where the people are friendly, the way of life is chiller than an ice cube, and the geocaching is a blast. There are only 110 active geocaches in the entire country of Belize (yes that’s right, 110.)


  1. Kerstin and Melanie go deep (GC4V72V)-  Caye Caulker, Belize

The small island of Caye Caulker is the perfect place to sit back, grab a beer, and truly relax.  Home to only a few geocaches, you’ll be able to track down all of them in one day if you’re up for it. The only way to get around the small island is by bike or golf cart but bike is the preferred method.

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker, Belize

GC4V72V requires swimming and complete discretion. This geocache is located at the famous “Split” where many locals and travelers alike swim and hang out. This can also be a challenging one (T2/D4 to be exact).



  1. The Best Guide Cache (GC324GD)- San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is an amazing and unexpected treat tucked away in the rainforest. This little town in the Cayo district has some of the best day trips right outside the town. You can explore the nearby Mayan ruins, journey through ancient caves (ATM is a must-do!), and soak in the beautiful rainforest.

Cahal Pech in San Ignacio

Cahal Pech in San Ignacio

You may have to walk 1.5 miles to find GC324G in neighboring town Santa Elena, but the long walk is worth the find! Meet Feliz, the sweetest “geocache watcher” you will ever meet. She awaits geocachers in her little stone house and will shout clues as you search her front yard for the smiley.

Meet Feliz

Meet Feliz

Just across the border lies Guatemala, a country full of history, volcanoes, colorful textiles, and approximately 100 geocaches.

  1. Hot Jungle (GC2A86)- Tikal, Guatemala

Spend sunup to sundown in Tikal National Park where the ancient Mayan city will leave you in an enchanted daze.  Travel back to 300 BC when Tikal was a thriving capital with pyramids, temples, and competitive sports events.



GC2A86 was the first physical geocache placed in the country of Guatemala. It was hidden in 2001 and has been found by only 155 lucky geocachers. On the way to the geocache, you’ll encounter howler monkeys, wild turkeys, and some of the most spectacular structures you will ever come across.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

Additional find: Virtual geocache GCGCX7 takes you to Mundo Perdido or the “Lost World.”

  1. Bienvenidos a la Antigua (GC39G2Y)- Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a city of great historical importance in Guatemala (and it’s surrounded by three volcanoes.)You could spend days wandering the cobble-stoned streets, eating delicious food, and  learning spanish at one of the local schools.



Pack your walking shoes because Multi-Cache GC39G2Y will take you all over the city. The final coordinates will lead you to a stellar view.

History awaits

History awaits

       5. Volcan de Pacaya (GCGCXA)- Pacaya, Guatemala


The  volcano Pacaya is an active and complex volcano just south of Guatemala City. It first erupted 23,000 years ago and has erupted at least 23 times since the Spanish invasion in Guatemala. The last eruption was in 2010 and the evidence is there.




If you’re up for a challenging hike, this will be your favorite of the six geocaches.  You can choose to go at sunrise or  sunset, and they both are breathtaking experiences. The  molten rocks up at the top are very hot, so bring your leftovers to heat up or some marshmallows to roast.



          6. Santiago Atitlan (GC10TNF)- Santiago, Guatemala


Lake Atitlan is a crystal blue lake located in the Guatemala highland. Atitlan is the deepest lake in Guatemala and also the most picturesque with its surrounding volcanoes. It is ringed by small lake towns, all great places to visit.



You can take a boat from Panajachel to Santiago to grab this geocache. Soak in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the unique village of Santiago. You won’t regret it!

Myself and Lake Atitlan

Myself and Lake Atitlan

No matter where you go in the world, adventure is waiting and there’s always a geocache to be found. What is your dream geocaching vacation?

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