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Events, Past and Present...

8/25/2015 Pint of Beer - Kiss and Make Up Day by Boreal Walker
8/27/2015 August flash mob by lilfruitcake
8/27/2015 Puzzler's Den XIX - Late Summertime by GeoBex
8/29/2015 MnGCA's Breakfast Buddies - Fridley by MnGCA
8/29/2015 Cup of Joe--The Great Minnesota Get-Together! #170 by Geary&Co.
8/29/2015 Summer Gift Exchange - Geocaching Style by Rustynails & Leprechaun317
8/29/2015 Minnesota's 8th Annual Canoe-in Geocaching Event by bflentje
9/1/2015 Let's Bark in the go back to school! by safechrisLaurie
9/5/2015 Invasive Species Plant Removal Event by Jeepers_Creepers
9/6/2015 I Fantasize of Madness (An Event) by Team MnMizzou
9/7/2015 Birthday Mondays (September 2015) A Social Event by King Boreas
9/9/2015 Reforest the Red by River Keepers
9/10/2015 Party on the Patio (End of Season) by King Boreas
9/12/2015 MnGCA Pizza Event - Hibbing by MnGCA
9/12/2015 IBcrashen Tribute Event by Gonsolo, Roxy, Kalli01, and Jeepers_Creepers
9/12/2015 Otak-"Treble in Caching" by Otak Group
9/17/2015 Puzzler's Den XX - Wow TWENTY! by GeoBex
9/19/2015 Meadow Park CITO by tonkaMN
9/19/2015 The Great Geocaching Mystery Adventure!!! by dmnrec
9/22/2015 Pint of Beer - Kaparot by Boreal Walker
9/25/2015 Willow River Pizza World by King Boreas
9/26/2015 Cup Of Joe: Zalesky Lake Edition by King Boreas
9/26/2015 Cup of Joe--School's In Session by Geary&Co.
9/26/2015 The SW Metro Redheads Love Us Some Pizza! by SW Metro Redheads
9/26/2015 GASF (9th Annual Fall Camping Event) by King Boreas
9/27/2015 Dagö Use Clean-Up by Boreal Walker
10/3/2015 MN C&C Cup of Joe by tonkaMN
10/5/2015 Birthday Mondays (October 2015) A Social Event by King Boreas
10/10/2015 MnGCA 2015 Fall Event and Election by MnGCA
10/24/2015 See the Fall colors while hanging from a Cliff by oakwilt
10/31/2015 Halloween Hoopla XI [GC5 MEOW] by Cooler Crew Cachers

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/30/2015 #1 Manning Ave. North by Oodles&Doodles
8/30/2015 Levitating Cache by JAYMZ*BRONX
8/29/2015 Gordon Rec Area by kc9gbo
8/29/2015 EarthWalkers by kc9gbo
8/29/2015 Stinky Area! by bnelson333 and KandiceMN
8/29/2015 Big Blue by mmklmorris
8/29/2015 Sign Series #4 - East or West by kb0wsw
8/29/2015 Sign Series #3 - A Shot Up Curve Ahead by kb0wsw
8/29/2015 Sign Series #2 - Just a Post by kb0wsw
8/29/2015 Sign Series #1 - Truck Station by kb0wsw

Latest Trackable Items...

8/30/2015 5:10:04 PM Payton's Cool New Ride was placed in tonkaMN 10,000th Find Tribute.
8/30/2015 5:10:04 PM Bead-Noodle Green Stone TB was placed in tonkaMN 10,000th Find Tribute.
8/30/2015 4:13:26 PM Wacko was placed in Zumbro River TB Hostel: Challenge.
8/30/2015 3:47:17 PM Strawberry the Travel Dog was placed in Your 100th Anniversary.
8/30/2015 2:21:34 PM Shamu was placed in Stone Roses.
8/30/2015 2:11:09 PM Sea Seprent - A Pirate Ship was placed in St. Cloud Flyby TB Hotel.
8/30/2015 1:19:18 PM DB NB Travel Bug was placed in Fort Snelling State Park Call of the Wildflowers.
8/30/2015 12:56:23 PM OldBuddha's Hibiscus Surfboard was placed in Fairgrounds 2.
8/30/2015 12:54:56 PM Travel Heart Hello Kitty was placed in Heritage Acres.
8/30/2015 12:33:35 PM Chad was placed in Whispering Pines.

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