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Events, Past and Present...

2/28/2015 A Meet & Greet in Phoenix AZ by albertgirl
3/4/2015 Curly Girl Visits the Snowbirds by Curly Girls, assisted by Mary and Gary
3/7/2015 Splash and Cache At Canyon Lake 2015! by BladeRunner2ofus
3/14/2015 3.14 by DR.D of absolute
3/14/2015 Pancakes and Pi by KennyV
3/14/2015 Second Saturday Superfluous Social #314 by Team Evil Fish
3/14/2015 Cattail Cove SP 9th Annual Geocache Desert Bash by CattailCoveStatePark
3/14/2015 S*W*A*G's 2nd Semi-Annual Adopt-A-Highway CITO by S*W*A*G, Red Buggy Man, and you+me_makes4
3/14/2015 Ultra Pi Day by Fakari Mama
3/14/2015 Pi Day Pie Day by The Pi Company
3/14/2015 High Noon Pi Flash Mob! by backroads2010
3/14/2015 A Pi in Paradise by TD Lover
3/14/2015 Sundance Pi Day by Nebulachristie
3/14/2015 S*W*A*G Potluck & Election by S*W*A*G
3/16/2015 M.E.G.A. LXXIX by Team Evil Fish
3/18/2015 Celebrate Awkward Moments Day by SEEK84
3/21/2015 CGNMP CITO 2015 by Bucky & McGee
3/21/2015 Casa Grande Picnic 2015 by Bucky & McGee
3/22/2015 Meet & Hike @ George 'Doc' Cavalliere Park 2 by Lookin'Good
3/22/2015 High Roller Lunch Event by TEAM 360
3/24/2015 Getting to Know You by nana18
3/28/2015 Sonoran Desert Showdown by Carmel
3/28/2015 Euro's on tour! Black Bear..... by Euro Tourists....
4/1/2015 3rd R - Not the Corral by KennyV
4/25/2015 CITO AT UMRP by DR.D of absolute & treez2desert
4/25/2015 CITO / Keep Scottsdale Beautiful 2015 by Lookin'Good
4/25/2015 CITO at the Lake by Zarka's Gang, The Sidekicks
4/26/2015 CITO Monument Peak Trailhead by ktTris and friends

Latest Caches Hidden...

3/1/2015 Treed 2 by Gadunga
2/28/2015 BM X Marks the spot by peakbagginggeo
2/28/2015 Fallen Officers - Sheriff John Nunn by Team Greenspeed
2/28/2015 BABY BUNNIES by owlhab
2/28/2015 DDD by owlhab
2/28/2015 Flowers ? by littlelulu7
2/28/2015 R U Puzzled ? by Payson Puzzler
2/27/2015 Rocks and Dirt ( Arizona landscape) by Cactusart Kids
2/27/2015 There is water in the desert! by ringling
2/27/2015 Desert Hike with a View by MOLE MAN

Latest Trackable Items...

3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Mr Beaver was placed in Rita Ranch Loop #1.
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM THE RACKETEER Geocoin was placed in HistoricAZ66: Painted Desert Inn.
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Water Bug was placed in Curly Girl Visits the Snowbirds.
3/4/2015 3:00:00 AM Rino Rally was placed in MPR - EOT.
3/3/2015 12:01:12 PM S A M der Delphin was placed in Rodeo TB Exchange.
3/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug ESTRELLA Mt GC was placed in Canned Mountain Preserves.
3/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Keep on Trucking was placed in Quirky #5 - N.R.V..
3/3/2015 12:00:00 PM GROOVIN TO THE MUSIC was placed in Centennial TB Hotel.
3/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Moblin Goblin Destroyer! was placed in Centennial TB Hotel.
3/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in The Red Rock TB Lodge and Suites.

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