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Geocaching in Alaska

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Events, Past and Present...

7/26/2015 Meet and get your badge! by irutek19
7/26/2015 KIDS DONT FLOAT by KR-AK
7/29/2015 Meet and Greet in Ketchikan, Alaska by salts&marbles
7/31/2015 Chili Dog Chill Out by AKLoisandClark
7/31/2015 Valley of the Moon Park CITO by AKLoisandClark
8/1/2015 GeocacheAlaska! 2015 Adopt-A-Highway CITO #2 by GeocacheAlaska! Inc.
8/8/2015 Visiting from Atlanta-Alaska by KatelinH
8/9/2015 Donuts and BYOC Bring your own coffee! by ftl-ak
8/13/2015 2015 Block Party or Bust by DR-AK
8/13/2015 ☠ DGS - Beer With A Dirtbag ☠ by Ditrbags Poehunters & Philbeer
8/18/2015 ms OOSTERDAM flash mob while in port by fed
8/19/2015 ms OOSTERDAM flash mob while in port by fed
8/19/2015 Meet & Greet MaxB on the River's Alaska Group Tour by MaxB on the River
8/20/2015 ms OOSTERDAM flash mob while in port by fed
9/12/2015 Fairbanks Cachapploosa 2015---FTFs for everyone by N'oreasters
10/15/2015 Pocket Query Creation and Filtering IV – ANC by GeocacheAlaska!

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/29/2015 A stroll in the woods 1 by wasillian
7/29/2015 A stroll in the woods 2 by wasillian
7/25/2015 Winding Weller Trail by curlyloxs
7/24/2015 Oh, Lily! by Alaskan Bev
7/24/2015 "!!!!!QUOTATION MARKS!!!" by Fred and Izzy
7/23/2015 Winding Weller by goldiloxs curlyloxs
7/22/2015 On the Way to Somewhere by meljo
7/22/2015 My First Cache by Spencercool42
7/20/2015 Me Me by WinterSmith
7/20/2015 ATV Series # 40 Knob Hill Look Out!!! by peanut82 And Toepunch

Latest Trackable Items...

8/1/2015 1:43:27 PM ROCKIN ' ROOSTER was placed in Copper River Valley Travel Bug Exchange.
8/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Zulia's Pink Wanderer #3 was placed in Denali Bruin Breath.
8/1/2015 12:00:00 PM TUFF BUG was placed in Bin Caching TB Hotel.
8/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Traveling Husky was placed in Bin Caching TB Hotel.
7/31/2015 11:00:10 PM Life Flight was placed in THE Alaskan Experience!.
7/31/2015 10:01:07 PM Bright Spark-1 TB was placed in Yellow.
7/31/2015 7:38:54 PM m&m11's green honu was placed in Chili Dog Chill Out.
7/31/2015 7:29:54 PM For Richie TB was placed in The Mountain King - TB Hotel.
7/31/2015 3:07:24 PM Rondas B-day Bug was placed in Prominent View.
7/31/2015 12:00:00 PM Mr. Pete Geocoin was placed in Hall of the Mountain King.

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