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Events, Past and Present...

8/27/2014 Pinellas Meet & Eat #3 You Can Earn Your Souvenir by Geo Ms P & Geopepi
8/30/2014 7SOA - Socializer by bigorangetruck
8/30/2014 Last Chance August Souvenir Meet & Greet by Twhite68 & K&S Lucky7's
8/30/2014 The Keys August CITO by gtsally
8/30/2014 Dog Days of Summer (geo-dog meet) by TheWeatherWarrior
8/30/2014 UF Geocachers: Intro Meeting by LaurenKM12321
8/30/2014 Procrastinators Unite Bike Ride by A Tin Cup
8/31/2014 Last Chance Saloon! by mcox567
8/31/2014 Bark in the Park - August by Delta
8/31/2014 Sunday Picnic Meet and Greet by julwizard, MKSQueen, jiminpcola
8/31/2014 7SoA - The Procrastinator. A Flash Mob by BnJBish
8/31/2014 august event last chance by Diego Sanchez
9/1/2014 Downtown Disney Flash Mob Meet & Greet by Cache & Dale
9/6/2014 Mission (Im)possible #3 by MrsL10
9/13/2014 mORE fUN AND gAMES at The mArsh by MMBuggers
9/13/2014 Trackable swap and meet and greet by slider107
9/13/2014 "I-hopeyouarenotafraidofawesome-kolor" by Africacher
9/14/2014 Mission (Im)possible #4 by MrsL10
9/15/2014 Knock Em Flat! a Bowling/Geocaching Event - Sept. by Dennis the Menace2
9/16/2014 CYAO Midnight Meetup: Maybe we do something? by CYAO
9/20/2014 International Coastal Cleanup C.I.T.O. by TDBRIGGS
9/20/2014 2nd Annual Pasco County CITO by Geogirl007
9/20/2014 CITO at LongBeach by FLKeysNWRs
9/20/2014 Crane Creek Cleanup by The Queen of Clean
9/20/2014 GeoDogs - morning meal gathering by TheWeatherWarrior
9/23/2014 Fried Oreos, Tacos, Burgers, Tornado Fries & More by ikolor and radioman84
9/24/2014 Pinellas Meet & Eat - September by harmony25
9/27/2014 Down & Dirty by D & D
9/27/2014 National Public Lands Day JILONA CITO by Joshism
9/28/2014 Bark in the Park - September by Bad Boy Griffin
10/25/2014 Tenth Annual Florida Finders Fest by FGA in cooperation with IceCreamMan
10/31/2014 Moore Night Search Party by The Tallahassee Night Cachers
11/1/2014 1st Annual Tampa Bay Geocaching & Chili Cook-off by Geogirl007
11/8/2014 Pasco GeoFest 2014 - Cacher Day by WestPascoEventTeam
11/9/2014 Pasco GeoFest 2014 - Family Day by WestPascoEventTeam

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/2/2014 25 D5 (Brainiac) Challenge by [JJDP]
9/2/2014 Oh Where, Oh Where? by Bismuth
9/1/2014 B.O.B. Was Here XII by bunch_of_biddles
9/1/2014 Bond Close Calls - Pants On Fire! by jayenco
9/1/2014 Mickey and Friends on Guard! by Looking Lawanna
9/1/2014 Why? by bolenbaugh_family
9/1/2014 Stop! Too Long! by Looking Lawanna
9/1/2014 Barn Yard on Roids!!!! by TheAngelSquad
9/1/2014 A Curve In The Road #4 by ducttaperocks
9/1/2014 Frank Mcdonough park cache by JimmyNutts

Latest Trackable Items...

9/3/2014 5:00:00 AM Zultan the Zombiee Geocoin was placed in End of the Road Grasshopper.
9/2/2014 5:09:01 PM Ultimate Travelling Dragon coin was placed in Leprechaun Cottage.
9/2/2014 3:53:26 PM White Jeep Travel Bug "Mildraed" was placed in Travel Bug Plaza Hotel & Suites.
9/2/2014 2:27:02 PM Earth Turtle 2008 Geocoin was placed in Stoned.
9/2/2014 1:52:22 PM Inkeys' 2013 Amazing Race Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Christmas in July: Santa's Ammo Box.
9/2/2014 12:50:59 PM Breast Cancer Travel Tag Geocoin was placed in Welcome to Pensacola Beach.
9/2/2014 12:00:00 PM Signal USA Flag Travel Tag was placed in THE TWO TOWERS.
9/2/2014 12:00:00 PM FARMers Husky was placed in FLORIDA GEOCAC BENCHMARK PROJECT.
9/2/2014 12:00:00 PM Save Our Playing Field Geocoin 2011 - Paddelhannes06 was placed in FLORIDA GEOCAC BENCHMARK PROJECT.
9/2/2014 12:00:00 PM Berkshire GeoBash Geocoin was placed in Florida Fossils.

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