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Events, Past and Present...

8/23/2015 Danish Festival 2015 by Danish Festival
8/23/2015 Hike Bike Meet & Greet - August by Cindypray
8/25/2015 Birch Run Meet & Greet - August by yellowjeeperman
8/26/2015 Meet Your Road Trip Crew, Again! by tessandfriends
8/26/2015 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2015.08 - August by prosumer
8/27/2015 C.A.G.E. August 2015 by iatsemedic
8/27/2015 BWTG - August 2015 by Moldslug
8/27/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - August by syfun
8/27/2015 GeoLunch by Kankui
8/28/2015 Friday Night Lights by webfinds
8/28/2015 The FOX HUNT v3.0 by Mrs. YJM and yellowjeeperman
8/29/2015 X PIPE (Presque Isle Park Event X) by The PIPEfitters Union
8/29/2015 meet&greet DQ by 3-bteam
8/29/2015 Don’t Stop Ballieving VS. Toejammers by jomber
8/29/2015 Milan Geocaching Day by Milan Youth Council
8/29/2015 Trustworthy's End of the Season Pool Party/Potluck by Trustworthy
8/29/2015 Getting Smittenly at the Mitten by jomber
8/30/2015 meet&greet in the park in sturgis by 3-bteam
8/30/2015 Meet & Greet @ Timmies on the MOT by gsix5666
8/30/2015 Meet & Greet for Breakfast Before the MOT by ProudScoutMomMI
8/30/2015 Clinton River-M.O.T. Trail Georide CITO by paldog0603
8/30/2015 Ultimate Frisbee! by Ashby Team
8/30/2015 Ultimate Ice Cream! (and #1,000!) by fastpitschfamily
8/31/2015 meet&greet vicksburg park by 3-bteam
9/1/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 106: NOT Back to School by South Lyon Trekkers
9/1/2015 meet&greet applebees in three river by 3-bteam
9/2/2015 meet&greet dad's restaurant by 3-bteam
9/2/2015 RoadTrip Souvenir Celebration - Flash Mob by webfinds
9/2/2015 Last Chance Flash Mob: Meet Your Road Trip Crew by hitechteen
9/2/2015 Livonia Traveling Meet Greet & Cache #40 by mibbs (hosted by Team RPK)
9/4/2015 meet&greet flash mob by 3-bteam
9/5/2015 meet&greet russ forest by 3-bteam
9/6/2015 meet&greet broadway-meyer park by 3-bteam
9/6/2015 Lake Huron Meet & Greet by Team M & D
9/6/2015 An Unsalted Sunset Event by webfinds
9/7/2015 meet&greet niles park by 3-bteam
9/8/2015 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - September by AutoCityCachers
9/8/2015 Meet the Murray's at the Murray Hotel by Skyecat
9/8/2015 meet&greet ice cream in marcellus by 3-bteam
9/8/2015 Taco Tuesday - Back to School by BSW2010
9/9/2015 September Monthly S.E. MiGO Meet & Eat by S.E. MiGO
9/9/2015 meet&greet mar-jo restaurant by 3-bteam
9/10/2015 meet&greet in cassopolls park by 3-bteam
9/10/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Eins) by AddHam
9/10/2015 TRAIL POINTs here for great BREWING by Pepstreet
9/11/2015 meet&greet chicken coop lunch by 3-bteam
9/12/2015 Geocaching Adventure Picnic-2015 by MGA2015 Picnic Team
9/12/2015 meet&greet kayak event in marshall,mi by 3-bteam
9/12/2015 Mee- Maw + Pee-Paw Fall Camp Fire and Pot luck by pee-paw + mee-maw
9/13/2015 meet&greet DQ-2 by 3-bteam
9/14/2015 Geo Thumb Meet and Greet by ShirJohn
9/15/2015 Geocachers Anonymous - September by HUlKSTER89
9/15/2015 meet&greet at applebees t.r by 3-bteam
9/15/2015 Bicycle Ride - Sept 2015 by webfinds
9/16/2015 meet&greet dad's place breakfast by 3-bteam
9/16/2015 Shake It Up by webfinds
9/16/2015 Novi Meet and Greet #4 by necthana
9/18/2015 meet &greet chicken coop$$$$ by 3-bteam
9/18/2015 Breakfast with the Winkles - September by Periwinkle128
9/18/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Zwei) by AddHam
9/19/2015 Straits Area Geocachers - 8th Annual Fall Fest by SAGeocachers
9/19/2015 meet&greet highway to hell by 3-bteam
9/19/2015 9th Annual Geocaching Fall Event by Fort Wilkins Ranger
9/20/2015 A Farewell Breakfast by The Cheesy Omelet Gang
9/20/2015 meet&greet dr lawless park by 3-bteam
9/21/2015 Horticulture Stroll by webfinds
9/21/2015 The Lapeer Cachers by Kite Dancer & Woodtrain
9/22/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Drei) by AddHam
9/22/2015 Explore the Rouge: Newburgh Lake on Foot by PROBOB
9/24/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - September by syfun
9/26/2015 If You Place It They Will Come by The4RoamingGnomes
9/26/2015 meet&greet prairie county park by 3-bteam
9/27/2015 Autumn Pool Party 2015 by South Lyon Trekkers
9/27/2015 2nd Annual Keep Calm and Cache On! by The GeoSearchers
9/27/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Vier) by AddHam
10/3/2015 8th Annual Fall Bonfire and Potluck by mboensch
10/4/2015 6th Anniversary at the Mill!! by CaptainObvious78, Geo-Birdie, Geo-Froggy
10/5/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Fünf) by AddHam
10/6/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 107 by South Lyon Trekkers
10/9/2015 Cacheoween Bash 2 " The Eve " The gathering feast by stupidnshinny
10/10/2015 Cacheoween Bash 2 by stupidnshinny
10/10/2015 Autumn up on Haven Hill III by mmc881 and 5*Terrain
10/12/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Sechs) by AddHam
10/17/2015 MiGO Fall Fun Day 2015 by (SE Region)
10/22/2015 October 2015 Cage Event @ Fenner by capital geocacher
10/23/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Sieben) by AddHam
10/24/2015 Annual halloween cookout by terrifrog
10/26/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Acht) by AddHam
10/29/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - October by syfun
11/1/2015 The Fallback Gathering (2015) by bretina
11/2/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Neun) by AddHam
11/11/2015 Generic Events Overseen At Random Times (Zehn) by AddHam

