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Geocaching in Kansas

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Events, Past and Present...

9/24/2014 It's a Birthday Party at the Pita Pit by NEFans
9/30/2014 Big Read - Geocaching 101 by SilleB
10/4/2014 MidWest Breakfast Bunch Meet-N-Greet by Midwest Cachers
10/12/2014 Strataca : International EarthCache Day 2014 by TheLabGuys
10/19/2014 Coronado Heights Fall fest by Ma&PaD, GhostieGal and Ksgator
10/19/2014 "Love" the CITO Events by Ma&PaD, Ghostiegal and Ksgator72

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/16/2014 Mulvane Micro Series #9 - Mulvane's Murders by Ges613
9/16/2014 Sled Hill by Nate Da Great
9/16/2014 I Hate Rocks by El_Jimbo
9/15/2014 Nobody's on the Cell Phone by KaRue
9/15/2014 a step up by casperlionheart20
9/14/2014 Whitewater Center Cemetery by Stewlana
9/14/2014 turkey creek bridge by DarthSn33t
9/14/2014 pipe dream by casperlionheart20
9/14/2014 high and dry by csele5
9/14/2014 extra sleeve by cripceeper68rs

Latest Trackable Items...

9/20/2014 4:32:15 PM ShowMe3B Team USA was placed in Hilltop Resting Place.
9/20/2014 4:10:34 PM Lovey Bear was placed in Route 66 -- Roadhouse Jail.
9/20/2014 3:46:25 PM Clockwizer was placed in Deer Watching .
9/20/2014 3:46:25 PM Zed was placed in Deer Watching .
9/20/2014 3:40:08 PM Penguin Traveler was placed in Under the Great America Flag in Dodge City..
9/20/2014 2:56:52 PM Save a Life was placed in 390.
9/20/2014 1:40:37 PM Black Tip Reef Shark was placed in Monster Lab -> Head.
9/20/2014 12:35:20 PM Mimikri was placed in Liberal Travel Bug Motel.
9/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Live art fully was placed in Mingo.
9/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Geocache America Silver Geocoin was placed in Douglass City Park.

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