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Geocaching in Nevada

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Events, Past and Present...

9/1/2015 HOMECOMING! by KirkGibson
9/2/2015 Caching Karma in Burning Man by Chemist Kahuna
9/6/2015 Thank you for another great burn )'( 2015 by ashurina22
9/17/2015 Bonfire on the Moon by Dirtbag "Stone"r
9/22/2015 Hello World on Request! - Elko: "Why Not?" by ZaNaBoZa on special request of nvgoldfish
9/25/2015 Hello World! - Reno by ZaNaBoZa
9/26/2015 Meet & Greet in Las Vegas @ The Bellagio Fountains by The Washers UK
9/26/2015 All Systems Go! by Team_FussyPants
10/2/2015 Meet & Greet In Yerington Nevada by The Washers UK
10/21/2015 Who else is around Tour 2015 - Las Vegas by HeXaHeBeSt

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/3/2015 Finally placed by Doctor A
9/3/2015 Valley View #6 by WeeWirHere
9/2/2015 XXXX crossing by Doctor A
9/2/2015 Walk or park? by Doctor A
9/1/2015 The Anfarc of Minot by Doctor A
9/1/2015 Elastic Sticky Tire by Doctor A
8/31/2015 Treasure Quest: Trashy Shooters Hill by theCREAK5
8/31/2015 Math Corner #2 - Playing with Primes by Pale Raven
8/31/2015 Getting Funky at the Truckee by T$$$
8/30/2015 Got A Light? by goldbug ron

Latest Trackable Items...

9/4/2015 1:43:16 PM Tboy was placed in Our Holiday Castle 2.
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Opie's Grand Adventure Traveling Cachekinz was placed in A Special Memory.
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Randy's Beer Cap Series: Fat Head's Brewery - Sunshine Daydream Session Ale was placed in A Special Memory.
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Propaganda was placed in A Special Memory.
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Iditarod Racer "Toby" was placed in K7XC #28 - Dixie Valley "Grab n Go".
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Pyro and I was placed in Livin' It Up in Las Vegas.
9/4/2015 12:00:00 PM WILSON was placed in Hiding in Plain Sight.
9/4/2015 4:00:00 AM 10 Year Tag A Bondz was placed in At The Foot Of Rick's Hill - Rally 2007.
9/4/2015 4:00:00 AM pointy was placed in Elvis Lives at K-mart.
9/4/2015 4:00:00 AM Pirate Map Geocoin was placed in Ezra Taft Benson.

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