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Events, Past and Present...

2/1/2016 Just Another Monday by PanhandleGeocachers
2/4/2016 Washington DC Escapees by Jeff and Linda, Grove at Arlington Team
2/5/2016 A GeoX-treme Supper With Friends by horseshoechamp
2/6/2016 The Geo-Xtreme Race 2016 by memomls
2/6/2016 Get your Glow On! by Funfinderone
2/6/2016 Talking Carp? by Clan Riffster
2/7/2016 Brazilians in Florida by camoura
2/7/2016 Xtreme Pancake Flipping Breakfast by memomls
2/7/2016 Sigh-Tow of the Month-February by SFF
2/7/2016 Escape StoopidBowl 2016 by Clan Riffster
2/7/2016 Celebrating First Finds by TheLF
2/9/2016 Tacos, Gyros, Lobster Rolls, Burgers, Fries & More by ikolor & Radioman84
2/9/2016 West Melbourne Ice Cream Social by Jordan
2/12/2016 Just Visiting by jeffybum
2/13/2016 2016 1st Qtr CITO at Mandarin Park. by Zephyrus
2/13/2016 Lake Marion Creek / Stokes Preserve Meet and Greet by FSUDad
2/13/2016 After CITO Meet and Greet by alienchauncey
2/13/2016 Golden Ammo Box Event: Honoring hapyhunter by OHSilky
2/13/2016 A Busy Day Valentine by Dale n Barb
2/14/2016 Africacher's Archery Event - Cupid's Arrow II by Africachers
2/14/2016 Val 'n' Tyne Meet 'n' Greet * by IlliniKina
2/14/2016 Let's Meet and Eat Ice Cream! by tonkavette & Lovebug
2/14/2016 Brown Bagging It With OBW(?)'s by Bright Shining Stars
2/17/2016 Pinellas Meet & Eat - Feb 2016 by Geo Ms P & Geopepi
2/17/2016 Ex-Floridian on Vacation by navystud
2/20/2016 A Unique Gainesville CITO by jjt002
2/20/2016 Africachers Airsoft Event by Africachers
2/20/2016 Just a little sustenance by BanditBoy/HollyGirl
2/20/2016 Butterfly Garden CITO by rnrgrl
2/21/2016 Madeira Beach Sunset Meet and Greet 2 by nwk_berlin
2/24/2016 Zero to ??? in a year - still the Newbie by Goodsun1
2/27/2016 County Line Road CITO by Geogirl007
2/27/2016 BOOMSTICKS!!!! Let's Get Perked Up!!!! by DirtyD13
2/27/2016 Hernando February Meet & Eat by HernandoFlGeocachers
2/27/2016 February Cache and Coffee at the SUN by TropicalHeritage
2/27/2016 Lake Elberta Super-Clean Sweep 2016 by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
2/28/2016 Op_Beardo is back in town!!! AK-FL by Op_Beardo
2/29/2016 LEAP into Another Day Gathering by Stejenwell
2/29/2016 Leap Year 2016 by Africachers and CBX25
2/29/2016 Pinellas "Leapin Day" Meet, Eat & Greet by Harmony25
2/29/2016 Fill in the Grid - 2/29/16 - Leap Day by Sandy Oaks Gang (Plus)
2/29/2016 Take A Leap!!!!!! by DirtyD13
2/29/2016 Leap Day 2016 by Team Cache-N-Run
2/29/2016 Cache Calendar Completion Leap Day Celebration by HelloSweetie and theoryofreality
2/29/2016 A non-existent night at the movies by qqnonrev
2/29/2016 LEAP Into some Taco's by horseshoechamp
2/29/2016 Leap Year BBQ! by GarbageMan85, Jbean2921
2/29/2016 Woohoo for leap year! 2016 by g.allen
2/29/2016 Leap Year on The Space Coast... by Dale n Barb
2/29/2016 Meet Eat n Leap by oldrocknmetal
2/29/2016 LEAP AND GREET by 4hamricks
2/29/2016 Leaping Library 2016 by Fandango739
2/29/2016 Leap Before You Work by dolphin_princess2
2/29/2016 Feb 29 Event by SassyMama0
2/29/2016 Leap into CITO! by Clan Riffster
2/29/2016 Take The Leap- 2016 by RP Guiders
2/29/2016 Leap Day Sunset Gathering by korriaan
2/29/2016 Leap n Greet 2016 by chewysfolks
2/29/2016 Leap Day Palm Bay by Thunder Gaia Bacteria
2/29/2016 Take a Leap in 2016 by Montaukjen & Kpub66
2/29/2016 2016 LEAP DAY calendar fill-in event! by CiCiS
2/29/2016 Hey! Happy Leap Day! by Lorriebird and ZSteve
2/29/2016 West Melbourne Leap Year/Leap Day 2016 by Jordan
2/29/2016 I Doughnut Want To Leap To Work Today!!!! by DirtyD13
2/29/2016 WELLIE-GIRL'S LEAP YEAR MEET AND GREET 2016 by Twhite68 and K&S Lucky7's
2/29/2016 Leap Day Celebration by smithj9
2/29/2016 Leaping in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea by BMIPIP
2/29/2016 Leap Day Geocaching: Into Darkness by Manatee_County_NRD
2/29/2016 Leapin Lizards - It's Leap Day! by TheMasses
2/29/2016 2016 Leap Day Adventure Kickoff by FLMathfreak & Dolfinando
2/29/2016 Wake up from your four-year s'leap! by RAHNNERGOTHUC
2/29/2016 Leap Year Lunch by TeamFelixG
2/29/2016 Yo!!!!! Gert's A S'Leap!!!!! by DirtyD13
2/29/2016 TAG Leap & Greet - An Extra Day to Cache by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
3/2/2016 Lake Mendsen Winter Park CITO by londonwesty
3/5/2016 Sigh-Tow of the Month - March by SFF
3/6/2016 Pinellas Geo Event 9 by PinellasGeoEventTeam
3/6/2016 Meet & Greet, Ortungsdienst on Tour by Quaerita
3/6/2016 "Basler-Läckerli" a visit from Switzerland by Bebbigirl & Pitfeder
3/11/2016 8th Annual Moonshine Run Friday Meet and Greet by framptoncomesalive and friends
3/12/2016 8th Annual Baker County Moonshine Run by horseshoechamp and Friends
3/12/2016 Let's Make a Deal Meet 'n Greet by Funfinderone
3/14/2016 Pi Day 2016 by Team Cache-N-Run
3/14/2016 No Matter How You Cut It, It's Pi(e) Day! by Obilon
3/14/2016 I Doughnut Eat Pi (We All Know That's A Lie)!!!!! by DirtyD13
3/14/2016 π Day at Midtown by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
3/19/2016 adam - Lost in St. Pete on his 10th "geoversary" by adam
3/20/2016 Meet & Greet, Ortungsdienst on Tour by Quaerita
4/1/2016 RANDCO's Trivia Night III by randco
4/1/2016 The RATs Invite You to Play The Fool. by Team RATs
4/2/2016 LMSP Geo-Event 5 by randco
4/2/2016 Crooked Lake Meet and Greet by FSUDad
4/3/2016 LMSP Geo-Event 5 CITO by randco
4/4/2016 by fanugler
4/16/2016 (OFTFFF) 4th Ocala's "First To Find" Frenzy Fest by Gregen, Smithj9, Acachingcat, and Badbrad34480

