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Events, Past and Present...

7/19/2014 Senoia Library Geo 101 by Biker64
7/19/2014 Breakfast of Champions ... Mmmmm, Bacon! by The Tick-Magnets
7/19/2014 July's Statesboro Eat and Greet by Ademshar
7/20/2014 Southside July 2014 Meet and Greet by southernflip
7/22/2014 East Side Gang July Meet and Greet by BoogerHill and Oso77
7/24/2014 AAG Lunch Break: Midtown Food Trucks, v. 2.0 by A A G
7/26/2014 Where Can You Go? by Asgoroth
7/30/2014 AAG: Blazing a new Geo-path! by A A G
7/31/2014 "365" But Who's Counting? by 2Wolfes
8/1/2014 AAG Lunch Break: Not the General's Bakery by A A G
8/2/2014 Party at Pirates Cove 2: The 7 Chests of August by Middle Georgia Pirate Crew
8/2/2014 AAG Achiever: Makeup CITO by A A G
8/2/2014 Groundspeak August Challenge Event by A.Demshar
8/5/2014 Seattle Send-Off and TB RACE! by The Tick-Magnets
8/5/2014 Daily Double! by Hokuri
8/9/2014 Chimney Park & Eastside Trail CITO! by The GeoJunkies!
8/9/2014 Georgia Geo-Campers at Smithgall Woods by Georgia Geo-Campers
8/9/2014 EL MEET-O & GREET-O!! by davissa
8/9/2014 GGA August Event: Tubing the Hootch by GaGeoAssn
8/10/2014 Dahlonega Breakfast Break by davidandbritt
8/14/2014 AAG Lunch Break: What'll Ya Cache? by A A G
8/16/2014 DGS: International Geocaching Day Flash Mob. by North Georgia DGS
8/16/2014 International Geocaching Day IV - Flashmob by ollie46
8/16/2014 4th Annual Int'l Geocaching Day - Breakfast by ChattyKat55 & Wyldrob
8/16/2014 International Geocaching Day Breakfast by boo2931
8/19/2014 Atlanta Area Geocachers: August Meet and Greet by A A G
9/13/2014 GGA Sept Hydropolooza event by GaGeoAssn
9/27/2014 National Public Lands Day - Magnolia Springs by wyldrob
10/4/2014 12th Fall Lacy Event and Campout by The Lacys

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/23/2014 Sing Away! by slap-de-bass
7/23/2014 Guard Reflects by slap-de-bass
7/22/2014 Recking Ball by teambeechermeat
7/22/2014 Recking ball 2 by teambeechermeat
7/22/2014 Lakeside by bryantfamily123
7/22/2014 Stop and Shop by nrk1986
7/22/2014 Piedmont hills/ Noonday creek (The BassHunter1) by The BassHunter
7/22/2014 The heart of Rossville by jbragg7477
7/22/2014 The Talton Family by Baxter929
7/21/2014 Wahoo Creek by familyjensen

Latest Trackable Items...

7/23/2014 5:45:38 PM Toodster was placed in Church Challenge.
7/23/2014 4:55:05 PM Pirate Ship Traveler was placed in Statesboro's 1st Travel Bug Hotel.
7/23/2014 2:38:50 PM The Missing Piece was placed in Vacation.
7/23/2014 1:07:34 PM I C U was placed in Mission Impossible - ETS.
7/23/2014 12:00:35 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in A WELCOME GA REST DEPARTURE.
7/23/2014 12:00:00 PM M's Hello Kitty was placed in The Sandlot.
7/23/2014 12:00:00 PM Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag was placed in Welcome to Richard B. Russell.
7/23/2014 12:00:00 PM Treesje het lieveheersbeestje was placed in Legends are the Park.
7/23/2014 12:00:00 PM Lost Flight was placed in TB Hotel Extraordinaire Savannah.
7/23/2014 12:00:00 PM NATURE'S CYCLE - LEVEL 3 was placed in TB Hotel Extraordinaire Savannah.

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