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Geocaching in Kansas

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Events, Past and Present...

10/19/2014 Coronado Heights Fall fest by Ma&PaD, GhostieGal and Ksgator
10/19/2014 "Love" the CITO Events by Ma&PaD, Ghostiegal and Ksgator72
10/25/2014 By the Light of the Glowing Geocache by Teller44
10/25/2014 THE KC MASTER EVENT - 410 by The Master Committee
10/31/2014 Third Annual Geocachers Halloween Meet and Greet by kiddiekardriver and Ghostiegal and Ksgator72
11/1/2014 MidWest Breakfast Bunch Meet-N-Greet by Midwest Cachers
12/13/2014 A Christmas Where ALL Families Are Welcome. by Ges613

Latest Caches Hidden...

10/21/2014 My Teddy Bear by Boomer grey
10/20/2014 Point Rock by stearman5
10/20/2014 Rocky Beginnings by OldFashionedFamily
10/20/2014 Belvedere of White by gknoles
10/20/2014 City prone to flood by stearman5
10/19/2014 Troll In the Hole by eyeball kid 1
10/18/2014 North Rock Road by thekillaword
10/18/2014 I'm Just A Little Hunk Of Tin by Teller44
10/18/2014 How high's the water , Mama? by Teller44
10/18/2014 Does a Bear _____ in the woods? by Teller44

Latest Trackable Items...

10/22/2014 12:14:41 PM Mimikri was placed in Liberal Travel Bug Motel.
10/22/2014 12:09:43 PM Oh, to be a champion... was placed in Liberal Travel Bug Motel.
10/22/2014 12:00:00 PM FLIP FLOP - Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Around The Square... Again!.
10/22/2014 12:00:00 PM "ARNE" was placed in SFGT: Santa Fe Trail Center.
10/21/2014 12:00:00 PM BlueSharkMom3 was placed in TB'S DO DROP INN.
10/21/2014 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag #3 was placed in TB'S DO DROP INN.
10/21/2014 4:00:00 AM Geocache America Silver Geocoin was placed in Douglass City Park.
10/20/2014 1:11:24 PM Mini-Doubloon 2010 Geocoin was placed in The Lone Tree.
10/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Puppy Love #1 Rose was placed in Lonesome Corner.
10/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Japan Flag Micro Geocoin was placed in Lonesome Corner.

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