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Geocaching in Ohio

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Events, Past and Present...

11/19/2014 Sittin' Round; Talkin' Cache by GeaugaGarmin for the NEOGeocachers
11/20/2014 Westerville November 2014 Cache & Coffee by Central Ohio Geocachers
11/20/2014 November 20th NWOGEO "Findlay Style" Meet & Eat by NWOGEO
11/20/2014 Miami Valley Caching Conundrum 8: Lateral Thinking by VPPLAYER
11/22/2014 Intro to Geocaching Picnic @ Vesuvius Iron Furnace by CatsInTheCradle
11/22/2014 Athens Cacher Coffee - November 2014 by richbaytee
11/28/2014 Black Friday Breakfast by boydfamily
11/29/2014 Cache & Coffee November 2014 - Dublin, OH by CentralOHGeocaching
11/30/2014 Cache Me If You Can! Game Time by CentralOHGeocaching
12/2/2014 December 2nd NWOGEO "Maumee Style" Meet & Eat by NWOGEO
12/3/2014 Ashtabula County Meet & Greet Dec 2014 by CrazyKC & Purple Flower
12/3/2014 Meet-and-Greet with ModernMagi by ModernMagi
12/6/2014 3rd Annual GeoMaSh End of the Year Chili Cook Off by Shaved Ewok
12/7/2014 NWOGEO 11th Annual 2014 Holiday Shindig by NWOGEO
12/8/2014 Perry County Chix & Chatter ~ December by Perry County Cachers
12/8/2014 Ho, Ho, Ho Cherrycacher finds 10,000 caches! by Abby the Explorer
12/9/2014 O.K.I.C PIZZA NIGHT - EASTSIDE STYLE by grandfolks
12/10/2014 GeoMaSh Meet & Greet December 2014 by skibug9
12/11/2014 W.E.S.T by The Busy Bee
12/13/2014 Get Your Goodies In Sequence by Cookie Monster
12/13/2014 12-13-14 15:16 Numbertastic Flash Mob by AHOLLYS, CLBRocker and EKB13
12/13/2014 11 on 12/13/14 Flash Mob and Card Exchange by boiler-todd
12/13/2014 12-13-14 (Once in a Lifetime) by Falamazar & Karen1962
12/16/2014 GeoChat Ashland - December 2014 by Gregreggregg
12/17/2014 An Education in Geocaching by gmarkusic
12/18/2014 2014 COG Holiday Potluck Dinner by Central Ohio Geocachers
12/20/2014 Before Christmas Get-Together by Corn-fed
1/31/2015 SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER - 2015 by twc geocache club

Latest Caches Hidden...

11/25/2014 Catbert...the mouse that roared by webdogbert
11/24/2014 Where The Buffalo Roam #3 by SoRight414
11/24/2014 Where The Buffalo Roam #4 by SoRight414
11/24/2014 Where The Buffalo Roam #5 by SoRight414
11/24/2014 Charlotte's Cool Cache by Hinckleys
11/24/2014 In Memory of Grandpa Homer Decker "Not Simpson" by nobstoday
11/24/2014 Eanie Meanie by marczing
11/23/2014 Mighty ..... by jcklm
11/23/2014 Haller SQ by ccf1
11/23/2014 Union SQ by ccf1

Latest Trackable Items...

11/25/2014 4:29:38 PM CopyCat's Green Cat 2 was placed in CV-62 (One Proud Lady).
11/25/2014 1:50:04 PM Geo-Achievement Finds 250 Geocoin was placed in Mr. Goodwrench's Chinese Cousin's return!.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM The First Step... was placed in The Pastor's Kids.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM Tropical Trio was placed in The Do Drop Inn.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM Ethan's Wildlife TB was placed in Blue Stone Rocks embedded in a tree.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in A Fair View.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM Cowboy Dan Travel Bug was placed in Rocky: Edison Public Library Mystery/Puzzle.
11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM Dwarven Soul Geocoin was placed in Take Me Out To The Ballgame .
11/25/2014 9:34:26 AM The Golden Carrot was placed in Rest Stop for Tired Travel Bugs.
11/25/2014 9:34:26 AM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Rest Stop for Tired Travel Bugs.

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