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Events, Past and Present...

4/19/2015 Spring Pool Party 2015 by South Lyon Trekkers
4/19/2015 CITO at DORIAS PARK by CITOcacher & Scook
4/20/2015 The Lapeer Cachers by Kite Dancer & Woodtrain
4/20/2015 Downriver Meet & Greet by ratspazum
4/21/2015 Taco Tuesday - The Loch Ness Encounter by scrapcat
4/22/2015 Earth Day 2015 MotM by RayQix
4/23/2015 A Non-Coincidental Pre-Island Get Together - III by SAGeocachers
4/23/2015 JomBEER by Geo-Trails
4/25/2015 9th Annual Spring Fling on Mackinac Island by Wife Of Cyclops
4/25/2015 CIT(GM)O: Cache In Trash and Garlic Mustard Out by Kalamazoo Nature Center
4/25/2015 Mackinac Island Clean Up & Garlic Mustard Pull by Cyclops
4/25/2015 Traverse City Kid's Creek CITO event 2015 by sherrydenny,
4/25/2015 Belle Isle Spring CITO and Pot Luck by Rattrak
4/25/2015 Warren Park Clean Up 2 by BSW2010
4/25/2015 Cito @ Palmer Park by Team--B
4/25/2015 Adopt a Highway | April 2015 by SW Michigan Geocaching Organization
4/25/2015 Hawk Island CITO by TPM2013
4/26/2015 2nd Annual River Valley CITO by Geo(Race)rs
4/26/2015 Bald Mountain Spring CITO and Potluck by syfun
4/26/2015 R U firesafe? by scrapcat and DarrylW4
4/26/2015 Flat Stanley CITO by ProudScoutMomMI & BraveScoutMI
4/26/2015 CITO @ Memorial by CaptainObvious78
4/26/2015 Fenner Nature Center CIGMO by mrs.doyle
4/27/2015 Coffee Time 13 by Krazy_Kidz
4/28/2015 Birch Run Meet & Greet - April by yellowjeeperman
4/29/2015 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2015.04 - April by prosumer
4/30/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - April by syfun
4/30/2015 Lunch Break! by brcross95
5/2/2015 I Love Michigan (The Event) by Goldfinch & Lady Goldfinch
5/2/2015 Spring Fever Reliever 3 - Superhero Style by DAGEOcachers
5/2/2015 Flash (Mob) the Green Lantern by 2_UP_Geologists
5/2/2015 Splat Crew's Pan-a-Cake Breakfast by Splat Crew
5/2/2015 sundae on a saturday:BC by fanugler
5/3/2015 15 Years! Warren, MI by BSW2010
5/3/2015 Celebrating 15 years by Pepstreet
5/3/2015 Celebrating 15 Years! Flash Mob by The Macho Homemaker
5/4/2015 May the 4th Be With You - Michiana Multi-Event by Geo(Race)rs
5/5/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 102: Cinco de Mayo by South Lyon Trekkers
5/6/2015 Livonia Traveling Meet Greet & Cache #36 by mibbs (hosted by Team RPK)
5/9/2015 수 없는 포식자 2 를 취하지 by fanugler
5/9/2015 EWE betcha' by A113Bug
5/9/2015 Geocaching and Garlic Mustard by Michelle Beloskur
5/11/2015 Geo Thumb Meet and Greet by ShirJohn
5/12/2015 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - May by AutoCityCachers
5/13/2015 May Monthly S.E. MiGO Meet & Eat by S.E. MiGO
5/14/2015 May CAGE Meet and Greet @ Grainger Meadows by capital geocacher
5/15/2015 Pee-paw + Mee-Maw's Marshmallow Roast 2 by pee-paw + mee-maw
5/16/2015 2015 Genesee County Parks Event by AutoCityCachers
5/16/2015 Middle of Nowhere Meet & Kayak by Tsmola
5/16/2015 Geocaching 101 by Geo-Trails
5/17/2015 meet&greet may event by WAR1
5/17/2015 Geocaching: A 21st Century Treasure Hunt by KNC, Rj_Toot, Romantwins
5/18/2015 Downriver Meet & Greet by ratspazum
5/20/2015 Straits Area Geocachers May 2015 Meet-N-Greet by SAGeocachers
5/25/2015 Trustworthy's Memorial Day Pool Party by Trustworthy
5/26/2015 Birch Run Meet & Greet - May by yellowjeeperman
6/2/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 103 by South Lyon Trekkers
6/6/2015 8th Annual Garden Geocache Event by technogardenclub
6/6/2015 KNC Extravaganza 2015 DeLano Edition by KNC, Rj_Toot, Romantwins
6/6/2015 Heroes vs Villains by CoDaChrome, Chane Gang
6/13/2015 Are You Geocacher Enough? Road Rally 2015 by Geocacher-Enough
6/13/2015 meet&greet the pirate cruise by 3-bteam
6/17/2015 hot dog! it's hump day by fanugler
6/19/2015 Breakfast with the Winkles - June by Periwinkle128
6/20/2015 Baw Beese Summer Fun by itwasmymouse
6/24/2015 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2015.06 - June by prosumer
6/27/2015 Geocaching 101 at Fernwood by The GeoCats™ & Fernwood

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/24/2015 Play it safe by fishheadx2
4/24/2015 Bottoms up by fishheadx2
4/24/2015 yee olde oven fresh by fishheadx2
4/24/2015 Mackinac Island - A Fudgie's Delight by Team Kalsin
4/24/2015 Team Rumble's 2015 New Years Puzzle Redux by Team Rumble
4/23/2015 I CALL THIS CACHE FRDBNS by Team--B
4/23/2015 I'm not THAT sadistic!! by Band O' Rogues
4/23/2015 W.P.T. #5 by 3 Amigos
4/23/2015 W.P.T. #1/2 by 3 Amigos
4/23/2015 OLD STRIPMALL NEW CACHE! by TeamMeowMix

Latest Trackable Items...

4/25/2015 5:11:01 AM National Guard Geocoin was placed in Aero Med Training Post.
4/25/2015 4:00:00 AM St. Augustine was placed in In Memory Of......#4.
4/25/2015 4:00:00 AM zombie baby was placed in DGS: Shower Time.
4/24/2015 8:26:46 PM Geo Monkey was placed in Fallass Stone - Take 2.
4/24/2015 5:03:57 PM Greetings from Ohrdruf was placed in Goin' Where Everybody Knows Your Name.
4/24/2015 4:25:20 PM Traveling Cache Station was placed in From Australia with Love.
4/24/2015 2:36:55 PM Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag was placed in RAS - Over The rock.
4/24/2015 2:13:20 PM Cachekinz was placed in RAS - Just The Waves.
4/24/2015 1:58:00 PM 2 Hearts in Love Geocoin was placed in Ras - Go Green.
4/24/2015 1:07:19 PM Geocaching for Education! was placed in RAS - Just Looking.

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