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Events, Past and Present...

1/24/2015 A CFLAG Late Night, or is it Early Morning? by qqnonrev
1/24/2015 Take a Hike II by FSUDad
1/24/2015 Geocaching 101 by PirateCacheFest Crew
1/24/2015 Once more, unto the breach, dear friends... by Clan Riffster
1/26/2015 TAG Visits Orlando by That's a Given
1/29/2015 Team Slocala's January Meet And Greet by Team Slocala
1/31/2015 Another Puzzling Gathering by Lag Pins
1/31/2015 TITUSVILLE SPACE VIEW PARK MEET AND GREET-GC5JA03 by flyfishercacher
1/31/2015 Time for Another CITO by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
1/31/2015 Another Conservation Park Planting by PWCinPC
2/1/2015 M&M-279 Swamp Rats™ Embrace the Suck by M&M Melted
2/1/2015 Bark in the Park - January-ish by Lucy Skyy
2/1/2015 Stoopid Bowl XLIX by Clan Riffster
2/7/2015 Cheese Curds In The Sand II by Mama Kat & Da Bloodhound
2/8/2015 Tag and Release Picnic by MulderNScully
2/8/2015 3rd Annual Tamiami Trail "Triathlon" - Hike by Africachers
2/10/2015 Midnight Meetup: Electric Boogaloo by [JJDP]
2/11/2015 Ontario, Canada visits Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by aquabeau
2/13/2015 Friday Night Live by Funcoast Crew
2/13/2015 Feeling Lucky Friday??? by TeamMathfreak
2/14/2015 Troop 314 Merit Badge CITO Event by Cleasby
2/14/2015 Catch Lightning in a Bottle by Funcoast Crew
2/14/2015 Funcoast Bash 2 by Team Cache Divers
2/15/2015 Funcoast Bash CITO by Funcoast Crew
2/16/2015 Anti-Monday Morning Blues by Funcoast Crew
2/16/2015 Pint of Beer - Fried Gator by accordiongal
2/21/2015 Sheffield Park CITO by MinionBrigade
2/21/2015 Meeting, Eating, and Greeting by memomls
2/21/2015 Turkey Creek Hammock Preserve CITO by jjt002
2/25/2015 Castaway Cachers Trivia Night on the Space Coast by Dale n Barb & Lizard -n- Grits
2/28/2015 Cache and Coffee at the "Sun" by TropicalHeritage
2/28/2015 Hilochee WMA Trail Mix by FSUDad
2/28/2015 CITO on the Spanish Trail by PanhandleGeocachers
3/1/2015 Pic-Nic and a Walk by PanhandleGeocachers
3/2/2015 Breakfast Meeting B4 Work by PanhandleGeocachers
3/7/2015 Geocaching 102: Hider's Delight by sandsturning and JustAnotherGeek
3/13/2015 Moonshine AND Friday the 13th Meet and Greet by memomls
3/13/2015 Feeling Lucky Friday Deux??? by TeamMathfreak
3/14/2015 Pi=3/14/15, 9:26:53 by MulderNScully
3/14/2015 Pi Day! by TheMasses
3/14/2015 3.14159 Watch Your Pi Day! by BabyRuthie
3/14/2015 7th Annual Baker County Moonshine Run by horseshoechamp
3/14/2015 3.14159265359 Pi(e) Day by harmony25
3/14/2015 The Perfect PI by TheSoulSeeker
3/14/2015 Let Them Eat Pi! by Clan Riffster
3/14/2015 Pi Day - 3 / 14 / 15 by Sandy Oaks Gang
3/15/2015 Hair of the Dog Breakfast Event by Geoturtlelover
3/22/2015 Pinellas Geo Event 8 by PinellasGeoEventTeam
3/28/2015 First Birthday Meet n Greet by Geogirl007
4/4/2015 (OFTFFF) 3rd Ocala's "First To Find" Frenzy Fest by gregen, Acachingcat, Smithj9 and Badbrad34480
4/10/2015 RANDCO's Trivia Night II by randco
4/11/2015 Lake Manatee Geo-Event IV by randco
4/12/2015 LMSP Geo-Event IV CITO by randco

Latest Caches Hidden...

1/29/2015 Brewski by Grand Illusion Crew
1/29/2015 Piddles property by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 CBT-Green 2 by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 CBT-Red 2 by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 CBT-Purple 2 by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 Pop Your Top by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 Jr's At It Again by Yoyopiddlestick
1/29/2015 A 'lil somethin' to find by Team PAWS-ATIVE
1/29/2015 Righty Tightie Lefty Loosie by trailcacher82
1/29/2015 A Greenhouse Cache by MiniGeoDeec

Latest Trackable Items...

1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM Green Piggy was placed in Hong Kong Willie.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM AMTG Virtual FTF Craze Comic White #1 GC was placed in Elim & Tustanuggee.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM Five Hundred was placed in TB HOTEL 3.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM GC34T4B's Running Wild was placed in M&M-279 Swamp Rats™ Embrace the Suck.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM The Starry Night Geocoin was placed in TITUSVILLE SPACE VIEW PARK MEET AND GREET-GC5JA03.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM Daryl Dixon Forever!! was placed in TITUSVILLE SPACE VIEW PARK MEET AND GREET-GC5JA03.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM OceantagZ catch & release was placed in TITUSVILLE SPACE VIEW PARK MEET AND GREET-GC5JA03.
1/30/2015 12:00:00 PM Figment (TB6M35M) was placed in TITUSVILLE SPACE VIEW PARK MEET AND GREET-GC5JA03.
1/30/2015 8:58:16 AM Alaskan Harbor Seal was placed in Park Employee for a Day Geocache #1.
1/30/2015 8:37:02 AM Michelin Tag was placed in Land's End.

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