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Geocaching in Indiana

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Events, Past and Present...

9/13/2014 CITO! -Let's Get Back to Nature! by The RiverRat Gang, skybee1, bubbazfinds
9/15/2014 2 Late 4 Breakfast: Round 2 by Yodaboyz
9/16/2014 2 Late 4 Lunch 63 by Chutch1035
9/24/2014 2 Late 4...Actually, it's Lunch! by Chutch1035
9/25/2014 Girls In Geocaching GIG: Rock Stars of Geocaching by go-purdue
9/26/2014 Hey!!! Where's My Pie? by Darksky1 & IndianaNightmare
9/28/2014 Sunday Afternoon Event! by Wright04
10/4/2014 Eagle's Bluff Get-Together by Dr. Who and K-9
10/4/2014 Fall Photo with a Prolific Poet Flash Mob by Chutch1035
10/11/2014 EarthCache Virtual 5K Run White River 2014 by IAG Platinum Team
10/12/2014 Falls of The Ohio Hike - 2014 by AirRaidFan
10/12/2014 International Earthcache Day 2014 Flash Mob by Chutch1035
10/18/2014 Fritz's 2014 Halloween Bash by katandkev
10/21/2014 InKy Goes Boom In October! by 2young2stayathome
10/31/2014 Friday Night with Abe Halloween Event by Dr. Who and K-9
11/1/2014 Geocaching with Abe 2014 by Lincoln State Park and Sialis
11/1/2014 CITO with Abe 2014 by El Pollo Loco Gang

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/15/2014 First Cabin in Franklin by brcross95
9/15/2014 Take Home Movies by brcross95
9/14/2014 Angel Eyes by TeamPhoenix421
9/14/2014 Erratic Flight Pattern by T-Hunter
9/14/2014 I Don't Want to Grow Up... by shelby5959
9/14/2014 Oldest Greenlawn Resident by brcross95
9/14/2014 Columbia Crossing Cache by rootsgeocaching
9/14/2014 Grandpa's Bison Tube by crossingguardians
9/14/2014 Tree in Chains by tdmaul
9/14/2014 Frogman's Dragonfly Hide-a-way by Frogman205, Dragonfly Momma, Team 205

Latest Trackable Items...

9/16/2014 12:00:00 PM 10/10/10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Virtual Geocoin was placed in Covered Bridge Cache.
9/16/2014 10:36:34 AM Travel Bug Origins - Germany was placed in 3 States, 1 Cache.
9/16/2014 10:09:15 AM Brokki's Flitzer was placed in Springfield Revisited.
9/16/2014 6:23:28 AM Ester13 TB Yellow was placed in Fort Harrison State Park - Lawrence Creek Trail.
9/15/2014 3:59:43 PM Hot Rod 7 was placed in Going West TB Hotel .
9/15/2014 1:53:51 PM SMOOCH was placed in "Sailor30's 1000!" Travel Bug Resort and Spa..
9/15/2014 12:11:44 PM Rest Area Junkie was placed in Tube in a Tree.
9/15/2014 12:00:00 PM Will Phillips---Thin Blue Line was placed in Will Phillips Memorial Way.
9/15/2014 12:00:00 PM With Christ at the Helm was placed in Between The Creek and Me.
9/15/2014 12:00:00 PM Groundspeak Blue Switch Geocoin was placed in Shelbyville indiana Travel Bug Hotel.

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