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Events, Past and Present...

4/20/2014 Hells Belle turns 55. by lukedrywalker & Carolina Redneck
4/25/2014 Meet & Greet - April 2014 - Guam by Bohica-NC
4/26/2014 3rd Annual Earth Day CITO: Lakeside Park Edi by Scouter Mom
4/26/2014 Jaycee Park Trail CITO by 3newsomes
4/26/2014 DGS: Garbage Lift by LantzAng
4/26/2014 Swannanoa River Clean-Up VIII by OzGuff
4/27/2014 NCGO CITO: Jordan Lake Peninsula by nittany dave
4/27/2014 2014 CITO Weekend and Souvenir in Jackson Park by nbjb
5/3/2014 Meet & Greet by lukedrywalker
5/3/2014 DGS DAY 2014 by DGS: Cape Fear
5/3/2014 First Annual Lillington Poker Run by hudacko
5/4/2014 Welcome to Elizabeth City #3 - Happy Birthday! by WildBill50
5/6/2014 ENCC's Tuesday Meet & Greet - May by ENCC
5/10/2014 GeoPutt 2014 by rtmlee, _c3_, and _Norah_
5/10/2014 NCGO CITO: Falls Lake by
5/10/2014 Downtown Asheville Scavenger Hunt by nbjb
5/12/2014 Debaere is leaving... but first, ice cream! by debaere
5/17/2014 DEN Geocaching Day 2014 by markcase
5/17/2014 ENCC Pig Picking 2014 by ENCC
5/23/2014 DGS ☠ ʍɐɹʇs ʇɹoɥs by Striza Minnelli
5/24/2014 2nd Annual GCGC Freedom Park Cookout Day by yamiyugi00
6/7/2014 USA NC WWFM XI: Yuk Yuk's Edition by debaere

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/22/2014 Turtle Run by SugarDaddy09
4/21/2014 LEAVE [sic] me ALONE! by NeverSeenGene
4/21/2014 A Necessity for Life by NeverSeenGene
4/21/2014 Wisdom of the Ages by thefountainninja
4/21/2014 Lost Your Marbles? #22 by Shady
4/21/2014 Soundside Stash by cbsmith66
4/20/2014 Church Series - Aldersgate United Methodist Church by Team Pletcher
4/20/2014 Church Series- Boiling Springs Baptist Church by Team Pletcher
4/20/2014 ENCC (HtomC42) by bigran99mammajett
4/20/2014 In Honor of Dick&Julbug by Pinetown-boy

Latest Trackable Items...

4/22/2014 9:05:51 PM OLD RUSTY was placed in The Labyrinth.
4/22/2014 4:32:07 PM Jude was placed in Joel's Shady Tree.
4/22/2014 4:18:07 PM cache the stache was placed in Travel Bug Suites.
4/22/2014 1:22:06 PM MYSTERY TRAVELER was placed in SCUBA-Doo Where are you?.
4/22/2014 1:22:06 PM Dude That's My Board!! was placed in SCUBA-Doo Where are you?.
4/22/2014 12:57:20 PM 100 Years of GS was placed in DO NOT LOG THIS CACHE - Concord, NC.
4/22/2014 12:00:00 PM CAMELLA was placed in jklGoDuke's Birthday Cache.
4/22/2014 12:00:00 PM GeoParents 4x4 was placed in Welcome to North Carolina.
4/22/2014 12:00:00 PM Mr. Hoppinfrog was placed in P'amus-Colored Cat.
4/22/2014 12:00:00 PM JD Junior from Sophia NC was placed in Lily Pad Lake.

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