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Geocaching in Ohio

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Events, Past and Present...

2/28/2015 Cache & Coffee February 2015 - Dublin, OH by CentralOHGeocaching
3/1/2015 CindyLou1983 turns 50!! by CindyLou1983
3/3/2015 March 3rd NWOGEO "Maumee Style" Meet & Eat by NWOGEO
3/3/2015 Ashtabula County Meet & Greet - March 2015 by Falamazar & Karen1962
3/7/2015 Chinese New Year 2015: The Year of the Goat/Sheep by CherryCacher
3/8/2015 Hiking around the "New" Park by CinciChewbacca
3/8/2015 hit the Muddy Trails of Winton Woods by Sequoia
3/9/2015 Perry County Chix & Chatter ~ March by Perry County Cachers
3/11/2015 Tiffin Area March Meet & Eat by cachersanonymous
3/12/2015 Crumb & Cup, & 'Concord Cachers by janicelouisems
3/12/2015 W.E.S.T. Bedford Edition (it's west of something) by Timeage
3/12/2015 Miami Valley Caching Conundrum #11 - Fubuki Kabuki by VPPLAYER
3/12/2015 Ohio Geocaching March 2015 by Ohio Geocaching
3/14/2015 BGS Monthly Meet n Greet 2015 Once in a Pi Day by Buckeye Geocachers
3/14/2015 ULTRA PI DAY EXTRAVAGANZA - by CentralOHGeocaching
3/14/2015 Embrase The Irrational - Pi Day 2015 by CasBear09
3/14/2015 Pi Day 2015 Meet & Greet by St.Matthew
3/14/2015 Pi Day Celebration by WALLY R
3/14/2015 Happy Pi Day ! by smylee
3/14/2015 Bagels, not Pi(e) by miatabug
3/14/2015 AFK on Pi Day! (3.141592653...) by
3/14/2015 Pie Potluck on Pi Day by GrandPotentateOfA51N
3/14/2015 Happy Pi Day (and its almost Spring too!) by Corn-fed
3/14/2015 PI Day Flash Mob - 3.14.15 - The Perfect PI by Karen1962
3/14/2015 PIZZA PI by LORIEJ
3/14/2015 I like Pi(e)! by fuzziebear3
3/14/2015 Magnum PI Event! by Teams Mina & Doxie
3/14/2015 OKIC Wearing of the Green on Pi Day by The Wild Road
3/15/2015 NCOG Shelby Event by jaybirdchauffer
3/15/2015 Luck of the Irish - Goodbye to Winter by MVG
3/15/2015 Greater Dayton Winter CITO-way by MVG & Five Rivers Metroparks
3/17/2015 GeoChat Ashland - March 2015 by Darth_Tater
3/18/2015 Sittin' Round; Talkin' Cache by GeaugaGarmin for the NEOGeocachers
3/19/2015 March 19th NWOGEO "Findlay Style" Meet & Eat by NWOGEO
3/19/2015 Westerville Cache and Coffee- March by plasmafamily
3/24/2015 WCOG March Meet and Eat by redhatjudyh & navigatorhubby
3/24/2015 C.B.G.B. - March Madness Meet & Greet by C.B.G.B. with the hiking viking
3/25/2015 Meet and Greet with Out of Towner by Dan96Z28
3/29/2015 "The Hunt Continues" -- another easter egg hunt by moonrock611
4/11/2015 Winton Woods CITO 2015 by OKIC
4/14/2015 O.K.I.C. - Tax Day Eve Event by SM741
4/25/2015 Earth Day Geocache Event by GCP&T
4/25/2015 Freedom GeoTrail 2015 (Launch Event) by
4/25/2015 CITO @ Englewood Metro Park - Martindale Ponds by MVG & Five Rivers Metro Parks
4/26/2015 WRGT: 3rd Annual Spring CITO Event by CrazyKC

Latest Caches Hidden...

3/5/2015 Not Where You Think for the ELTC#4 by Shell Leavers
3/4/2015 JoesBar Euclid Beach Park Cache revisited by Shell Leavers
3/2/2015 March (GGG) by Gregreggregg
3/2/2015 Numbers: A Million Miles Away by geocat_
3/2/2015 Numbers: BINGO Challenge by geocat_
3/1/2015 Sugar Bear by Geauga Park District
3/1/2015 Numbers: Mrs. geocat's Birthday Challenge by geocat_
3/1/2015 Numbers: Blue Ribbon Challenge by geocat_
2/28/2015 Wise Up by MOCP
2/28/2015 The TCB Trail: Washington by TCB97410

Latest Trackable Items...

3/5/2015 12:52:03 PM Erica's Cache was placed in Cache Across America – Ohio.
3/5/2015 12:52:03 PM yellow brick road was placed in Cache Across America – Ohio.
3/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Be Helpful - Troop 923 was placed in Grandma's Cookies.
3/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Billy The B-Ball was placed in From Alpacas To Cows TB Mansion!.
3/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Wahoo's Wings was placed in Preston B. Gandy II Memorial Cache.
3/5/2015 8:57:27 AM Mike Wazowski was placed in WRGT: Rails2Trail 45(SMM Get Coins Here When Done).
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Red Fox - Agency Recon Team 2 was placed in Body Parts.
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Darth Vader - Observer was placed in TBugs & PAWS For Cache.
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM St Christopher's Travel Bug was placed in TBugs & PAWS For Cache.
3/4/2015 12:00:00 PM Take Pride In Your Beer was placed in TBugs & PAWS For Cache.

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