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Events, Past and Present...

11/24/2015 Eastside Gang Meet and Greet November by SMOOCH916
12/1/2015 Tuesday Night Sip and Chat by Carrot Killer
12/5/2015 6th Annual Bussey Point Camping and Cook Off by CSRA Geocachers
12/9/2015 Wanna Go - December Lunch & Fun by Wanna Go Crew
12/9/2015 Geocaching 101 by TheCruisers!
12/9/2015 NMAC/AAG Eat, Greet & Gift Exchange- December 2015 by Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers
12/10/2015 Southside Gang December Event by GreatT
12/12/2015 Evil Santa Visits Valdosta...again! by Cache_Cobra
12/12/2015 4th Annual East Side Gang Holiday Geo-Gathering by BoogerHill and Teri Elaine and Cheesestick
12/13/2015 CVC 10th. Annual Social by Chattahoochee Valley Cachers
12/17/2015 G.A.N.G December 2015 - Catch the Spirit by joebids
12/22/2015 Merry Wreath-mas in Middle Georgia by The Tick-Magnets
12/26/2015 Just Wing It for the CSRA—2015 by Hokuri
12/31/2015 Goodbye 2015! by Hokuri
12/31/2015 Friends & Fajitas by CptPhoenix&TigerLily
12/31/2015 Goodbye 2015! (Atlanta, GA) by KatelinH
12/31/2015 AAG: So Long 2015 Lunch Break! by A A G
1/1/2016 AAG: Hello 2016 Lunch Break! by A A G
1/1/2016 Hello 2016! by Hokuri
1/1/2016 Hello 2016! (Atlanta,GA) by KatelinH

Latest Caches Hidden...

11/29/2015 Pining by boca bob
11/29/2015 Demeries Creek Songbird by 4EST!
11/28/2015 End of the road, Jack. by Team E&R
11/26/2015 When You Gots To Go, You Gots To Go... by ffmfmartin
11/26/2015 When You Gots To Go, You Gots To Go Too... by ffmfmartin
11/26/2015 I Want To Play A Game... by ffmfmartin
11/26/2015 This might make you mad. by franticnoleaf
11/26/2015 Who Gives A Poo by ffmfmartin
11/25/2015 B&B Dead Ringer South by BUSHBOB
11/25/2015 B & B Dead Ringer North by BUSHBOB

Latest Trackable Items...

11/29/2015 7:17:46 PM Super Max was placed in Here Lies Ted the Tree.
11/29/2015 2:32:57 PM Lego Brick Proxy was placed in Travel Bug Treehouse.
11/29/2015 2:32:57 PM Flip the Switch was placed in Travel Bug Treehouse.
11/29/2015 1:02:38 PM ***ALRIGHTY THEN #4 - TB*** was placed in 50 State Star GA Bonus.
11/29/2015 12:06:04 PM Ahh Rat! was placed in Turner Lake Series 5.
11/29/2015 12:00:00 PM ZOZOBRA I was placed in Getting lost between the covers.
11/29/2015 12:00:00 PM Racing Batman was placed in Nice Fun Cache.
11/29/2015 12:00:00 PM Hitchhiker Bug was placed in Dawsonville Trackable Hotel.
11/29/2015 12:00:00 PM Baby Matthew was placed in EXTRA!!!EXTRA!!! *SCHARK* PAST AND PRESENT COLLIDE.
11/29/2015 12:00:00 PM Freaky Face was placed in Find Your Monarch - Terros.

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