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Events, Past and Present...

6/26/2015 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 4.01 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
6/27/2015 "Get Together" by Sandbassking & Queen
6/27/2015 2nd Annual "Rambetta's Regatta" Send Off by rambetta
6/28/2015 Breakfast before Caching #1 by SueandRon
6/28/2015 Cheers to the Tot! by amberita13
7/1/2015 3 Untested Taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
7/3/2015 Road Trip Meet & Greet by ctc64 and nwr123
7/3/2015 15 Years of Geocaching - Time to Party! by Roogles!
7/3/2015 A Mid-Summer Night's Treat by Godot
7/3/2015 FMBC - Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks by QuadWrays
7/3/2015 Geocaching Road Trip '15 - 2nd Souvenir by Manofsteel73
7/3/2015 San Antonio Cacher Coffee - JULY 3RD by Anteaus
7/4/2015 4th of July Blast for Momma Peggy by boners_mom
7/4/2015 Wrong Date? Your Late!!!!!!!! 3rd Annual by Cache Control
7/5/2015 Summer Meet and Greet! by Scissortail77
7/6/2015 Road Trip 2015 Port Aransas style by S6sputnik
7/6/2015 Will Cache For Food #55 by sugarlandians
7/6/2015 FIRST MONDAY IN BEAUMONT JULY 2015 by Bizzyb
7/7/2015 Escape With Your Travelers by Arlington Public Library and SWAG
7/7/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
7/8/2015 Club UFO: Red White & Brew by UFO Crew
7/11/2015 Welcome to Humcitawood Meet'n Greet by Nick&Nora2
7/11/2015 4th Annual Summer Meet & Greet by Dancing_Duo
7/11/2015 Intro to GC Premium Membership & GSAK by Electric Water Boy, CADrake, & friends
7/11/2015 TOGA Monthly Meet 'n Greet by Texoma Geocaching
7/11/2015 Farewell Corpus Christi, It's been Fun!!! by dcmcveigh
7/13/2015 Escape with Pocket Queries by Arlington Public Library and SWAG
7/14/2015 Tulip misses her D.A.W.G.S. by 1/3 of Team Chili Fries
7/14/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
7/14/2015 Meet & Greet: "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" by brilynn.d
7/15/2015 Welcome to the West Side Act XLII by Manofsteel73
7/16/2015 Meet & Greet - No Frills Grill in Burleson by geoparker76036
7/16/2015 July Meet N Greet by fishingkitty
7/17/2015 MrsFood turns 50! by thefoods
7/18/2015 BB's Blue Heron Parkway SETX CITO by BaytownBert
7/18/2015 Got Elevation? A Breakfast Event by ZionZR2
7/18/2015 AGA - S. 27th St CITO #09 by Love Cachers
7/18/2015 Gordon Lake Brown Bag Get Together by GMartinTX
7/19/2015 2nd annual our favorite things by Kittydcota, davoatx
7/21/2015 Welcome to the Woodlands--Part nishinxke ok kwetas by Bubberdad
7/21/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
7/21/2015 3rd Tuesday Meet & Eat Come Gitcha Grub On! by Da Krewe & SikoKitty66
7/25/2015 Good Riddance GiGi! by All her little JoJos
7/25/2015 TX County Challenge: razorbackgirl is FINISHED!!! by razorbackgirl
7/25/2015 Hunt County Geocachers Association Breakfast by gslink&slinkymama
7/27/2015 BB's Outsiders Geocaching 101 Flashmob! by BaytownBert
7/28/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
8/1/2015 Hilltop Cemetery CITO by Texoma Geocaching
8/1/2015 CITO in Bear Branch Park by geojrh
8/4/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
8/8/2015 Road Trip 2015 CITO & Three-fer (maybe) by CANINE QUEEN
8/9/2015 Escape! The Wrap Party by Arlington Public Library and SWAG
8/16/2015 BB, Juleed, & ParkerPlus' Retirement Party! by BaytownBert + Juleed + ParkerPlus

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/1/2015 TMH(Texas)CR by Team Troglodyte
7/1/2015 Pudgy Elves May Demand A Snack by fishingkitty
7/1/2015 I See Junior by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Wait for it III by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Meter Maids? by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Brian's Song! by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Gopin Gator!!! by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Hole in the Wall by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Stubby One by R&R Cruisers
7/1/2015 Sir Lancer's Lot by R&R Cruisers

Latest Trackable Items...

7/1/2015 8:54:57 PM Squashed Bug was placed in Love's Boulder .
7/1/2015 7:08:19 PM Tow Mater's Adventure was placed in Travel Bug Motel 6 twenty.
7/1/2015 6:14:25 PM Spin the Camel was placed in West Texas TB Hotel.
7/1/2015 6:03:32 PM "The Legend of Ron Burgundy" Travel Bug was placed in Loop 59 TB Hotel.
7/1/2015 6:01:29 PM Nate's World Traveling Compass Rose was placed in Love Rollercoaster.
7/1/2015 5:56:35 PM Emma was placed in Love Rollercoaster.
7/1/2015 4:15:30 PM Junior League Rocks was placed in Precinct 4 GeoChallenge #37 - Jersey Village H&B.
7/1/2015 2:07:26 PM Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag was placed in This Is Where It All Started.
7/1/2015 1:04:08 PM BooBoo the Panda Travel Tag was placed in Escape to the Top of the Hill.
7/1/2015 12:55:37 PM Biscuit the Cat Chasing a Lady Bug was placed in flower power.

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