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Inspirations from neophytes (shared, public)

List Owner: Trudy & the beast

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Geocaches of quality placed by cachers during their first 30 days in the game

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1C8E Traditional Cache Breakneck Cache
  Placed by a Newbie (14th day, 5 finds)  

GC1996 Traditional Cache Cato Car Crash Cache
  Placed by a newbie (30th day, 12 finds)  

GCDB0 Multi-cache Collectables Cache
  Placed by a newbie (17th day, 4 finds)  

GCVENG Traditional Cache Dane County Mountain Climbing
  Placed by a newbie (1st day, 0 finds) Submitted by Hogrod  

GCKRNM Traditional Cache Dog Day Afternoon
  Placed by a newbie (13th day, 7 finds)  

GC684 Traditional Cache Ice Age Vista
  Placed by a newbie (8th day, 6 finds)  

GC14HW3 Multi-cache Lost In Josten
  Placed by a Newbie (13th day, 24 finds) Submitted by "What's Next?"  

GCC23D Traditional Cache Owl Be Right Back
  Placed by a newbie (12th day, 10 finds)  

GC3B1 Traditional Cache Pike Powder Hike
  Placed by a newbie (3rd day, 2 finds)  

GCG7VA Multi-cache Pioneer Burial Crack Jobs
  Placed by a newbie (1st day, 0 finds)  

GCH8A7 Traditional Cache Soldier In The Field
  placed by a newbie (11th day, 8 finds)  

GC54CA Traditional Cache The Cheesehead Public Library
  Placed by a newbie (28th day, 9 finds)  
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