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Events, Past and Present...

3/21/2015 Breakfast for the Lemmings by UnkleLoki and CBX25
3/21/2015 Preserving the Preserve: A Shining Star in Naples by lorriebird
3/22/2015 3rd Annual Tamiami Trail "Triathlon" - Paddle by Africachers
3/22/2015 Pinellas Geo Event 8 by PinellasGeoEventTeam
3/22/2015 Swamp Rats™ Redefine "Power Trail" at Lake Pan by M&M Melted
3/25/2015 5000 caches found by crypto51
3/27/2015 WELLIE GIRL'S "DO-NUT MISS THIS" EVENT by Twhite68 & K&S LUCKY 7's
3/28/2015 Dragonfly Geo-Art Kickoff by [JJDP] and doggymama
3/28/2015 Frostproof Cache & Coffee by LeoLite04
3/28/2015 March Cache and Coffee at the "Sun" by TropicalHeritage
3/28/2015 CFLAG presents "Where's that Park?" by qqnonrev
3/29/2015 Bird Watching by Big Bird
3/29/2015 Captain in the Keys by CaptainMath
3/29/2015 First Birthday Meet n Greet by Geogirl007
3/30/2015 Mostwestern Point meets Mostsouthern Point by Wehrer stappers
3/31/2015 Orlando Area Meet and Greet -- Spring Break 2015 by ptwob088 (aka Team Templin)
4/1/2015 Caching Resources 101 by memomls
4/1/2015 Meet the Lackeys! by AKprincesswarrior
4/3/2015 Wasting Away, Again by mudlark
4/4/2015 Frazzled Frenzy Fiesta by Geoturtlelover & Horseshoechamp
4/4/2015 Shippin' Off Picnic (4/4) by Gourdhead06
4/4/2015 (OFTFFF) 3rd Ocala's "First To Find" Frenzy Fest by gregen, Acachingcat, Smithj9 and Badbrad34480
4/5/2015 Meet & Greet the Newlyweds! by FrappGirl & dbricks
4/6/2015 Monday Evening Get Together by PanhandleGeocachers
4/10/2015 RANDCO's Trivia Night II by randco
4/11/2015 Lake Manatee Geo-Event IV by randco
4/11/2015 Everglades CITO by BabyRuthie
4/11/2015 Put a Face to Your Name April 11th, 2015 Event by lafrenchie and Kacheka
4/12/2015 Snowbirds - Getting the Flock out of Here! by robbitandpaul
4/12/2015 LMSP Geo-Event IV CITO by randco
4/12/2015 April Travel Bug exchange and Story Event by Perry Florida Geocaching Society
4/15/2015 Home away from Home - Meet & Greet by bearded_nomad
4/18/2015 Geocaching 101 by FLLibraryChix and Dolphin_Princess2
4/18/2015 Gator Creek Meet and Greet by FSUDad
4/18/2015 Great American Cleanup 2015: JILONA by Joshism
4/18/2015 Tallahassee Poker Run by Gary Man & Staff
4/25/2015 Gainesville CITO Weekend - Sweetwater CITO #5 by jjt002
4/25/2015 2nd Qtr CITO at Sheffield Park by Suse6, RapidFire6, Jayenco
4/25/2015 Meet, Eat & Greet by RapidFire6, Suse6, Jayenco
4/25/2015 Boynton Beach CITO by fishnfla
4/25/2015 It's a CITO weekend by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
4/25/2015 9th Annual Juno Dunes Natural Area C.I.T.O. by Gator Man and PBC ERM
4/25/2015 Henderson Beach State Park CITO by WeRTogether
4/26/2015 Myakka River SP CITO by Team Cache Divers
4/26/2015 Trail Trimming at Lovers Key by loverskey
4/26/2015 Lets Bash Our Trash CITO Day, Lets Get Started by Young Money Girl
5/2/2015 Why not both? by Clan Riffster
5/2/2015 Horseshoechamp tows MissBeHavin' by BabyRuthie
5/2/2015 SCGA Meet, Greet, Eat, Cache! by floridajim
5/3/2015 Celebrate 15 Years!! Tarpon Springs,Florida by Capt Biggins / oldrocknmetal / Harmony25

Latest Caches Hidden...

3/25/2015 32 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 34 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 35 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 37 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 37A SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 38 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 39 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 40 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 41 SKP Highway Run by wb2qbq
3/25/2015 Caity Lou by Cait990 & Cam3

Latest Trackable Items...

3/26/2015 4:22:19 PM Rebell! was placed in Treasure of the Black Cow.
3/26/2015 3:33:01 PM Hammer Down was placed in Ivy Woods Travel Bug Hotel .
3/26/2015 3:33:01 PM TFZA SA Flag Tag #6 - Panthera Leo was placed in Ivy Woods Travel Bug Hotel .
3/26/2015 3:33:01 PM Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag was placed in Ivy Woods Travel Bug Hotel .
3/26/2015 3:23:52 PM American Wolf was placed in Challenge - Are you a Seasoned Cacher?.
3/26/2015 2:26:31 PM Marge on the loose!! was placed in Crowning the King.
3/26/2015 1:37:57 PM Warren the Wombat was placed in Stargate P2681 TB Cache.
3/26/2015 1:37:57 PM North Naples Sunset was placed in Stargate P2681 TB Cache.
3/26/2015 1:14:50 PM Button Flower TB was placed in This Old Tree.
3/26/2015 12:50:29 PM American Red Cross Geocoin was placed in WOOD OR WOULD NOT.

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