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Geocaching in North Carolina

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Events, Past and Present...

4/16/2015 It Only Took 9 Years! Come Celebrate! by bahama97
4/18/2015 Calling all Cache Hounds by GoJoey&GoPollyanna
4/18/2015 Caching Fools, Unite (VII) by ncbiscuit
4/19/2015 Seven Bottles of Beer (▲ Meet and Greet) by Chipmunx the non beer drinker
4/20/2015 Geocaching Book-of-the-Month Club: FTF by ncbiscuit
4/25/2015 World Penguin Day Breakfast by nittany dave
4/25/2015 Meet & Greet - April 2015 by Bohica-NC
4/25/2015 SEAT-O Down and Relax--But wipe your feet first by mnloon
4/25/2015 NCGO CITO: Jordan Lake 2015 Worldwide CITO Weekend by
4/25/2015 TRIAD DGS: Earth Day CITO by Triad DGS
4/25/2015 Swannanoa River Clean-Up IX by OzGuff
4/25/2015 Charlotte CITO @ Romare Bearden Park by keith713
4/25/2015 South Park Drive CITO by 3newsomes
4/26/2015 Fayetteville Area CITO #6 Lake Rim City Park by gilong5
4/26/2015 CITO At The Cut by OzGuff
4/26/2015 Trail Angel Day by thestouts88898
4/26/2015 Sugg Farm CITO by BassLakeSeeker
5/2/2015 Triad DGS Day by m90quip
5/2/2015 The BIG BLUE SWITCH: 15 years OFF!!! by rvstauff
5/3/2015 15 Years Of Geocaching Picnic and Trivia by Team Awesomesauce
5/3/2015 Meet & Greet - Celebrating 15 Years of Geocaching by Bohica-NC and gorfner
5/3/2015 CITO on the Sauratown Trail by Sauratown Trails Association & MST Hiker
5/9/2015 Team Yo Mama's Cinco De Mayo Event by Team Yo Mama
5/13/2015 Eight Bottles of Hump Day Beer (▲ Meet and Greet) by Maingray and Bettie Rage
5/16/2015 GeoPutt 2015 by rtmlee, _c3_, & _Norah_
6/11/2015 Asheville meet and greet by Grey rider

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/21/2015 No Valet Parking Here by Chaircity
4/20/2015 A STOP in the Park by novastars
4/20/2015 GOLDEN DELICIOUS by junior1945
4/19/2015 Diamond 45 by jumpingjoe1222
4/19/2015 Diamond 43 by jumpingjoe1222
4/19/2015 Diamond 47 by jumpingjoe1222
4/19/2015 Diamond 46 by jumpingjoe1222
4/18/2015 Vest Mill View by Jstnkredible
4/18/2015 Trucks Everywhere by Geopawpaw
4/17/2015 Cane you find me? by jdt752

Latest Trackable Items...

4/22/2015 12:00:00 PM "Olmazor, Uzbekistan" Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug was placed in Old 87 South.
4/21/2015 12:00:00 PM Blue Monkey was placed in The Albatross.
4/21/2015 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Bonnet's Booty.
4/21/2015 12:00:00 PM Plodder's Blue Lego Bug was placed in Quad Pipe II.
4/21/2015 12:00:00 PM Salty's Utah 2006 Geocoin was placed in Harbour Cache #2.
4/21/2015 12:00:00 PM I Glow Geocoin was placed in Alaska Moose.
4/21/2015 11:23:55 AM Compass Rose Geocoin Micro was placed in Into the Bamboo Forest.
4/21/2015 11:23:17 AM Geeks Revenge was placed in Into the Bamboo Forest.
4/21/2015 6:56:57 AM Ammo Can Coin 2008 was placed in Woodland Adventure: Mint Hill.
4/21/2015 6:30:47 AM ClanKenn Misty was placed in Calling Elvis.

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