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Longest Since Last Find (shared, public)

List Owner: HoustonControl

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A list of active caches within 50 miles of downtown Houston that have gone at least 2 years since the last "Found it" log.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3WMF5 Traditional Cache "Kachin' Krew"....{HUFF-SUTER + E1}
  Last found 2/7/13  

GC3WMB6 Traditional Cache "Kachin' Krew"....{PAGIRLINTX + E1}
  Last found 1/19/13  

GC1NPT5 Traditional Cache "OSC's Trademark" Wannabe
  Last found 1/24/13  

GCNKEE Traditional Cache "Tour of Champions #1"
  Last found 10/21/12  

GCNKEH Traditional Cache "Tour of Champions #2"
  Last found 10/21/12  

GC2N0EV Traditional Cache (Paradise [Valley]) City – Rock Song Series
  Last found 3/18/13  

GC254BY Traditional Cache 01 Alphabet Soup
  Last found 3/12/13  

GC38G5Q Unknown Cache 10 K Club - Lola
  Last found 1/27/13  

GC272D1 Traditional Cache 208 5 Katie's Cache
  Last found 3/30/13  

GC254D0 Traditional Cache 24 Alphabet Soup
  Last found 3/12/13  

GC3AP8J Unknown Cache 30 Day Caching Challenge
  Last found 8/5/12  

GC2C4F9 Unknown Cache A Hard Mystery Cache
  Last found 2/8/13  

GC369VW Traditional Cache A little further into the woods
  Last found 11/21/12  

GC2MDCN Traditional Cache AHHHCHOO 080
  Last found 12/25/12  

GC2MCQQ Traditional Cache AHHHCHOO 098-CyprswdWall
  Last found 11/22/12  

GC2579Y Unknown Cache Alphabet Soup Bonus #1
  Last found 3/23/13  

GC257XQ Unknown Cache Alphabet Soup bonus #2
  Last found 12/2/12  

GC3TTJP Traditional Cache Bayou Boat Slip
  Last found 12/3/12  

GC2XK0E Traditional Cache Beware! Engineers at Play. Mechanical Engineers.
  Last found 3/14/13  

GC2Z86N Traditional Cache Billy Goat's Gruff
  Last found 7/11/12  
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