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/28/2015 RCT - Past the Concrete for Truthworthy by TheGrundalows
8/28/2015 Key Lime Rock by Dsprig
8/28/2015 Doctor Who: Rose by canastasi
8/28/2015 library time by otter50
8/28/2015 FoxDriver Band----Bob by andiwr
8/28/2015 SQ - Evergreen Evergreens by ScouterSteve
8/27/2015 You Might Be A Geocacher If... #7 by scrapcat
8/27/2015 The Fallen-Tree-Branch by ianvanvliet
8/27/2015 Electrifying Meadow Replacement by Fireman Finkbeiner
8/27/2015 FM #1 - Trees Please! by GullPrairieDogs

Latest Trackable Items...

8/29/2015 4:15:26 PM Lila Rumpelwichtel was placed in MGA15-Oakwoods.
8/29/2015 3:44:35 PM Jeanie Duck2 was placed in Eagles and Beavers and Caches OH MY!.
8/29/2015 2:54:50 PM Sheldon Duck2 was placed in CW10 – Praying Mantis.
8/29/2015 2:39:26 PM GOLD STARFISH was placed in Pushing Up Daisies.
8/29/2015 2:36:18 PM Little Dipper Geocoin was placed in DakAly goes to Church.
8/29/2015 2:34:23 PM Relaxing Geocoin - Apr 06 was placed in Big Rock Point.
8/29/2015 2:27:20 PM The Jack Rabbit was placed in THE LEGENDS .
8/29/2015 1:13:41 PM Fryslân on tour was placed in Labyrinth By the Lake.
8/29/2015 1:10:38 PM Wreck This Travel Bug was placed in Getting Smittenly at the Mitten.
8/29/2015 12:32:43 PM Sulley was placed in Old Fire Barn & Trackable Exchange.

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