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Geocaching in Missouri

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Events, Past and Present...

7/25/2015 Great Graveyard Geocaching Get-Together IV by Arthur & Trillian
7/26/2015 Vacation Meet and Greet by wahoo32
7/30/2015 Mid Summer Happy Hour 2015 by rocksusan
8/1/2015 SLAGA & St. Louis County CITO - Simpson Park by korriaan
8/1/2015 SLAGA Lunch by Team_State
8/7/2015 OMG FUN! by Shoney1
8/8/2015 McClippy & Friends Welcome Wagon by Team Ozark
8/8/2015 Whiteman Area Meet and Greet -- Aug 2015 by ptwob088 (aka Team Templin)
8/15/2015 Geocaching Q&A With Missouri State Parks by Stateparkhistorian
8/22/2015 SLAGA August Meet & Greet & Eat Frozen Custard #8 by javapgmr
8/28/2015 An a-MAZE-ing Pre-Picnic Shindig-Northwest by louinliberty
8/28/2015 An a-MAZE-ing Ice Cream Social by KC Picnic Crew
8/29/2015 KC Picnic Breakfast 'Flippin' Out in the Park by KC Picnic Crew
8/29/2015 15th Annual Kansas City Area Picnic by KC Picnic Crew
9/19/2015 2015 Floating the Courtois River Part 2 by Team Ozark

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/31/2015 Up from a creek by acatc
7/31/2015 Let's go fishin' by acatc
7/30/2015 I got gas by scottinmo
7/29/2015 Big Shoal Greenway by jadefalcon
7/29/2015 Mr Inuit/Pleasant Antiochville Go Go Go Creek Bern by jadefalcon
7/29/2015 Big Shoal Greenway 2 by jadefalcon
7/29/2015 Martin Farm #2 by JesusLovers
7/29/2015 0 by stearman5
7/28/2015 FHT-Bolivar TB Hotel by chuck80196
7/27/2015 Explore 65 Series- Cross Timbers by MasterCachers

Latest Trackable Items...

7/31/2015 12:00:00 PM Geowoodstock X Vauction was placed in SICK-A-MORE HILL.
7/31/2015 12:00:00 PM Little Floyd was placed in Up from a creek.
7/31/2015 7:28:57 AM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Roller Coaster.
7/31/2015 7:09:40 AM Flip´s Personal Token XLE - UV-Green was placed in Castle Northmoor.
7/31/2015 5:55:23 AM Hi my name is Nancy was placed in Old Branson School Park.
7/30/2015 9:01:11 PM My Pumpkin Truck was placed in The New Shops.
7/30/2015 6:03:12 PM mountain beetle was placed in Katy Trail Approved.
7/30/2015 5:11:30 PM Guardians Coin of Excellence was placed in Mail on a Hot Summer's Day.
7/30/2015 2:24:02 PM Volunteer Geocoin was placed in Pacific TPW Travel Bug Hotel.
7/30/2015 2:17:51 PM Lost My Load was placed in F.T.F. Cache -- (First To Find) For All.

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