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Geocaching in Georgia

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Events, Past and Present...

4/25/2015 International CITO Day 2015 (Lake Lanier) by KatelinH & megg317
4/25/2015 Cache In Trash Out - Sweetwater Creek State Park by rangerjordan
4/25/2015 Red Top Mountain State Park - Cache In Trash Out by TheFranklin4
4/25/2015 International CITO Weekend Party! by Carrot Killer
4/25/2015 Many Hands, Light Work: Shiloh Cemetery by The Tick-Magnets
4/25/2015 Sprewell Bluff CITO 2015 by 68TR250
4/25/2015 Lunch at Mike's by ktwins725
4/25/2015 CITO at SOAP CREEK/CROOKED BRIDGE by TrikerChick
4/25/2015 Fort McAllister State Park - Cache In Trash Out by RangerDoc
4/26/2015 High Noon Thompson Park Meet/Greet/CITO&BBQ Take 3 by davidandbritt and fanasfreaks
4/26/2015 McIntosh Reserve Park CITO by firemanbrad
4/26/2015 Southside April Meet and Greet by firemanbrad
4/28/2015 East Side Gang April Meet and Greet 2015 by revritt & ttowngirl63
5/1/2015 AAG Lunch Break: A Cacher's Best Friend by A A G
5/2/2015 DGS Day: Double Barrel Cannon flash mob. by North Georgia DGS
5/2/2015 Lunch time meet and eat. by Fly fast
5/2/2015 East Side Gang Spring Fling 2015 by BoogerHill, Teri Elaine, Davissa and Cheesestick
5/2/2015 Can't Stop the Signal - 15 Years of Geocaching! by A A G
5/2/2015 Souvenirs Club: Flash Mob :15 Years of Geocaching by ktwins725
5/2/2015 GA Geo-Campers *SPRING BREAK 2015* by Georgia Geo-Campers
5/2/2015 15th Anniversary Meet & Greet/Optional Poker Run by the_book_lady
5/2/2015 Happy Birthday Geocaching ! by carrolla&MISSANNE
5/3/2015 Celebrating 15 Years of Geocaching (Atlanta, GA) by KatelinH and K8zant
5/3/2015 NMAC Celebrates 15 Years of Geocaching! by Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers
5/3/2015 Geocaching's 15th Birthday Celebration! by alstefanelli
5/3/2015 Geo-Birthday Bash! by clydesdale115
5/6/2015 Wanna Go - Geo-Shooting Event by Wanna Go Crew
5/8/2015 AAG Lunch Break: 28 Days Later (A Dry-Aged cache) by A A G
5/8/2015 Flying through Macon by qqnonrev
5/9/2015 Let Talk Cache!! High Falls State Park by Biker64
5/14/2015 NMAC Eat & Greet - May 2015 by Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers
5/14/2015 AAG Lunch Break: A caching palatium by A A G
5/14/2015 GANG ~ The Finish Line or the Starting Line? May by teamsheppard
5/21/2015 On the way to GeoWoodstock XIII ? by TheWoodenRadio, StevenJV
5/26/2015 East Side Gang, May Meet & Greet by ianssouthern
6/11/2015 NMAC Eat & Greet - June 2015 by Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers
6/16/2015 Atlanta Area Geocachers: June Meet and Greet by A A G
6/23/2015 East Side Gang June 2015 Meet and Greet by GeoButterfly10

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/27/2015 The Blue Globe by PrimboSlice
4/27/2015 Jiminy Click-It by Team Shurtle
4/26/2015 Statesboro Blues by Carrot Killer
4/26/2015 Glenaire by jakewiley34
4/26/2015 Gateway to the Reserve by Martin FFG
4/26/2015 Garden Party by Cachundheit
4/26/2015 Scattered, covered, and smothered! by Harleyman1972
4/26/2015 "So Many Vines" by AL-GA and ME-GAcacher
4/26/2015 Exotic Deer by 12stepkings
4/26/2015 Duncan's " Two" by AL-GA and ME-GAcacher

Latest Trackable Items...

4/28/2015 12:00:00 PM Aloha, Ohana! was placed in Gilligans Island.
4/28/2015 12:00:00 PM C and M's Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Statesboro's 1st Travel Bug Hotel.
4/28/2015 12:00:00 PM Ms P's Michelin Tag was placed in LilCruisers! Travel Bug Hotel.
4/28/2015 9:10:48 AM NCEES Trackable was placed in Bombs Away - Georgia Coastal Heros.
4/28/2015 8:12:22 AM Berry Claw was placed in Pine Beetle.
4/28/2015 7:37:23 AM Kent Mega Keyring PATRICK was placed in In the rough.
4/28/2015 7:34:05 AM NECO Minelab Ultimate Geocaching Hunt Geocoin was placed in "So Many Vines".
4/28/2015 7:25:59 AM Social Butterfly Blue Trackable Geocoin was placed in Go with the flow.
4/27/2015 4:45:37 PM Fairy Frog Mother was placed in Steffen Thomas.
4/27/2015 4:02:30 PM Travel Bug's Vacation was placed in A Break from the 'State: I-75 Exit 146.

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