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Longest Since Last Find (shared, public)

List Owner: HoustonControl

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A list of active caches within 50 miles of downtown Houston that have gone at least 2 years since the last "Found it" log.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1MA4B Unknown Cache Who Can I Turn To ?
  Last found 12/11/11  

GC2VKZM Traditional Cache (EP) Nature Series #14 Well Jiminy
  Last found 2/23/12  

GC2VM03 Traditional Cache (EP) Nature Series #15...Brain
  Last found 2/23/12  

GC25TXE Traditional Cache 208 2
  Last found 6/26/10  

GC261A7 Traditional Cache 208 3 Melanie's Cache
  Last found 5/8/11  

GC26Z05 Traditional Cache 208 4 Corey's Cache
  Last found 7/25/11  

GC317T6 Traditional Cache A Challenge From Bografan!
  Last found 8/26/11  

GC1QDH8 Unknown Cache Black Bender's Treasure
  Last found 1/2/12  

GCRRYD Unknown Cache Bouncieballs
  Last found 2/8/12  

GC1NC36 Traditional Cache BR849
  Last found 1/17/10  

GC25PH4 Unknown Cache Brambles
  Last found 8/20/11  

GC2Q1FW Traditional Cache Bridge K
  Last found 3/21/12  

GC2CZT5 Traditional Cache Chinese Zodiac: The Year of The PIG
  Last found 3/4/12  

GC1Y13D Traditional Cache City "W"ater Stops Here #2
  Last found 2/26/12  

GCPMWC Unknown Cache Clear Lake Trivia
  Last found 7/27/11  

GC23HAR Unknown Cache Countdown to the Cache!
  Last found 1/4/12  

GC18PCE Traditional Cache Country Road #12 - Big Hole
  Last found 5/19/10  

GC18PCQ Traditional Cache Country Road #14 - Quick Pull Off
  Last found 6/19/10  

GC18PCB Traditional Cache Country Road #2 Back of the Park
  Last found 5/20/10  

GC18PDP Traditional Cache Country Road #22 - Headed Home
  Last found 2/12/12  
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