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2008 MBGA Winter Blizzard "SNOW" Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: ertyu

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Caches hidden as part of the Manitoba Geocaching Association's 2008 Winter Blizzard Event

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC19H6X Traditional Cache Rock in the Snow Travel Bug Hotel TCDNMB YLHD

GC15GCX Traditional Cache A Sure Sign of Snow

GC19712 Traditional Cache Baby Bottle's Snowball

GC18AZP Traditional Cache BiPolar Bear a.k.a SnowFlake a.k.a B. Lizzard

GC18AH0 Traditional Cache Boogey Man Trail is SNOW'd in

GC18GCX Traditional Cache Caching through the snow

GC181HG Traditional Cache itSNOWdumpanymore

GC18NK5 Traditional Cache Jessie the snowperson

GC181HB Traditional Cache LEAPing Snow PAMI

GC18ZNR Traditional Cache MW1 in the SNOW

GC18ZNZ Traditional Cache MW2 in the SNOW

GC191ZD Traditional Cache MW3 in the SNOW

GC18ZP2 Traditional Cache MW4 in the SNOW

GC18ZP3 Traditional Cache MW5 in the SNOW

GC19E91 Traditional Cache No Snow Under Here

GC18BGC Traditional Cache O' Canada in the Snow

GC19MAQ Traditional Cache Park Lane in the Snow

GC18ZTA Traditional Cache Running a snowy Erin

GC18F40 Traditional Cache Search Now Overcome Winter (S.N.O.W.)

GC18WQF Traditional Cache Search Now Overcome Winter (S.N.O.W.) #2
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