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Events, Past and Present...

2/23/2015 Coffee Time 12 by Krazy_Kidz
2/24/2015 Birch Run Meet & Greet - February by yellowjeeperman
2/25/2015 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2015.02 - February by prosumer
2/26/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - February by syfun
2/26/2015 Vivanting in style by jomber
2/26/2015 Happy 50th Anniversary Homebru and Sudsy!! by Periwinkle128 & mrs.doyle
3/1/2015 Meet and Greet with Team NRSVP by nrsvp
3/3/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 100: Milestone, Duh by South Lyon Trekkers
3/4/2015 DAGEOcachers March 2015 Meet-n-Greet by DAGEOcachers
3/4/2015 Livonia Traveling Meet Greet and Cache #34 by mibbs
3/8/2015 meet&greet DQ event by 3-bteam
3/9/2015 Geo Thumb Meet and Greet by ShirJohn
3/10/2015 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - March by AutoCityCachers
3/11/2015 March Monthly S.E. MiGO Meet & Eat by S.E. MiGO
3/12/2015 C.A.G.E. Meet and Greet - March by Periwinkle128
3/12/2015 Celebrating a Milestone by BoxmanCrew
3/14/2015 Cow Pi Day! by IAMTHATHERO
3/14/2015 Pi Day Flash Mob by mrs.doyle
3/14/2015 Once in a Hundred Years by GHBuccaneers and Pepstreet
3/14/2015 In Search of Pi by tessandfriends
3/14/2015 Pi Day Flash Mob! by alona-spiegel
3/14/2015 The Ultimate π (Pi) Day Celebration by LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21
3/14/2015 Who doesn't like Pi? by The Wandering Wierdos
3/14/2015 Another Slice of Pi by 2_UP_Geologists
3/14/2015 Easy as Pi(e) by Team Kalsin
3/14/2015 Tri-Pi Day Event by GeoJosh13
3/14/2015 Pi Day Breakfast in TC: 3-14-15 by I'm Not Larry Shaw
3/14/2015 Celebration of Pi - 3.141592653 by EagleEye&Sunshyne
3/15/2015 Roseville Spring M&G 2015/gsix5666's 2000th Hide by gsix5666
3/15/2015 The Canucks Are Coming... Eh! by tiggrrr, carnigrewal, & Lisdowney
3/15/2015 Happy 75th Birthday Frito Bandito! by Hawaii Vi
3/17/2015 Taco Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day Edition by Bobo102102
3/19/2015 SW MIGO March Potluck by Team Peterson
3/19/2015 BWTG - March 2015 by Moldslug
3/21/2015 10th Annual SW Michigan Chili Cook Off by gvsu4msu, Team Peterson, OFLC, and Keenan Crew
3/26/2015 North Oakland Meet and Greet - March by syfun
3/26/2015 Our Brewing, Our Way by jomber
3/28/2015 Geocaching Shenanigans Amusing Kalamazooans by RJ_Toot & RomanTwins
3/28/2015 GeoChicks XI: The Eleventh Hour by Soggy Boots Clan, Team Peterson
3/28/2015 Detroit/Belle Isle Year X by brummelbear
4/4/2015 When Meat Flies! by AddHam
4/7/2015 Meet at the Coffee Shop 101 by South Lyon Trekkers
4/11/2015 Geocaching 101 by Geo(Race)rs
4/14/2015 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - April by AutoCityCachers
4/16/2015 Caching With Android Version 4.0 - Learn & Share by DougPeterson
4/19/2015 Spring Pool Party 2015 by South Lyon Trekkers
4/21/2015 Taco Tuesday - The Loch Ness Encounter by scrapcat
4/23/2015 A Non-Coincidental Pre-Island Get Together - III by SAGeocachers
4/25/2015 9th Annual Spring Fling on Mackinac Island by Wife Of Cyclops
4/25/2015 CIT(GM)O: Cache In Trash and Garlic Mustard Out by Kalamazoo Nature Center
4/26/2015 Bald Mountain Spring CITO and Potluck by syfun
4/26/2015 2nd Annual River Valley CITO by Geo(Race)rs
4/29/2015 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2015.04 - April by prosumer
5/2/2015 I Love Michigan (The Event) by Goldfinch & Lady Goldfinch
5/4/2015 May the 4th Be With You - Michiana Multi-Event by Geo(Race)rs
5/12/2015 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - May by AutoCityCachers

Latest Caches Hidden...

2/28/2015 SQ Old Garfield Cemetery by graywolf5
2/25/2015 Scraped Cache by geoconsumer
2/25/2015 Tweet Tweet by woodtrain
2/25/2015 Dead End by drytl
2/25/2015 Dead End 4 by drytl
2/25/2015 Cumorah's Cache by Hunkaluv75
2/25/2015 Used 2 Be ACC MNG by yellowjeeperman
2/24/2015 Caching Stop by joesporty
2/24/2015 Cache and Gas by joesporty
2/24/2015 Roads to Somewhere by Team-Gates

Latest Trackable Items...

3/1/2015 3:00:00 AM Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #1 was placed in Luck-O-The Irish Cache.
3/1/2015 3:00:00 AM Team Lareau's USA Geocoin #2 was placed in Luck-O-The Irish Cache.
2/28/2015 4:03:40 PM United Kingdom Ms. Swashbuckler & Flag was placed in Groundhog Day.
2/28/2015 3:04:25 PM Back-and-Forth was placed in 100 Years of Girl Scouting by Troop 30293.
2/28/2015 1:36:02 PM Fernie was placed in US 2 TB Hotel.
2/28/2015 12:30:35 PM Carly's Sunny Disposition 2 was placed in KTC - Twin Bridge View.
2/28/2015 12:18:13 PM GS Troop 20574 - Courtney was placed in Riverview Retreat (redux).
2/28/2015 12:00:00 PM Michigan Traveling Micro Bug was placed in Michigan Travling Micro cache.
2/28/2015 12:00:00 PM "Lovely" the Unicorn was placed in Riverview Retreat (redux).
2/28/2015 12:00:00 PM FWT - Hope's Sheep was placed in Riverview Retreat (redux).

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