Latest Caches Hidden...

2/6/2016 Krazy Glue by Alephtango
2/6/2016 Team Shawnuff TB Hotel by Ravenlost2366 and HM1USNRET
2/6/2016 Careful There! by brottalyswag
2/6/2016 Magic to Magic. by hapyhunter
2/6/2016 #10A East Pruitt by K & J @ play
2/6/2016 #11 East Pruitt by K & J @ play
2/6/2016 #12 East Pruitt by K & J @ play
2/6/2016 #13 East Pruitt by K & J @ play
2/6/2016 #14 East Pruitt by K & J @ play
2/6/2016 #15 East Pruitt by K & J @ play

Latest Trackable Items...

2/7/2016 12:00:00 PM The 11 ball was placed in The Geo-Xtreme Race 2016.
2/7/2016 12:00:00 PM Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin was placed in Oasis Beyond the Trees.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Team Monke GreenE Geocoin was placed in The OysterHouse Cache.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Penelope the Pig was placed in Float Your Boat.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Ride Em Monkey! was placed in Bearss Book.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Puzzle Solving 101 Remote Solver TB was placed in Puzzle Solving 101 - The Final Exam.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Bob the Builder was placed in Oyster Boat.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Hopper One was placed in Turpentine.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Bugabear was placed in Outpost 27.
2/6/2016 12:00:00 PM Nemo fish was placed in Hong Kong Willie.

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