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Geocaching in Oregon

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Events, Past and Present...

5/24/2015 and I say Hello JerEvie by Happy Hour Geocaching Crew
5/24/2015 You say GoodBye....Jerevie by Happy Hour Geocaching Crew
6/4/2015 Geocaching Goes Goonie by Geocaching HQ
6/6/2015 Half-Mas a mini Advent exchange 2015 by nessker
6/9/2015 Brown Bag Meet and Greet by karwerkz
6/13/2015 June GEOregon Meet and Greet by eatdonutsfirst
6/13/2015 2015 Grant County Cachers Geocoin Kickoff Event by Grant County Cachers
6/13/2015 WWFM Xll - South Coast Geocaching Superlatives by emilierene
6/20/2015 14th Annual Columbia River Gorge Geocaching Picnic by Columbia River Gorge Geocachers
6/20/2015 2nd Annual St. Helens Geocache Coin Challenge by City of St. Helens
6/27/2015 13th Annual Pine Mountain Star Party by PMOGUY
6/29/2015 Introduction to Geocaching by just_peachy
7/11/2015 The Mile High Club Event by Amygems
7/13/2015 Geocaching 101 - Beaverton by 3MudDogs
8/7/2015 Cache The Stash Coin Challenge by Mt. Hood Territory & Amygems
8/8/2015 Champoeg 2015 - The Electric Champoeg Carnival by fractal & his band of merry pranksters

Latest Caches Hidden...

5/24/2015 Hole in 1 by Jess and Jeremy <3
5/24/2015 Treat Your Water Right by BaronMax
5/24/2015 Dead End Decker by Boedeker4
5/24/2015 Coffin Cache by anorman0908
5/24/2015 Sno-Parking Zone by WR7X
5/24/2015 Williamson River Hike 3 by PeteCH701
5/24/2015 Williamson River Geocache 2 by PeteCH701
5/24/2015 Artsy by Kib6
5/24/2015 Williamson River 1 by PeteCH701
5/24/2015 Cutie Raccoon's Hideout by BaronMax, Audrea12345

Latest Trackable Items...

5/24/2015 9:53:52 PM Little Red Bus was placed in YaXaik Trail – Fern Gully.
5/24/2015 9:51:27 PM Block Party 2014 Tag was placed in CPCBSA Treasures of Scouting: Venture Crew #1.
5/24/2015 9:50:12 PM Wrench was placed in Drink in the View.
5/24/2015 9:11:57 PM Tour de Legoland was placed in Back Where it Belongs.
5/24/2015 7:37:48 PM The Socializer was placed in City of Bend Cache.
5/24/2015 7:04:29 PM Grumpy Gus was placed in Ya’Xaik Trail – Overlook.
5/24/2015 7:03:14 PM Tribute Penny #3 was placed in Original Stash Tribute Plaque.
5/24/2015 7:00:18 PM Pheidippides' Marathon was placed in Original Stash Tribute Plaque.
5/24/2015 5:23:34 PM GC&P Club April 2011 - Crop Circles Geocoin was placed in Where did Papa go?.
5/24/2015 4:49:03 PM Travel to Alaska was placed in Park it here.

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