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Events, Past and Present...

9/26/2014 Riverside Park Fall Meet and Greet by LolosDream, Pathfinder33
9/26/2014 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 3.4 by heftydude & Robin_1
9/27/2014 Worlds Collide in McKinney! by whtwolfden, Clay4, H2O KLAN and coachV
9/27/2014 Panhandle Geocacher Association Meet & Greet # 2 by 2kings&3boys
9/27/2014 Spring Creek Greenway: Fall Party at Jesse Jones by JustKeely and Team Four Paw
9/27/2014 ABC: Saturday Buffet by SueandRon
9/28/2014 Lets Do It Again by 8Nuts MotherGoose
9/29/2014 DAWGS September Meet and Greet by D.A.W.G.S.
10/1/2014 15 Untested Taps by heftydude
10/4/2014 Sulphur Springs Area Meet & Greet by perkyflem & dancing duo
10/4/2014 Panhandle Geocacher Association Meet & Greet # 3 by 2kings&3boys
10/4/2014 Red Pecos Sandstone Virtual 5K by flyfshrgrl
10/4/2014 ToGA Monthly Meet 'n Greet by Texoma Geocaching Association
10/4/2014 Rowlett Creek Cleanup by RocksNMud
10/5/2014 Sunday Brunch by DangerKitties
10/5/2014 NB Geo-chat by Txan, Dagnyhugsyou
10/8/2014 Club UFO: Space Cowboys by UFO Crew
10/9/2014 Pre GeocoinFest Meet and Greet by LadyBee4T
10/10/2014 MEGA Friday Night Meet & Greet by juleed and green-eyed
10/11/2014 Meet & Greet – Along with a Poker Tournament by Space City GCF
10/11/2014 Pork Butt, Tater Salad & Smileys by GMartinTX
10/11/2014 Cedar Creek Lake Geocachers Meet & Greet by Dancing_Duo
10/11/2014 Breakfast Kahuna by ZionZR2
10/11/2014 East Berry Geocaching Family Day by wr365
10/11/2014 Geocoinfest 2014: Houston, Texas by Space City GCF
10/11/2014 Walter Hall Park CITO by heftydude
10/12/2014 CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event by cachestacker
10/12/2014 Nous Stand and a Pickle! by The Ministry of Silly Walks
10/12/2014 Fall out for Fall Cito by thatdarndane
10/13/2014 Will Cache for Food #46 by TAZ427
10/14/2014 Central Cachers Meet and Greet by Central Caching Consortium (Dhaulagiri,.jpeg & r5)
10/15/2014 Welcome to the West Side Act XXXIII by Manofsteel73
10/16/2014 ABC: October by no muggle
10/17/2014 Chief Oscola Meet & Greet by JDubSr & NanaKern
10/18/2014 Let's Have LUNCH! by sharon133
10/18/2014 Hill Country Geocachers CITO Event #2 by sharon133
10/18/2014 SETX OctoberFest 2014 by SETX GANG
10/18/2014 Breakfast at Tiffany's 3 by zippertiff
10/18/2014 Let's Have a Campfire & Smores ! by allysonpickles
10/19/2014 CITO at Lake Tombigbee by Woodpicker & Skipbo
10/21/2014 Welcome To The Woodlands--Part pitu-las by bubberdad
10/24/2014 Meet and Greet by gonefishing2
10/25/2014 Haunted Halloween Costume Party by Visiting Vet Tech & Draegon
10/25/2014 Geocache Trick or Treat by rangerlisa
10/25/2014 ASP 80th Anniversary Geocaching West Texas Style by fishingkitty
10/25/2014 Attempting TEN!!! Collect your icons here! by razorbackgirl
10/25/2014 Salado Creek Greenway CITO by Anteaus
10/25/2014 The Geocaching Wedding by kd solo & LLEE62
10/25/2014 KD & Laurie Tyed the Knot Now Lets Party by Team-DnD
10/25/2014 GeoTech 101 by normasgirl
10/26/2014 5th Annual Halloween Meet and Greet by lucrown and barnfun
10/26/2014 Abilene State Park CITO #01 by Love Cachers
10/29/2014 09 Untested Taps by heftydude
11/1/2014 Riverside Park: Halloween Event by LolosDream, Pathfinder33
11/1/2014 BB's Geocaching 101 Workshop! by BaytownBert
11/1/2014 BB's TXGA Baytown Meet 'N Greet! by BaytownBert
11/3/2014 Fireside Meet 'N' Greet by TXLiz
11/8/2014 Bonfire Blowout...blah, blah, blah by thenkengrene & Serenity_Girl
11/8/2014 254! by sugarlandians
11/8/2014 November Meet & Greet by Native_Texan
11/9/2014 "Stone" Soul Picnic at White Rock Lake by ChinaTrekker and Team Drew
11/12/2014 05 Untested Taps by heftydude
11/15/2014 BB's Geocaching 101 at the Art League! by BaytownBert
11/22/2014 Cacher Audio Stop #1: We arrrrrrgh NORTH TEXAS by cacheraudio
11/22/2014 2nd Annual Movie Night by SC11
12/7/2014 CITO in the Thicket-Hang out with trashy people. by thatdarndane
12/13/2014 10th Annual Down Home Gathering by Fire2Water
12/13/2014 9-10-11-12-13-14 by Mermaid&HornyToad

Latest Caches Hidden...

10/2/2014 Arlingtontrains7 # 10 ( Mini TB Inn ) by arlingtontrains7
10/1/2014 Thats way OB by ftfhoundz
10/1/2014 M10 - Cache With No Name by MUNSTR
10/1/2014 Enchanted Oaks #1 by ajcoop44
10/1/2014 Tree Hugger!! by ~P!nkBo!~
10/1/2014 HHCP - Purser Family Park by tonybluefox
10/1/2014 Vogel Creek Park by Don Mega
10/1/2014 Pointy Hat by ex135nav
10/1/2014 Jinxed Jo Jr Just Joined Jumpy Janes Jolly Jubile by geojrh
10/1/2014 SCENIC DETOURS #14—Klein Branch Road #8 by MrPossum

Latest Trackable Items...

10/2/2014 5:00:00 AM PARKERPLUS'S SHARK Geocoin was placed in The blue pebble.
10/1/2014 5:20:00 PM Go Sally Go!!! was placed in SCENIC DETOURS #14—Klein Branch Road #8.
10/1/2014 4:04:25 PM Tiger in the Brush was placed in SCENIC DETOURS #14—Klein Branch Road #2.
10/1/2014 1:02:28 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Welcome to Lockhart.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM STOP AND GO,GO,GO,3 was placed in STOP AND GO,GO,GO, 3.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM Swedish Smurf was placed in Find Joanne.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM Geocoin Club November 2009 Geocoin was placed in A Cache to Remember.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM Don't Bug Me was placed in A Cache to Remember.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM Blue Skull was placed in 1928 Ross Avenue TB Hotel.
10/1/2014 12:00:00 PM Abby_S1 was placed in 1928 Ross Avenue TB Hotel.

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